LepreCon 26 Program Schedule

Friday 3:00pm-4:30pm

What's Going On?  New Advances in Science You Might Not Even Know About. Science advances in both baby steps and in great leaps find out what new things are being discovered. David (Gannd) Foster, Glenn Battis, Randall Whitlock Navajo A

In Memory of the X-files. Now that it is over (or is it?) Philes congregate and wear black mourning, plotting and hoping for one more season. Navajo B Sherry Estabrook, Kelly Rybarczyk

Meet Leprecon Inc. Meet the corporation that puts on this very convention. Find out more about the organization. What their purpose is and how they operate. Pima
Calligraphy Workshop Learn about the art of writing elegantly. Patrick Connors Papago

Friday 4:30pm-6:00pm

The History of Fandom in Arizona. Arizona fandom has been around since the beginning. Hear how it started and what has been happening since. Ken St. Andre, Donald Markstein Navajo A

Growing Old In The Future: How Will It Be Different From Now? Active retirement is a concept unthought of a short time ago. How has getting old changed and what further changes are ahead of us? Bruce Farr, Daryl F. Mallett Navajo B

Meet CASFS. The Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society is a charitable 501(c) 3 organization that sponsors ConNotations, HexaCons, CopperCons and much more! Pima

Finger-paint with T.H.E.M. Meet and play with T.H.E.M. The science fiction and fantasy club at ASU. Come in and find out what T.H.E.M. is all about while you create your own work of art as you relive those wonderful days of kindergarten. Papago

Kaffeeklatsch - Lee Whiteside – Have coffee and talk with the Arizona’s tube talker. Café’

Friday 6:00pm-7:30pm

Modern Classics: Great Science Fiction From The Last Fifteen Years Golden Age, Silver Age, What age are we in now and what books and authors will withstand the test of time? John Davis, Daryl F. Mallett, Marty Massoglia Navajo A

Internet: Is The Revolution Over? The .com-ing Of The Internet From research tool to anarchist playground to corporate lapdog. Can the Internet still be a haven for free speech? Should it be? Jean Goddin, Cary Riall, Ken St. Andre, Mike Volckmann Navajo B

Screenwriting & Getting to Hollywood. Many people dream about seeing their name in lights. Listen to someone who has successfully made the arduous trek from idea to video store. Paul Clinco. Kachina

Electronic Publishing. The internet has made electronic publishing possible. How will it become practical and ubiquitous? Michael McCollum Pima

Meet United Whovians of Tucson. Linking Tucson Doctor Who fans together since February 1990, they are a focal point for those interested in for the long-running British TV show. Papago

Emily Devenport, Earnest Hogan, & Maggy Thomas Signing. Have your books signed by the authors of Shade, Eggheads, Cortez on Jupiter, High Aztech and Broken Time

Friday 7:30pm-9:00pm

Meet the Pros. This soiree has it all! All the guests! All the participants! The official opening ceremonies! Mingle in the sophisticated atmosphere of the Sunspree Resort Lobby.

Friday 9:00pm-10:30pm
Schlock That We All Love, But Would Rather Not Admit To. Comfort books or reminders of something else, there are some books we like despite or because of their quality. Patrick Connors, John DeChancie, Emily Devenport Navajo A

Regency Dancing. Hay! pavon and covort the night away in style and elegance. Costume not required, All experience levels welcomed. Alice & Marty Massoglia Navajo B

Non-SF Things Fandom Likes. Why Are Most Fans Interested In Monty Python, Weird Al and Computers? Maryeileen Flanagan, Jean Goddin, Ernest Hogan, Cary Riall, Lee Whiteside Kachina

LARPing:  More Than Just the World of Darkness(TM). Vampires and werewolves are the largest group of Live Action Role Players, but they are not alone! Jessica Chepulis, Brian Dynda, Michele Ellington, Seanan McGuire Pima

Oils and Herbs. Learn about aromatic recipes for oils and other potions. You are guaranteed to leave smelling nice! Kendra Deptula, Sherry Estabrook Papago

Filk Circle Starts. Every night at almost every convention anywhere in the world musicians and singers gather in companionship, harmony and mirth. Hosted by the Phoenix Filk Circle. Filk Suite.

Guest of Honor Art Tour. All Aboard! Take a jaunt through our art show with our talented and entertaining Guests of Honor Larry Vela & Lubov. Art Show

Friday 10:30pm-MIDNIGHT

Masquerade: How To Go From Idea to Stage. It is more than cloth. A masquerade entry also includes props, music and staging. Past winners tell you their secrets. Maryeileen Flanagan, Cary Riall, Kit Townsend, Randall Whitlock Navajo A

What makes a great midnight movie? Everyone watches midnight movies, but what elements push a movie into the bewitching hour? Paul Clinco, Mike Massee, Lee Whiteside Navajo B

TARDIS killer Star Trek Uno Game! A Phoenix based SF/Fantasy group specializing in International Media, Come meet and play TARDIS’s special version of Star Trek Uno. It’s better than Fizzbin!

Larry Vela GOH Panel. He is more than blowing air! Listen to him talk about a variety of topics including making a three dimensional object looks three-dimensional using only two dimensions! Papago

Saturday 10:00am-11:30am

Comic Books: Going, Going, Gone? Is this medium in danger of disappearing through mismanagement and artistic differences? Patrick Connors, Donald Markstein, Ken St. Andre Navajo A

Fan Produced Parodies. You have heard about them or laughed at them. See the best of Illegal Programming After Midnight and others! Charles Jarvis Navajo B

Legend LARP Introduction. The Legend Live Action Role-Playing organization will run a LARP this afternoon. Sign up and learn how to play. Kachina

Meet Southwestern Costumer's Guild. Meet this loose (but definitely not rag-tag) organization devoted to all facets of historical, cultural, science fiction, fantasy and humor costumes. Pima

How To Make Your Pictures Foreign But Familiar. Uncover the secrets of fantasy and science fiction landscapes. How can the fantastic be so recognizable? Lubov, Dale O’Dell, Cathie Yankovich Papago

Kaffeeklatsch - Mike Massee. Have coffee and visit with this multi-talented artist who is also a teacher, reviewer and computer systems expert. Café’

Saturday 11:30am-1:00pm

John DeChancie Guest of Honor Panel or How to f*** up a two-car funeral. You have read his books, you know his humor, now hear him speak Navajo A

TV Talk. What will the new Trek look like? Is this the last season of X-Files?  Watch what is going to be on and get the inside info on what is happening on the small screen. Lee Whiteside Navajo B

Do You Have To Starve to Be an Artist? Throughout the ages, there has been the stereotype of the starving artist, does it have to be true? Barrie Bryant, Laura Brodian Freas, Cathie Yankovich, Dale O’Dell, Larry Vela Kachina

Meet AZ Lanbashers League. The Arizona Lanbashers League is a collaboration of computer gaming enthusiasts who support local groups and throw parties. Pima

Remember When?  How Science Fiction Has Changed Along With Our View of the Future. You can tell how people thought of themselves by how they think about the future. Listen to how the future has changed with the times. John Davis, Dave Williams, Ken St. Andre Papago

Kaffeeklatsch - Hugh Gregory. Don’t blame Canada! Have coffee and talk about international ham radio, movie producing and cricket. Café’

Saturday 1:00pm-2:30pm
Movie Previews with Barry Bard. Come in relax and watch the new movie trailers for all the upcoming summer blockbuster movies. Navajo

Masquerade Registration. If you want to be in the Masquerade, you must attend this meeting to sign up and know what is going on when. Kachina

Is All Science Useful? The Downside of High Tech. We are for science advancements but what are it’s disadvantages and is there anything we can do about it? David (Gannd) Foster, Hugh Gregory, Cary Riall Pima

Please Stop!  Which Series Should Be Ended? Are you heroes going flat? Dialog getting old? Can you see the surprise twist light-years away? We understand your pain. Seanan McGuire, Kit Townsend, Ray Vukcevich Papago

Kaffeeklatsch - Kelly & Dr. Laura Freas. LepreCon is lucky enough to have this world famous couple and you have the opportunity to have coffee and talk with them. Café’

Saturday 2:30pm-4:00pm

Charity Auction. Every year LepreCon holds a charity auction for worthy causes. This year we are raising money for Reading is Fundamental and The Arizona Nature Conservancy See bid on what our generous merchants and participants have donated. Navajo

The Business of Art. There is more to being an artist than creating masterpieces. Listen to these experts discuss the inner workings of the art industry. Barrie Bryant, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas, Cathie Yankovich Kachina

Cool Things in Space Exploration. The Investigation of the Outer Solar System is expanding our knowledge of how our planet and life itself started. Glenn Battis, John Brownlee, Hugh Gregory, Mike Volckmann, Dave Williams Pima

Grab Bag Costuming. This is an audience participation panel. Bring in things you have found that “Seemed to be a costume part” but you do not know quite WHAT to do with it and we will see what can be done. Maryeileen Flanagan, Kit Townsend Papago

Kaffeeklatsch - Michele Ellington. She valiantly strides the many worlds of fen, artist, and bureaucracy. Have some java and make sure you ask her what an otaku is. Café’

Saturday 4:00pm-5:30pm

Marilyn Miller Filk GoH Concert. Not just a woman and her guitar. Marilyn goes electronic! Hear this new amazing filker who has a wonderful voice and a great sense of humor. Kachina

Tarot Card Show & Tell. Tarot cards come in many shapes and sizes. Look at various decks from around the world and throughout history. Ken St. Andre Pima

Papermaking Demo. Did you ever wonder how paper was made or why the old magazines were called pulps? Come in watch and get into it up to your elbows. Michele Ellington

Kaffeeklatsch - Lubov. Have a cup o’ joe with our Artist Guest of Honor. ‘Nuff Said! Café’

Saturday 5:30pm-7:00pm

And It Is All Absolutely True: Tall Tales and How They Began. There are many tales about science fiction stories. Find out the truth on how some of them got started! John DeChancie, Emily Devenport, Marty Massoglia, Seanan McGuire. Pima

Airbrush Demonstration with Larry Vela Watch the Local Artist Guest of Honor create another one of his mobile animate masterpieces! Papago

Arial Mirage Juggling Exhibition and Teaching Things fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Come Meet and learn from Phoenix’s International Juggling Association. Patio

Saturday 7:00pm-8:30pm

Masquerade! The largest single event of the convention.  Kachina

Clark Ashton Smith Poetry. Hear the words from a voice beyond the grave. In addition to his own work this grandfather of fantasy put the word Cthulhu on H.P. Lovecraft’s world as well as Yuggoth and Hastur. Gary Swaty Pima

Saturday 8:30pm-10:00pm

UFP Jeopardy. Fill your need to take Oozing Green Things for $300. Join the United Federation of Phoenix in the yearly quest to test the mental cunning of fandom. Navajo

Perceptions of the Mainstream Or "You Know That Movie GalaxyQuest?  I'm Living It." How does “normal” society really feel about us fen. Here these urban sociologists talk about their research with gasp the real world. John DeChancie, Michele Ellington, Seanan McGuire Pima

Close Encounters: Why Do So Many People Believe? Every government and almost every scientist says that there is no such thing as flying saucers. Why are there first hand accounts of abductions and millions of believers? Glenn Battis, Emily Devenport, Ernest Hogan, Mike Massee Papago

Party! Party! Party! There will be many parties going on around the convention tonight, wander around and drop in to say “hello” to your next bestest friend in the whole wide universe!

Saturday 10:00pm-11:30pm

Meet United Federation of Phoenix. Come in and find out about one of the longest running sci-fi clubs in the Phoenix area. UFP is interested in Star Trek as well as general science fiction. Navajo.

Cover Art: Creating from Someone Else's Words. Everyone has there own mental image of how scenes are “supposed to look.” How do you convert another person’s art into your own? Emily Devenport, Ernest Hogan, Dale O’Dell Kachina

Stage Presence: Performance is more than just memorization. Pick up tips and techniques from people who have been before the footlights. Paul Clinco, Patrick Connors, Alice Massoglia Pima

Filk Circle Starts. Every night at almost every convention anywhere in the world musicians and singers gather in companionship, harmony and mirth. Hosted by the Phoenix Filk Circle. Filk Suite.

Saturday 11:30pm-1:00am

The Almost Midnight not-quite-sex panel with surprise guests. The midnight sex panel is a convention custom since the beginning of time! Listen to what people will be talking about tomorrow. Navajo

Science Fiction Taboo. The science fiction/fantasy version of the popular boardgame “of unspeakable fun”!! Come and bring a friend, the more the merrier. Kendra Deptula, Elizabeth Dickenson, Sherry Estabrook, Kelly Rybarczyk Kachina

Sunday 10:00am-11:30am

When Special Effects Are No Longer Special.  What Movies Have Been Ruined By Overuse of Effects? Now that it is cheaper and easier to make when should you NOT use special effects? Paul Clinco, Mike Massee, Randall Whitlock Navajo A

The Graying of Fandom: Can We Survive? Fandom started over fifty years ago as mostly young men getting together to talk about science fiction. Now it is mostly middle-aged men. What will happen in 50 more years? John Davis, Ray Vukcevich, Bruce Farr, Donald Markstein Navajo B

Is Science Still Exciting? What fields get your brain going? In this age of practical research and minute sub-categories and is it still possible for non-specialists to understand? Glenn Battis, John Brownlee, Daryl F. Mallett Kachina

Lubov Slide Show. From intricate portraits to vast crowd scenes and magnificent landscapes watch our Artist Guest of Honor describe her paintings and her inspirations. Pima

Meet WSFA. Do you know what WSFA is? Come in and find out. Papago
Kaffeeklatsch with Larry Vela. Watch our Local Artist Guest of Honor slowly become human again as the caffeine hits his system after a night of fun and partying. Café’

Sunday 11:30-1:00

Lubov GoH Panel. Listen to a multiple World Science Fiction Convention award winning artist talk about her art and her life. Navajo A

The Voice as an Instrument: Vocal Training For Beginners. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Find the best ways to get your voice into shape and avoid bad habits. Patrick Connors, John Davis, Miller, Laura Brodian Freas Kachina

Frank Kelly Freas Slide Show and Lecture: As He Sees It. There is no one in our field who is more respected or has done as much. Hearken to the words of one who has truly “been there, done that.” Pima

Self-promotion for artists. An artist has to do the majority of their promotion and marketing. How can an artist get their work known without being turning off patrons. Barrie Bryant, Bruce Farr, Dale O’Dell, Ray Vukcevich Papago

Kaffeeklatsch- Barry Bard Have some brew with one of Arizona’s not so secret SMoFs. Listen to him talk on a variety of topics with great ease. Café’

Sunday 1:00pm-2:30pm

Art Auction. Here is your chance to purchase the masterpiece you have been drooling over all weekend. Bid for yourself or for a friend. Bid against a friend or against yourself!  Navajo

Promotion on the Web The ability for anyone to put anything on the web is one of its greatest strengths. How can anyone stand out and be noticed? Mike Massee, Charles Jarvis, Donald Markstein Kachina

Things NASA Has Done Right! We look At the Mistakes, What has Gone Right? You would be surprised by the amount of things that go the way they should. John Brownlee, Hugh Gregory, Dave Williams Pima

Meet Legend LARP. They are a live action medieval role playing game that uses no random determination devices. They hold events at least once a month, running from 5 to 44 hours long. The LEGEND membership currently stands at 78 members and we see a 70-80% turnout to events. Papago

Filk Jam. You went to the concert, you’ve seen the circle now get down and get funky as filkers gather to sing their last songs and keep the convention going for as long as possible. Filk Suite

Kaffeeklatsch- David (Gannd) Foster A man of many names and many more talents and stories. Who knows what this man of mystery has up his sleeve? Café’

Sunday 2:30pm-4:00pm

Outside the Box-New Computers: Computers have shrunk from entire floors to smaller than a breadbox. What will happen in the next few years when it shrinks even more?  Mike Volckmann, Charles Jarvis, Hugh Gregory Kachina

NASA’s Current Planetary Missions Watch what is going to happen at NASA in the near future. Where are they going? When are they going to get there? Dave Williams Pima

The Yoga Hour Now that the convention is almost over relax and get all stretched out to some tranquil music and pleasant company. Kendra Deptula, Elizabeth Dickenson, Sherry Estabrook, Kelly Rybarczyk

Sunday 4:00pm-5:30pm
Kvetch Phase of the Con. Come on in and tell us all the wonderful things that happened at the convention! Something didn’t go perfectly? Come by and tell us that as well. Seriously, we are trying to put on the best conventions that we can and we want to hear your comments and criticisms. ConCom Kachina

Dead Dog The convention is not over until the last chip is eaten and the last soda is drunk!