LepreCon 24 Participants

Bruce D. Arthurs -  Bruce has published a script for *Star Trek: The Next Generation*, ten
pieces of short fiction, and has edited or co-edited two books.

Emily Devenport Bibliography - Emily Devenport is the author of six novels: Shade, Larissa,
Scorpianne, EggHeads, The Kronos Condition, and GodHeads (forthcoming, April 1998).  Her short stories have appeared in Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award, as well as the Full Spectrum and Asimov's SF Magazine.  She is currently at work on three new novel  proposals.  She is married to writer/artist Ernest Hogan.

Simon Hawke Bibliography  - Simon Hawke began writing at an early age. Along the way, he worked the usual variety of jobs, some of which were interesting and some of which were not. He became a full-time writer in 1978 and has almost 60 novels to his credit. He received a BA in Communications from Hofstra University and an MA in English and History from Western New Mexico University. He teaches science fiction and fantasy writing through Pima College in Tucson, Arizona.  Hawke lives alone about 35 miles west of Tucson, near Kitt Peak and the Tohono O'Odham Indian Reservation. He is a motorcyclist, and his other interests include history, metaphysics, gardening, and collecting fantasy art.

Ernest Hogan Bibliography - Critics called his first novel, Cortez on Jupiter,  both hard science and magic realism.  His articles, short stories, book reviews, illustrations, and cartoons have apppeared in Amazing Stories, Different Worlds, Pulphouse, Last Wave, New Pathways, Semiotext(e), Penthouse Hot Talk, Science Fiction Eye, and Proud Flesh.  Recently he sold an sf story to the children's magazine Spider.  His second novel, High Aztech, is about mind-altering viruses causing holy wars in a future Mexico city..  Science Fiction Eye called him an Aztec priest, but then, what do they know? Research on Mars, chaos ecology, and retribalization have resulted in a book  proposal called NeoMartians.

Daryl F. Mallett - Daryl F. Mallett is a freelance writer and editor; a contributing editor and series editor at The Borgo Press; series editor of SFRA Press' Studies in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror; associate editor of Gryphon Publications and Other Worlds Magazine; contributing writer for Overstreet's Fan Magazine, SFRA Review and Water  Conditioning & Purification, among others; and founder and owner of Angel Enterprises, publisher and editor of Jacob's Ladder Books and producer for Dustbunny Productions.  He has a short story in Star Wars: Tales From Jabba's Palace and, together with Barbara Wallace, Arthur Loy Holcomb, and George Brozak, created the original storyline for Star Trek: The Next Generation's two-part episode "Birthright".

Peter L. Manly Bibliography - Pete Manly has a degree in physics with graduate degree in "The School of Hard Knocks" from Tan Sohn Nhut (Saigon), class of 1970.  He writes astronomy books, science fiction and fantasy stories including several stories and articles in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. He also designs things like spacecraft and children's toys.

Dennis McKiernan Bibliography - Dennis L. McKiernan was born April 4, 1932, in Moberly, Missouri, where he lived until age eighteen, when he joined the U.S. Air Force and served four years spanning the Korean War.  He received
a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri in 1958 and an M.S. in the same field from Duke University in 1964.  Dennis spent thirty-one years as one of the AT&T Bell Laboratories whiz kids in research and development—in antiballistic missile defense systems, in software for telephone systems, and in various management think-tank activities—before changing careers to be a full-time writer.

Currently living in Tucson, Arizona, Dennis began writing novels in 1977 while recuperating from a close encounter of the crunch kind with a 1967 red and black Plymouth Fury. An internationally bestselling author, his novels include the HÈLÒS CRUCIBLE duology (book 1:  _Into the Forge_; book 2:  _Into the Fire_), _The Dragonstone_, _Caverns of Socrates_, _Voyage of the Fox Rider_, _The Eye of the Hunter_, _Dragondoom_, THE SILVER CALL duology (book 1:  _Trek to Kraggen-cor; book 2:  _The Brega Path_), THE IRON TOWER trilogy (book 1:  _The Dark Tide_; book 2:_Shadows of Doom_; book 3:  _The Darkest Day_), and the story collection TALES OF MITHGAR. Never one to sit too long idle, Dennis has also written The Vulgmaster (a graphic novel) and several short stories and novelettes which have appeared in various anthologies.

Ken St. Andre Bibliography - Ken St. Andre is well known for his role playing games he has written which includes Tunnels and Trolls (one of the original fantasy role playing games). He has also published a few short stories.  His day job is a librarian for the city of Phoenix.

Uncle River
Uncle River has been a writer/hermit in the mountains of the Southwes for over twenty years. He currently lives in a remote canyon outside Blue, AZ. He has studied the content and structure of Dreamworld (he has a Ph.D. in the Psychology of the Unconscious and was trained in Jungians.) His publishing credits include Thunder Mountain (a novel) and stories in Asimov, Analog, Interzone, BBR, and Talebones.

S. P. Somtow Bibliography - Somtow is an author-composer-filmmaker who has been publishing books in the sf and
fantasy fields since the late '70s,. As well as his novels, readers have taken note of his marvelous short stories, mostly recently collected in THE PAVILION OF FROZEN WOMEN. Some of his best-known works include the Timmy Valentine series, the latest volume of which is VANITAS, a continuation of his examination of vampirism.  Somtow's a gifted composer who most recently premiered his royal-command ballet KAKI in Bangkok. He has directed two feature films, THE LAUGHING DEAD and ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT. His newest books are a young adult novel, THE VAMPIRE'S BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER (Atheneum), and DARKER ANGELS (Gollancz and Tor).

Catherine Wells Bibliography - Catherine Wells decided that she would be a writer when she was ten years old, and she has no recollection of ever wanting to be anything else.

Wells was born in Los Angeles and moved to Robinson, North Dakota, when she was four. She grew up in the town of 100 people, and later graduated from Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota, with a bachelor of arts degree in theater.  In 1982, Wells and her family moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she continued to seek recognition and markets for her plays..

In 1990 she sold her first novel, The Earth Is All That Lasts, and it was published in August 1991. Her second book in that series, Children of the Earth, followed in October 1992 and was selected by Del Rey as one of the first features in the "Del Rey Discovery" program. The Earth Saver, published in October 1993, concluded the trilogy.  Mother Grimm, Wells' latest book, was published in 1997 by Roc Books.

Wells continues to reside in Tucson with her husband, where she is at work on another novel for Roc. She manages a library for a science and technology company and likes to go camping and hiking. She has two daughters in college, sings in a church choir, and is a devoted fan of U of A men's basketball.

Artists Participating

 Alan Gutierrez
 Alan Gutierrez is a well-known cover artist who has done countless
 book and game covers. He has illustrated books for Isaac Asimov,
 Robert Silverberg, Gordon Dickson, and Greg Bear to name a few. He has
 also done toy packagaing (for Tonka Toys) and has been seen on the
 covers of many magazines, such as Popular Mechanics, Final Frontier,
 Analog, and Astronomy. He has also illustrated spacecraft concepts for
 NASA. Art directors and publishers seek out Alan's work for its
 eye-popping color and drama.
 Leslie D'Allesandro Hill
 Leslie is the author/illustrator of "Fairies Have Wings, But They're
 Not Angels!"  She creates fantasy art, and her media includes colored
 pencil illustration.  Leslie was the LepreCon 23 Local Artist Guest of
Other Participants scheduled for panels:

 Barry Bard
 Barry is the man who does "the freebie thing" -- movie passes,
 t-shirts, and all those posters and buttons! He has a degree in
 engineering from NAU, a Master's in Management Information from U of
 A, and currently works for Honeywell. He's one of the youngest members
 of Second Fandom, and has worked on over 200 conventions as everything
 from Chair to go-fer. Oh, yeah -- he also sells books...
 Glenn Battis
 Glenn is the Forum Manager for the SF Consuite Forum on Delphi
 (www.delph.com/sfconsuite) and a SF Conference Moderator on the BIX
 Information Exchange.  He lives in Albuquerque and works for MKS
 Instruments as a Special Projects Team Coordinator providing national
 support to the semiconductor process industry.  Strong interests in
 science, space habitation and space solar power generation balances
 his belief of probable extraterrestrial existance.  A science fiction
 addict since his first Tom Swift at age 8, he has been active in
 fandom since 1989.
 Stephen Burroughs
 Stephen is a longtime fan, a concom from gofer to chair, a
 computer/MIS professional, and is widely read in history, politics,
 and technology.
 Chris Dickenson
 Chris is a member of "The Duras Sisters," an acapella trio, on the
 Dandielion digital label.  She is the former editor of Eridani, Haven
 and Beyond the Farthest Star, Star Trek fanzines, and is a Fan Q
 award- winning author.  Her CD credits include Masquarading as Human,
 Rubenesque, and Wode Warrior.  She is a writer, editor, lyricist,
 performer, mom, and human to her two cats.
 Craig Dyer
 Lord Craig of the Whitecliffs, as he is often known, can usually be
 found at cons accompanied by several large, white, wooden ammunition
 chests, in which he keeps a generous supply of homemade vodka-based
 cordials.  He combines the spirit of a vintner with the showmanship of
 a low-key P.T. Barnum, as he joyfully discusses the ingredients and
 watches the pleasure on the faces of his (new and long-held) fannish
 friends.  In the real world, he is a highly proficient computer techie
 for the Maricopa County Community College District, an ardent
 player/collector of RPGs and collector card games, owned by numerous
 cats, dogs, and ferrets, and hailed as a generally pleasant fellow.
 Marjii Ellers
 Born to costume in 1918, Marjii learned to respect science and love
 science fiction from her father, and to respect cooking and love
 clothing from her grandmother and mother.  After her parents divorced,
 her mother returned with the children to California, where Marjorie
 married her highschool sweetheart and raised three sons.  It was
 inevitable she should meet Forrest J Ackerman, who invited her to wear
 one of her Beaux Artes Ball costumes to a convention, and the rest is
 a long and wonderful story culminating in the Life Achievement Award
 of the International Costumers Guild.
 Frank Ellersieck
 Born in 1916 to engineer airplanes, Frank went from Norway directly to
 Los Angeles.  From lofting through production liaison, plastics,
 hydraulics, and producibility he was in on everything Lockheed did,
 from the exploration of the depths of the Bermuda Trench to a bid for
 the Apollo program, and pioneered the discipline of reliability.  His
 enthusiasms also include space, experimental aircraft and
 collaborating with his wife, Marjii Ellers, on some of her more
 impossible costumes.
 Maryeileen Flanagan
 Maryeileen began costuming at the tender age of eight when she
 attempted to make a paper mache' horse for her jockey "character" to
 ride on Halloween.  Since then she's advanced to costuming live horses
 and their riders as part of the "Once Upon A Time" and "Life of the
 Party" parade groups.  After graduation from Texas A&M with a BA/BS in
 English (and a minor in genetics) she entered the work force as a
 professional costume designer for the ASU Department of Dance.
 Maryeileen is the former publisher of the Science Fiction, Fantasy and
 Horror forum on Apple's (sadly defunct) eWorld.  The author of several
 articles and poems published in small circulation horse magazines, she
 is current an English teacher at Tempe High School where she sponsors
 both the Creative Writing Club and the Literary Society (reading
 club).  In her "copious amounts of spare time" she breeds Appaloosa
 and Walkaloosa horses and is (self) building a house/ranch.
 Brian Gross
 Brian's credits include 20 years as a Systems Programmer and 12 years
 as TusCon concom.  He has a BS in Geophysics from the UofA, is an
 amateur historian and astronomer, served four years in the Army
 Reserves, holds a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, has been a role-playing
 gamer for 25 years, and is a paranormal investigator.
 Rebecca Lee
 Rebecca is best described as a "creative blunderbuss".  She has (in
 just the last three years) tackled painting, sculpture, decorative
 needlework, beading, silver and goldsmithing, and jewelry design with
 reasonably good results, has been sewing and designing costumes for
 years, and has sung and played the piano for longer than she can
 remember.  An occasional member of the SCA, she lives in Denver, CO
 with two cats, two ferrets, and her tolerant-beyond-the-grace-of-saints
 Very Significant Other, Robert Pechmann.
 Kim Martin
 Kim insists that she is a virtual construct; she has no past, no
 future, and is, in fact, a figment of Fandom's collective
 imagination. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that
 there are more men than women in Fandom.

 Dale Mooneyham
 Dale is involved in restoring historical aircraft.  (The other aspects
 of his life are currently a mystery.)
 Robert Pechmann
 Robert is (mostly) enjoying his current incarnation as computer god
 extraordinaire.  He is a longtime gamer of all systems (at least
 once), is a former participant of Judge's Guild, and fondly remembers
 AD&D when it was still fun.  He would prefer that he not be asked
 about his military career as he has a strong aversion to killing his
 friends.  Now living in Denver, CO, he is currently gathering notes
 and source material for a book on 'how to survive a creative spouse'.
 (This bio lovingly written by the aforementioned spouse)
 Eileen Phillips
 Eileen Phillips has a degree in metallurgical engineering, has
 certified as an EMT, and has worked as a software engineer for over
 twenty years. She also sews, knits, crochets, tats, makes jewelry and
 pottery, does calligraphy and carpentry, and was last seen at the gym
 doing 580 # leg presses. Yes, really.
 Randal Rau
 Randal is Senior Vice President of Research for Quantum Information
 Specialists Inc.  He is a long time fan, and an art and antiquarian
 S.P. Somtow
 Somtow Papinian Suchariktul (S.P. Somtow) was born in Bangkok and grew
 up in Europe; he was educated at Eton and Cambridge. His first career
 was as an avant-garde composer, and his compositions have been
 performed, televised and broadcast on four continents. In 1979 he
 turned to writing; his novels have won dozens awards In 1984, Somtow
 began his journey into the "dark heart of the human psyche" with the
 publication of Vampire Junction, lauded as a seminal work in the
 splatterpunk movement. Somtow's many novels include Mallworld, Moon
 Dance, Forgetting Places, The Shattered Horse, Jasmine Nights, the
 Riverrun Trilogy and The Vampire Junction series. His first film
 project, The Laughing Dead, debuted at Dragon*Con '89. He has also
 released Ill Met by Moonlight, a gothic-punk film version of
 Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Recently, Somtow's short
 story "Brimstone and Salt" from White Wolf's Dark Destiny III:
 Children of Dracula has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award.
 Ken St Andre
 A member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, with
 stories published in three anthologies, Ken has also designed several
 role-playing games, notably *Tunnels and Trolls*, *Stormbringer*, and
 the hit computer game *Wasteland*.  He is review editor for thre
 e-zine *Cosmic Visions*, and has also had two stories published there.
 John Theisen
 A regular at Arizona science-fiction conventions, John has been
 involved in fhandom since 1981.  Writing credits include products and
 articles for the SF RPG industry, poetry, and various non-fiction
 pieces.  Current interests include Celtic studies, comparative
 mythology and linguistics, futurism, and single-malt Scotch.  In his
 mundane reality, he remains a petty bureaucrat with the State of
 Arizona and an ailurophile.
 Kit Townsend
 Kit is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writers' Workshop.  She was
 co-founder of several writers groups for semi-professional writers.
 For the last thirteen years Kit has worked as the SF/F/H buyer for
 Books, Etc. the largest independently owned bookstore in the Phoenix
 metropolitan area.  A founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction,
 Fantasy and Horror forum, she is an experienced USER of the Internet.
 Kit won several costume contests before she ever even owned a sewing
 machine.  Now an experienced costumer, Kit moved abruptly from the
 field of "no-sew" costumes to an advanced Marie Antoinette-era dress,
 complete with panniers and "all the trimmings" due to Gail
 Wolfenden-Steib and Maryeileen Flanagan's assurance that "It's all
 straight seams."
 Henry Vanderbilt
 Henry is founder and Executive Director of Space Access Society, a
 not-for-profit educational/advocacy group dedicated solely to
 promoting radically cheaper space transportation ASAP. In his spare
 time, he devours hard SF, designs interesting futures, swills fine
 ales, camps on mountain lakes, conducts field ballistics research,
 runs Rufo the hundred-pound pup through the streets (Rufo's an Akita,
 and yes he's named after Star's uncle), fights and armors for House
 Staghold, and sometimes even loafs - but not nearly as often as he'd
 Larry Vela
 A native of Arizona, Larry has been airbrushing for over 20 years,
 mainly on show cars, race cars, and motorcycles.  His main influence
 has been science fiction and fantasy-related art.  His airbrush work
 has been published in magazines and received numerous awards.
 Michael Volckmann
 Michael has been a computer programmer for the last 28 years, and is
 currently working on web design projects and maintenance work
 management software.  He is also a private pilot working on a
 commercial license.
 Chris Welborn
 Chris has a background in microelectronics, history, and aviation
 technology.  He is currently working on restoring historical aircraft.
 Lee Whiteside
 Lee is our local media maven and channel surfer, with antennae out
 for all the news on the airwaves and with strong cable ties.
 Randall Whitlock
 Randall is a Registered Geologist with background in Meteorites and
 Environmental Assessment.  This year he's President of the Southwest
 Costumers Guild, a position that's part Boris Yeltsin, part Howdy
 Doody (a puppet ruler, but allowed to have bad manners).  He operates
 MoiRandall's, which is the renfair clothing equivalent of a

Filkers Scheduled to participate in Filk Activities

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Nancy Louise Freeman

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