Artist Guest  of Honor Lubov -- Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she took her first steps in art while studying techniques of Russian and European painters in the Nevsky School of Art. In 1980 she emigrated to the U.S.A. where she continued her education, accepted at The School of Art Institute of Chicago with a full four-year scholarship. Since she became involved with science fiction, fantasy and horror fandom, she has won widespread acclaim for her richly colorful pieces.  She has won Art Show awards at the 1992, 93, 95 and 96 World Science Fiction Conventions and won the Best Professional Artist Award at the 1997 World Horror Convention.  Some of her artwork can bee seen online at

Artist Guest of Honor John DeChancie - John has written many science fiction and fantasy novels, including the Starrigger Trilogy and the Castle Perilous series, Magicnet and the horror novel Crooked House (with Thomas F. Monteleone).  His short fiction has appeared in magazines such as The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction as well as in many original fiction anthologies.  His latest novel is Other States of Being which is a collection of short stories that explore strange and alien modes of existence led by a diverse universe of beings. He has also been involved with television and motion picture productions and he recently moved to Los Angeles where he has been working on several motion picture projects.

Local Artist Guest Larry Vela - Larry is a local artist that has impressed local fandom with his varied airbrush work.  He'll paint on canvas, automobiles, airplanes and even people.

Music Guest Marilyn Miller - Marilyn is an up-and-coming filker with a beautiful voice.  Still new to convention-going, she was awarded the "Artist of Note" Kazoo Award at ConChord 11.  Her current repertoire wends its way from classic jazz tunes to filks of pop songs of the 60s and 70s on both keyboard and guitar.

Other LepreCon 26 Program Participants

Barry Bard Normally loud and boisterous he is silent about his accomplishments and contribution to fandom in Arizona and around the world. He brings us an overflowing freebee table and movie previews and much more.  If (who are we kidding when) you stop by his dealer’s table he always seems to have just what you are looking for.

Glenn Battis started with online fandom in 1984, and he attended his first Convention, a BayCon in 1989. Today he works in the aircraft simulation industry and his interests lie in the industrialization of space and space exploration, solar power production, and alien contact and visitation. He can be found online at He says that he thinks of himself as a sane and rational person, but warns that your mileage may vary.

John Brownlee has been working on and around NASA-sponsored projects since he could walk. While finishing his degree in planetary geology, he worked with such projects as Mars Pathfinder and the Catalina Sky Survey, a search effort for objects near the Earth. A swanky dude, he has been known to play left-handed guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly, the Spiders from Mars. He also makes very mean Martinis.

Barrie Bryant has been a professional artist (photography) since 1990, art educator since 1992, and co-administrator for Merglenn Studios since 1995. He was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and presently living in Wyoming. He currently also works as promoter, agent and framer for his wife, artist A. B. Word (the landmark exhibition of her fantasy art was at the 1999 World Fantasy Convention, Providence, RI).  His photographs have appeared in New York Newsday, Los Angeles Times, and on Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s “Fifth Estate”.

Jessica Chepulis is originally from Fords, New Jersey, and now lives in the Phoenix area with her significant other. Currently she is working toward a degree in chemistry as ASU and plans to graduate in December of 2000.  When not studying, she enjoys traveling, swimming, and loosing herself in a good movie.  She also enjoys rollerblading and rock climbing when time allows.  She helps run LEGEND - a live action medieval fantasy role-playing game.  One of her future goals is to experience the world- one country at a time.

Paul Clinco AKA Paul Edwards has published 10 sf/f short stories and won First Prize in the "Writers Of The Future" contest. He wrote, produced, and directed Death Magic, a contemporary-occult-horror/Western motion picture, still in release. Since then he has sold two screenplays and continues to pursue a Hollywood career. His latest project is reading "Lord of the Rings" aloud to his daughter for the second time. He has retired from the practice of medicine but still plays blues piano, and fights in the SCA upon occasion.

Patrick Connors wanted to be a Renaissance man when he grew up, and shows signs of doing just that. He is a successful computer consultant, an expert on the Oracle database system, a calligrapher, an improvisational actor, and a singer/songwriter.  When he’s not doing all of that, he runs conventions, serving Leprecon this year as its Banker, as well as serving as chairman of the Arizona in 2002 WestercCon bid.

John Davis has lived in Tucson since 1946, active in fanzine fandom (SAPS) through middle ‘50’s, attended SFCon (the First!) in 1954, gafiated until World Fantasy in Tucson in ‘93(?), worked Programming Ops at most LepreCons and CopperCons. Since then, has had poetry published in Weird Tales and Worlds of Fantasy and Horror, been a school music and chorus teacher (every level including Kinders and College) for 37 years.

Kendra Deptula grows herbs, and is always ready to cure her friends with an herbal concoction. She is an avid reader, henna artist, costumer and a loyal friend. Kendra likes Lexx and Farscape and when not at cons, can be found at the Renaissance festival among the chain maille ladies.

Emily Devenport’s short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award. She enjoys studying many different fields including History, neurology, psychology and mythology and is secretly Maggy Thomas.
 Maggy Thomas, champion of justice, former officer with the Department of Corrections, is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice (really!).  Broken Time is her first novel (but Em’s seventh, which is kind of cheating, but what the hell, in this business you need every advantage you can hustle).

Elizabeth Dickenson has been running around at cons for most of her life. A filker at heart, she also does art, costuming and messes with science. She works as a fiddler at the Renaissance festival, and when not occupied by that can be found performing lobotomies on unwitting computers.

Brian Dynda is an Aerospace Engineer / Actor from New York. His hobbies include martial arts, rock climbing, and poker. He has run many Live Action Roleplaying Games including a fantasy LARP in the NY/NJ area for 9 years. He moved to phoenix a year ago and now runs LEGEND a live action medieval fantasy role-playing game.

Michele Ellington lives in El Paso with two Great Danes (Merlin and Voodoo) and two vagabond cats (Gypsy and Harlequin).  She is a bureaucrat by day and an artist by night.  She likes to try her hands at every kind of art she come across.  She believes how well she does is far less important than the enjoyment and learning she take away from trying new things.  She has been active in fandom for some years now as a costumer, artist, videophile, otaku, gamer, filker and all around fen.

Sherry Estabrook had no clue what she was getting into when her friends dragged her off to some hotel in Scottsdale to participate in a Masquerade and henna demonstration. She loved every minute of her first con, even the bit about frantically cramming on Sunday night for finals the next day because we neglected to study on Saturday.

Bruce Farr collects books, art, convention committee positions, tax knowledge, and whatever else is not nailed down.  He is the proud husband to Lea Farr, and father to Kira and Heather.

Maryeileen Flanagan began costuming at the tender age of eight when she attempted to make a paper mache' horse for her jockey "character" to ride on Halloween.  Since then, she has advanced to costuming live horses and their riders as part of the "Once Upon a Time" and "Life of the Party" parade groups. An English teacher at Tempe High School she sponsors both the Creative Writing Club and the Literary Society. She lives with her roommate, Kit, five dogs and fifteen (or so) horses on the minimally completed house/ranch she is building with her own hands.

David (Gannd) Foster An artist, craftsman, magician, scientist, technician, priest and patron of the arts, he is able to put his touch on all of the various worlds he travels through and make them better. This long time fen has made significant contributions to every part of Arizona’s fandom.

Frank Kelly Freas A Who’s Who biography, Freas was the first in his genre to make his works available as prints twenty years ago. He was the first to receive ten Hugo Awards (he was nominated twenty times) plus an equal number of national and international art and graphics awards. His commissioned design for the Skylab I crew patch became the focus of his article and cover painting for Analog Magazine of Science Fiction/Fact.

Dr. Laura Brodian Freas, Doctor of Music Education, (AKA Laura Freas) runs Kelly Freas Studios. Her first nationally published illustrations appeared in Weird Tales, Analog, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, and in special editions for The Easton Press. A former Director-at-Large of the Costumer’s Guild West, Laura has won prizes at convention masquerades, including a WesterCon western regional.  She founded the (San Francisco) Bay Area English Regency Society. She is also a quarterly judge in the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest.

Jean Goddin Like many Fen, Jean works with computers and has many interests particularly collecting Science Fiction/Fantasy artwork.

Hugh Gregory An avid Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver Canada, Hugh owns and operates the H.R. McMilian Planetarium’s affiliated space and astronomy educational BBS  “SpaceBase™.” He is the moderator of the eight internationally distributed “SB-“ prefixed space news service echoes for the amateur FidoNet network.  He produces and sells videos. His most recent is “The Flight Of Byran - The Russian Shuttle Story”. On weekends he is a private pilot, amateur astronomer (Member RASC), cricket umpire, and enjoys hiking in the Rockies with his wife Anne.

Ernest Hogan The internationally acclaimed author of cult novels Cortez On Jupiter and High Aztech has appeared in publications as varied as Penthouse Hot Talk, Amazing Stories, Semiotext (E), Proud Flesh, Science Fiction Age as well as Greek and Italian magazines.  His most recent publication has been “Obsidian Harvest,” a collaboration with Rick Cook in Analog. has featured an article on him. Wordcraft of Oregon will soon publish a special collection of his new novel Smoking Mirror Blues.  He is working on a website, and legally married to two of the most beautiful science fiction writers in the world.

Charles Jarvis is a long-time and well-known fan attending every LepreCon since 1984. He was the producer of Illegal Programming After Midnight and an ex-chair of this very convention.

Daryl F. Mallett first published at age 17 and has written or edited over 100 books to date.  His first comic book appeared in 1999.  Mallett also worked on or appeared in Sphere, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, Star Trek VI, and won a Dramalogue Award as “Christmas Future” in A Christmas Carol.  He is the founder/CEO of Blue Fire Technologies, which builds wearable computers.  (;

Donald Markstein is a writer and editor who has worked on Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Eek! the Cat, Tiny Toon Adventures, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Bucky Bug.  Right now he is mostly working on comic books.

Mike Massee is senior animator, graphics designer and resident computer systems expert for Fat Box Inc., a video and film production facility in Redwood City, California.  He has taught 3D modeling at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and occasionally writes articles and reviews for industry publications.  In his spare time, he greatly enjoys photography, mixing his skills in the digital arena with traditional imaging to produce surreal portraits, nudes and landscapes.

Seanan McGuire narrowly escaped being named Mailbox Rainbow, and things have not improved much since then.  Filker, stand-up comic, poet, short-story author, comic artist and occasional convention diva, she puts far too much energy into being hard to categorize.  Paying occupations include DSL technical support, documentary voice-overs and Library Story Lady.  Seanan currently lives in Concord, California in a rambling old farm house, along with five cats, her Great Dane, several snakes, too many books and some incidental roommates.

Dale O'Dell has been a professional artist for over twenty years. His specialty is conceptual, surrealistic photo-illustrations that are concise but still make you think. Conceptual illustrations are idea-oriented imagery, pictures that are about ideas and concepts rather than merely pictures of things.

Cary Riall is a long-time Phoenix science-fiction enthusiast who’s first convention was Leprecon 1 (geezer alert!). His published works include the 737 Next Generation Autopilot, British Aerospace 146 Digital Flight Guidance Computer, and various other non-fiction collections of ones and zeros. His interests include near-term future technology, siege engineering, and costuming, and will continue until it is not fun anymore.

Kelly Rybarczyk was unwittingly dragged to her first con and was instantly hooked. Her exact words were, “Hey, these folks are just as eccentric as I am!!” Kelly’s primary interests are art, The X-Files and Anime, but you may remember her as a “Rayban Fairy”, see her posing as a henna artist, or hear her rattling off Red Dwarf trivia.

Ken St. Andre is a well-known Phoenix fan who helped organize the first LepreCon many years ago and has made at least a token appearance every year since.  He was once foolish enough to chair LepreCon 9 whose motto was “bodges—we don’t need no stinking bodges!” Con members wore buttons. He is an active member of S.F.W.A., largely on the strength of his game design work for Stormbringer and Tunnels and Trolls (which is not dead!) He has sold several short stories—find them if you can.

Gary Swaty has worked as a volunteer at Conventions since 1978. By the eighties, he was usually Staff. He is presently the Filk Liaison for LepreCon and CopperCon as well as running errands for the Conventions. He listens to Live Filk at every opportunity and possesses a sizable Filk Tape/CD collection.

Kit Townsend is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writer's Workshop.  She was co-founder of a writer's group for semi-professional writers and a founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Forum. Costuming is a creative outlet for her, with costumes ranging from no-sew designs to historical to equestrian costumes for mounted parade groups.  In RL, she worked for thirteen years as the SF/F/H buyer for an independently owned general bookstore in Tempe, and professionally raises and trains horses for a variety of disciplines.

Mike Volckmann is a Phoenix resident and FIDO sysop. Mike is a computer programmer by trade. Recent projects include web design and maintenance work management software. A private pilot, Mike he is working on a commercial pilot's license and is married to artist Cathie Yankovich.

Ray Vukcevich has just published his first novel The Man of Maybe Half A Dozen Faces from St. Martin’s Press.  He has sold short fiction to Aboriginal, Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Pulphouse, Talebones, Rosebud, The Quarterly, The Urbanite, and several anthologies including Twists of the Tale and both volumes of Imagination Fully Dilated.  He is working on another novel.

Lee Whiteside is our local SFTV guru with the long running SF Tube Talk column in ConNotations, The Magrathea/SFTV Web Page ( and associated mailing lists. He will be Chair of LepreCon 28 in May 2002.  He is a software Engineer/Lan Administrator in his spare time.

Randall Whitlock - a registered geologist with background in Meteorites, AZ geology, and environmental assessments, Randy also operates "MoiRandall's," a custom costume and desktop clothing pattern publishing business. Currently president of the Southwest Costumers Guild, fandom knows him for the costumes he builds for convention masquerades and occasional service as Masquerade director. Randy claims to suffer from chronic Paronomasia--the compulsion to make the worst pun possible at the worst possible time.

Dave Williams is a member of the research faculty in the Department of Geology at Arizona State University. He has a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Alabama.  His research specialty is volcanology and planetary geology. He works on NASA’s Galileo mission processing and analyzing images of Jupiter’s moons Io and Europa. He is also a member of the UFP (United Federation of Phoenix.) He is a big SF fan enjoying Star Wars and X-files, and he has a wide-ranging knowledge of all the Star Trek shows.

Cathie Yankovich has had several works of art published, multiple exhibits in science museums, art galleries, and has also had several short stories published in ConNotations.