LepreCon 24 Panels
(Check pocket program at con for any changes or additions)
 The Works of C.F. Yankovich
 Slide presentation
 C.F. Yankovich, 4:00 pm, Eagle's Nest
 The Works of Alan Gutierrez
 Slide presentation
 Alan Gutierrez, 5:00 pm, Eagle's Nest
 "The Devil's Picturebook"
 A discussion of Tarot, "The Devil's Picturebook" (as it was called by
 the medieval church); its origins and uses.  This panel will also
 include sample readings and an opportunity to examine over two dozen
 different Tarot decks. Ken St Andre, Jillian St Andre, 6:00 pm,
 Cottonwood Room
 Stones Of Power, Stones Of Wealth
 Gemstone lore and legend, uses and properties.
 Rebecca Lee; Robert Pechmann, 6:00 pm, Room 322
 Comparative Pharmacology
 Is it better to get your headache remedy from Bayer or from
 willow-bark tea? Chris Dickenson; Marjii Ellers; Rebecca Lee; Kit
 Townsend, 9:00 pm, Mesquite Room
 Faster Than A Speeding Photon
 Do twin particles really provide information at faster than light
 speed?  What are the implications, applications, and obfuscations?
 Frank Ellersieck; Eileen Phillips; Randal Rau, 9:00 pm, Cottonwood
 Cordially Yours
 A discussion of making and enjoying meads, liqueurs, and cordials
 Craig Dyer, 10:30 pm, Mesquite Room
 Environmental Disaster, Or Statistical Anomaly?
 Global warming, ozone depletion, endangered species, El Nino -- what
 do these and other headline grabbers actually mean and what are
 ecologists using as a baseline? Pete Manly; Uncle River; Randall
 Whitlock, 10:30 pm, Cottonwood Room
 Homebuilt Aircraft
 A flying machine in your own garage?  Well, maybe, maybe not . . .
 come find out! Dale Mooneyham; Chris Welborn, 10:00 am, Mesquite Room
 Propping Up the Cardboard Commander
 How to bring 2-D characters to life; a discussion on dialogue and
 characterization. Maya K. Bohnhoff; Tim Powers; John Theisen;
 Catherine Wells, 10:00 am, Cottonwood Room
 Snapshot: A Candid View of Artists' Workspaces
 An inside look at where several artists actually produce their magical
 creations. Slide presentation. Leslie D'Allesandro Hill, Janny Wurts,
 Don Maitz, Larry Vela, 10:00 am, Eagle's Nest
 SF On The Web
 What does the average webhead fen look for on-line?  Is web SF meeting
 the desires of wired fen?  What are some favorite sites? Glenn Battis;
 Stephen Burroughs; Kim Martin, 11:30 am, Mesquite Room
 The Physics of Metaphysics
 Creating worlds where there's no line between the magical and the
 mundane. Maya K. Bohnhoff; Brian Gross; Tim Powers; Ken St. Andre;
 Randall Whitlock, 11:30 am, Cottonwood Room
 The Don and Janny Show
 Slide presentations featuring the art of Don Maitz and the art of
 Janny Wurts. 11:30 am, Eagle's Nest
 Psychic hot-lines, on-line tarot, and pay-per-(deja) vu; the
 commercialization of spiritualism. Brian Gross; Ernest Hogan; Rebecca
 Lee; John Theisen, 1:00 pm, Mesquite Room
 You Ain't Zine Nothin' Yet!
 Writing fan fiction.
 Chris Dickenson; Maryeileen Flanagan; Ken St. Andre; Kit Townsend,
 1:00 pm, Cottonwood Room
 Costuming Illusions
 Discussion and a slide presentation of past S/F masquerades.
 Marjii Ellers, 1:00 pm, Eagle's Nest
  From Concept To Coffee-table
 What are the steps an aspiring writer must take to actually get
 published? Bruce D. Arthurs; Emily Devenport; Simon Hawke; Dennis
 McKiernan; Catherine Wells, 2:30 pm, Cottonwood Room
 ". . . and for Best Fantasy -- The New York Times!"
  From comets to cancer, we're being inundated with alarmist hyperbole,
 and nevermind if there's any truth to the reports.  Once this was
 limited to gossip rags and "inquiring minds," but now it's coming from
 previously reliable sources. Maryeileen Flanagan; Brian Gross; Uncle
 River, 4:00 pm, Mesquite Room.
 Geodomes And Video Phones
 A discussion of all the things the futurists confidently predicted
 would happen, that haven't! Glenn Battis; Stephen Burroughs; Randal
 Rau; Henry Vanderbilt, 4:00 pm, Cottonwood Room
 UFP Presents SF/F Jeopardy
 The game with SF/F theme questions, sponsored by the United Federation
 of Phoenix. 5:00 pm, Eagle's Nest
 An (augmented, transgenic, engineered) Apple A Day . . .
 Olean, vaccinating potatoes, and other oddities; the pros and cons of
 "designer food." Stephen Burroughs; Ernest Hogan; Eileen Phillips,
 5:30 pm, Mesquite Room
 "Children Of The Brain"
 Surrendering one's creative offspring (both artwork and manuscript) to
 the editorial and marketing processes. Bruce D. Arthurs; Maya K.
 Bohnhoff; Don Maitz; John Theisen; Kit Townsend, 5:30 pm, Cottonwood
 How The Pope Stole Christmas
 A discussion of how the early Christian church took Pagan holidays and
 rituals and adapted them as their own. Brian Gross; Rebecca Lee; Tim
 Powers; John Theisen; Randall Whitlock, 7:30 pm, Mesquite Room
 The Hand Possessed
 Understanding the compulsion to create.
 Maya K. Bohnhoff; Simon Hawke; Leslie D'Allesandro Hill; Ernest Hogan;
 Don Maitz; Larry Vela, 7:30 pm, Cottonwood Room
 Barry Bard's Upcoming Attractions
 A pre-view of all the new movies ... and lots of "freebies"!
 8:00 pm, Eagle's Nest
 Apocalypse How?
 A survey of the current symptoms of Millennial fever.
 Stephen Burroughs; Randal Rau; Uncle River; Henry Vanderbilt, 9:00 pm,
 Mesquite Room
 With Rings On Her Fingers . . .
 Not just shoes or hats, but jewelry, keys, scissors, etc. -
 accessories appropriate for the period can make or break a costume.
 Marjii Ellers; Maryeileen Flanagan; Rebecca Lee; Kit Townsend; Randall
 Whitlock, 9:00 pm, Cottonwood Room
 The Works of Marc Scott Zicree
 A video presentation and Q&A session with our Media GoH.
 Marc Scott Zicree, 9:30 pm, Eagle's Nest
 The Vessel With The Pestle
 An attempt to stump the audience with obscure and cryptic phrases.
 Your job: determine their origin.  Applause will be awarded for
 creativity, if not accuracy. Moderator: TBA, 10:30 pm, Mesquite Room
 Big Brother Dresses Ya Funny
 A discussion of Arizona State SB 1162-432R, the proposed law that
 redefines "clothed" as "nude."  Models will be used to illustrate the
 meaning of implications of this latest example of government-speak.
 Stephen Burroughs; Rebecca Lee; Robert Pechmann; John Theisen; Larry
 Vela, 10:30 pm, Cottonwood Room
 Midnight, Cottonwood Room  Schroedinger's Cat Toy?  Kurdish Sex Aid?
 Featuring an eclectic collection of gizmos, gadgets, and wazzits to
 stump the panel.  Appearance - esoteric; function - to be determined -
 or invented! Eileen Phillips; Randal Rau; John Theisen; Randall
 Taking A Bite Of The Cash Cow
 How to write to the specifications of a particular media world.
 Simon Hawke; Daryl Mallett; John Theisen, 10:00 am, Mesquite Room
 "... and it matches the sofa!"
 The hows and whys of collecting art.
 Barry Bard; Leslie D'Allesandro Hill; Don Maitz; Eileen Phillips,
 10:00 am, Cottonwood Room
 Making Deep Space Nine
 Media GoH and scriptwriter Marc Scott Zicree talks about DS9 and its
 inner workings, with behind-the-scenes insight. Video presentation.
 11:00 am, Eagle's Nest
 The Blue Screen Of Death
 Listen and enjoy as four of our GoHs discuss overcoming writer's (or
 artist's!) block. What stifles creativity? Maya K. Bohnhoff; Tim
 Powers; Janny Wurts; C.F. Yankovich, 11:30 am, Mesquite Room
 The Books We Grew Up On
 Or, where do fans come from anyway?
 Marjii Ellers, Stephen Burroughs, Maryeileen Flanagan, John Theisen,
 11:30 am, Cottonwood Room
 Alternate Astronauts
 Is NASA broadening the criteria for selection as a mission specialist?
 John Glenn, flying again at age 76; more civilians; more women . . .
 PR stunt or valid trend? Glenn Battis; Chris Dickenson; Frank
 Ellersieck; Eileen Phillips; Henry Vanderbilt, 11:30 am, Room 322
 The Little (Search) Engine That Could
 A discussion of how to actually find what you're looking for on the
 Web. Stephen Burroughs; Maryeileen Flanagan; Robert Pechmann; Michael
 Volckmann, 1:00 pm, Room 322
 SF Tube Talk
 Who's leaving DS9?  What's happening with spin-offs to B5 and
 Highlander? Who's been canceled and renewed; what's new for the fall
 season? Lee Whiteside; Marc Scott Zicree, 1:30 pm, Eagle's Nest
 Compliments and Complaints
 What we did right, what we did wrong, what we didn't do--and what
 we'll never do again! LepreCon 24 Chair and accomplices, 3:00 pm,
 Eagle's Nest