LepreCon 24 Demos & Readings
(Check pocket programs for times and locations)
We also have some wonderful demos lined up for your enjoyment and edification. They include:  Oil Painting with Cathie Yankovich  Body Painting with Larry Vela Costumes gossamer as air (brush!) can be very wonderful indeed! Models: Nola Yergen, Jeff Jennings  Pin Weaving with Kim Martin How to make beautiful bead and fabric jewelry  The Art Of Illusion with Rebecca Lee Mask-making as a form of sculpture  Look in the pocket program for exact times and locations and for additional presentations.
  We'll also have readings by:
 Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
 Emily Devenport
 Simon Hawke
 Ernest Hogan
 Daryl Mallet
 Dennis McKiernan
 Catherine Wells
 Janny Wurts
 and special readings, movies and miscellaneous, mystic, midnight
 madness with S. P. Somtow