LepreCon 24 Guests Of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor - Janny Wurts Bibliography

Janny Wurts is a successful Artist and Author, having published seven novels and many short stories, most having her own artwork on the cover or as illustrations.  Her fantasy and space hardware paintings have been displayed in many exhibitions including NASA's 25th Anniversary exhibit, the Delware Art Museum, and the Hayden Planetarium in New York.

Her novels have included the Cycle of Fire trilogy (Stormwarden, Keeper of the Keys and Shadowfane) and a recent collection of short stories, That Way Lies Camelot.  She and her husband, artist Don Maitz,  have released two screen save programs, Magical Encounters &  Magical Encounters II, which feature their artwork.

Author Guest of Honor - Tim Powers Bibliography

From the San Francisco Chronicle "The fantasy novels of Tim Powers are nothing if not ambitious.  Whether writing about zombie pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides), female vampires preying on Romantic poets (The Stress of Her Regard), or the escapades of a time traveler in 19th century England (The Anibus Gates), Powers always goes the distance, never taking easy shortcuts that tempt authors with lesser imaginations. Meticulously researched and intellectually adventurous, his novels rarely fail to be strange and wholly original."

Tim has been awarded two Philip K. Dick awards (The Anibus Gates and Dinner at Deviant's Palace) and a World Fantasy Award for Last Call, which together with Expiration Date and Earthquake Weather form a loose trilogy with some of the same characters and themes.

Media Guest of Honor - Marc Scott Zicree Bibliography

Marc Scott Zicree is a screenwriter/producer who has written and sold  over 90 scripts, including credits on Star Trek: The Next Generation,  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast, and Forever Knight.   He has served as Story Editor on Friday the 13th: The Series, Executive Story Editor on Beyond Reality,  Co-Producer on Robert Urich's The Lazarus Man and is currently a producer on Sliders, which debuts its fourth season on the Sci-Fi  channel in early June.

He also also been a commentator on National Public Radio's Morning Edition,  wrote the best selling The Twilight Zone Companion and is also one of the country's leading media experts, having appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including American Masters, A&E's Biography,  The Today Show, All Things Considered and Entertainment Tonight.  He is also writing scripts and outlines for the live-action series Animorphs airing soon on Nickelodeon.  He has recently sold a multi book series
of novels called Magic Time, the first of which he is co-writing with best-selling author Barbara Hambly.

Local Artist Guest of Honor - C. F. Yankovich

C. F. Yankovich's artwork has been published in Analog Science Fiction and  Fact Magazine, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine and have been included in four CD-ROM art collections.  In the past seven years, her artwork has been exhibited in over thirty exhibitions and is currently on exhibit at the Novagraphics Gallery in Tucson.

Filk Guests of Honor -  Jeff Bohnhoff & Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff  Bibliography

Jeff and Maya are popular Filkers on the West Coast.  Maya is also an up and coming author with four published books and around two dozen short stories/novellas in magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine.

Special Guest - Artist Don Maitz Bibliography

Don is one of the premier science fiction and fantasy artists.  He has been awarded the Hugo Award for Best Artist twice plus a special Hugo for Best Original Artwork, the Howard Award for Best Fantasy Artist, ten Chesley Awards and the Silver Medal of Excellence and Certificate of Merit from The Society of Illustrators.  His work has been published in several collections of Science Fiction artwork and is also available in limited edition prints, trading cards, posters and as part of the Magical Encounters computer screensaver software.