LepreCon 24 Filk Activities
The Filk GOH's are Jeff Bohnhoff and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff. They have tapes out and are well known West Coast Filkers. Maya is also an up and coming Science Fiction Author. She has four books out and was published in Analog three times last year. She will be taking part in panels and signings.

Jeff and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff: Filk Bio

Science fiction and fantasy writer Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (author of THE SPIRIT GATE) and her husband Jeff are relatively new to filk.  When Jeff and Maya stumbled into their first filk at a BayCon three years ago, Maya was attending as a pro and neither had an inkling of what went
on in hotel ballrooms late at night.  The couple was attending as a pro and neither had an inkling of what went on in hotel ballrooms late at night.  The couple were immediately hooked and wrote their first filk at 2AM the first night of the con.  Since then, they've filked uncontrollably and even involved their son, Alex, in the madness.  Jeff and Maya most often filk old rock and roll
tunes.  Their first filk, "Knight's In White Satin," a sad tale of chivalry and cross-dressing, has garnered them many groans of filkish angst.

Jeff and Maya will provide the Saturday Filk Concert.at 3 pm in the Eagle's Nest

Janny Wurts, the artist GOH will do Bagpipes and Filk Just prior to the Filk Concert. If Maya can be an author, Janny can Filk.

Saturday night at 9:00 We will have Cover Songs where various filkers will do other people's songs using there own personal style. Frequently you end-up with a wonderful transmogrification of the original song. I have heard and really enjoyed a few of the rehearsals.

Filkers set to attend are Maya and Jeff, The Duras Sisters (Chris, Elizabeth and Debby), Larry Warner(Sat. only), Nancy Freeman, Leslie Fish, David Hodge and Helva Peters. I am talking with a few others. Minimally we will have five to eight known singers at the each open filk plus, of course, a few  unknown singers who will rise up out of the woodwork.

Stop by the Filk Circle's table. We will have tapes and CDs by our GOHs as well as those of local Filkers. Other goodies will be sold to help defray the costs of our GOHs' airfare.  Elizabeth Burnham will preside. Maya and Jeff will be there as much as their schedules permit. Enjoy the convivial gathering at the table.

Schedule (Somewhat tentative, but should not change much)


2:00     Filk Suite Opens
4:00     Bardic Circle
6:00     Break
9:00     Bardic Circle
3:00     close?


1:00    Filk Suite Opens (Filkers gather for Concert)
2:00    Filk Suite Closes For Concert & Eagle's Nest Setup
2:30    Janny Wurts Filk & Bagpipes in the Eagles Nest
3:00    Filk Concert --Maya & Jeff in the Eagle's Nest
6:00    Filk Suite Re-Opens
9:00    Cover Songs followed by Bardic Circle
3:00    Close?