LepreCon 27 GoH & Participant Bios

Artist Guest of Honor Stephen Hickman has been illustrating science fiction and fantasy for over two decades. His illustrations have been used as cover work for many contemporary writers, such as Stephen Brust, Tom Cool, Gordon Dickson, David Drake, Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, and Steve Stirling. Since 1976, he has illustrated approximately 300 covers for Ace, Baen, Ballantine, Bantam, Berkeley, Dell, Del Rey, Phage Press, and Warren Publications.

Hickman’s work has earned him critical acclaim. He has been awarded 5 Chesley awards by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) including the Artistic Achievement award and best unpublished work award at this year’s ceremonies at Chicon. In 1994 he was awarded a Hugo Award from the World Science Fiction Convention for the United States Postal Service’s Space Fantasy Commemorative Booklet of stamps, the first official recognition by the government of the SF genre.

Author Guest of Honor Michael A. Stackpole was born in Wisconsin in late 1957 and grew up in Vermont. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1979 with a BA in History. Having already sold his first gaming project to Flying Buffalo Inc. in 1977, he headed west to the land of Mexican food, where it seldom snows, and the snow never lasts long enough to be shoveled.  He has lived in Arizona ever since, save for a four month stint in Hartford, CT, working as a consultant for Coleco Industries.

In 1987 FASA Corporation hired Michael to write the Warrior trilogy of BattleTech novels which started him on his writing career.  This led to more Battletech novels and original novels like Once a Hero, A Hero Born, An Enemy Reborn, and The Dark Glory War.  He has written many Star Wars X-Wing novels as well as the best selling Star Wars novels I, Jedi, Star Wars: Dark Tide: Onslaught and Star Wars: Dark Tide: Ruin.  His Star Wars novels led to many Dark Horse Star Wars comics.

He is currently at work on Fortress Draconis, a sequel to The Dark Glory War and hopes to have it published in 2001.  He has recently made available the novelette The Cards Call Themselves: The first Merlin Bloodstone mystery novelette on his website, http://www.stormwolf.com/

Local Artist Guest of Honor Robert Ross has been drawing for most of his life, and since displaying at a convention for the first time in 1994, his artwork has been a fixture at most of the local conventions.  He has amassed a lovely collection of ribbons from those conventions. He started doing computer art in the late 90’s and has won over 20 awards for his work in that medium, including the international InDepth Arts 'Tomorrow's Masters' competition in which he placed 8th place. He also held first place at the online Renderosity forum (over several thousand other entries) for many months.

Music Guests Echo's Children (Callie Hills and Cat Faber) is an acoustic duo that performs mostly at science fiction conventions.  They write, arrange, and perform original songs about subjects that range from sicence fiction through science and technology t out-and-out fantasy.  Echo's Children have produced 2 CDs, Under the Gripping Beast (1997) and As Good as Any (1999).

Following are Confirmed Participants and Bios as of May 10, 2001:

Participant Bios

 Aaron Allston was born in Corsicana, TX, and began writing at the age of 11, completing his first short story at 14 and my first novel at 16. After graduating, he moved to Austin, intending to continue journalism studies at the University of Texas while writing on the side. Neither a semester at the university nor a year with the Austin American-Statesman proved agreeable so he left the newspaper and was hired by Steve Jackson as circulation manager for Space Gamer magazine. Over time he became assistant editor and later full editor of the magazine and began designing game supplements for both Steve Jackson Games and then Hero Games. In 1983 he went freelance full-time as a game designer, later moving into full-time fiction writing.  To his credit are novels Web of Danger and Galatea in 2-D.
As yet unmarried, Aaron resides in the Austin area with three roommates, four cats, and a dog and enjoys reading, movies, ping-pong, and avoiding the rays of the accursed sun.   http://www.io.com/~allston/

Barry Bard Normally loud and boisterous he is silent about his accomplishments and contribution to fandom in Arizona and around the world. He brings us an overflowing freebee table and movie previews and much more.  If (who are we kidding when) you stop by his dealer’s table he always seems to have just what you are looking for.

Glenn Battis started with online fandom in 1984, and he attended his first Convention, a BayCon in 1989. Today he works in the aircraft simulation industry and his interests lie in the industrialization of space and space exploration, solar power production, and alien contact and visitation. He can be found online at gbattis@delphi.com. He says that he thinks of himself as a sane and rational person, but warns that your mileage may vary.

Frances Burns is an experienced seamstress, filker and treasurer of the Southwest Costumers Guild.  When not sewing or attending conventions she shares her home with two lovable felines that allow her to care for them.

Christi Carpenter - Christi was practically born into fandom.  From the start, she followed her parents to Dr. Who and Star Trek conventions, and to this day most of her family is involved in some fashion in Western fandom.  An avid fan of SF/F literature and art, animation and comics (Japanese and American), role-playing games, she is also a published illustrator and comic artist, and runs several art and game-related websites.   She is finishing her Graphic Design B.A. at Collins College in Tempe, and is pursuing a career in art education.  She is engaged to Carlos Ross, and is Natalie Carpenter's older sister.

Mike Cassidy - Mike has been attending conventions since the first one he attended at the Del Webb tower in the middle of Phoenix in 1976. He is a former Marine ( OORAH !!!) who rebuilds carburetors blindfolded, builds computers with out using instruction manuals and makes scale models with such excruciating detail that most people cry out "You MUST be CRAZY!". Mike currently spends most of his days maintaining and repairing equipment that tests little pieces of silicon impregnated with various kinds of metal oxides for a major multinational company. He has been seen recently at the Velavision corporate office at "The Big Building Plaza" in Dyptheria, AZ in high level talks with the Velavision board of directors.

Cornel Choskey educates people about the exploration of Mars. Please see the Mars Society display table in the Non-Profit section.

Callista Cleary - Callista is an up and coming young artist currently in the 8th grade in Scottsdale AZ.

Jeff Colburn is a true Renaissance Man, being well versed in both the arts and sciences. He completed his four year highschool program in three years, majoring in marine biology and oceanography. Later,he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from California State University Long Beach. He is also a native Californian.Always seeking a challenge, Jeff has had many careers, including: Deputy Sheriff; Crime Analyst; Freelance Photographer; Freelance Computer Consultant; Freelance Marketing Research; Creator of a nonprofit organization where he edited and published a national monthly newsletter for the hearing impaired community.After all this experimentation, Jeff is now working in several fields which offer him a constant challenge. He is a freelance writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, erotica and poetry. Jeff is also an inventor.Interested in art for many years, Jeff is working on his illustration skills usinggraphite and colored pencil and acrylics.Jeff also enjoyed his position as moderatorof the Science Fiction Writer's Forum atInkspot, where he helped writers for almosta year.For relaxation, Jeff has tried mountain climbing, SCUBA diving, equitation, body surfing, ice skating, stamp and coin collecting. He currently is involved in photography, psychic research, book collecting, the martial arts and hiking. He also has his own web site at www.CreativeCauldron.com, and has written two e-books. "The Writer's Dictionary Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology" is a reference book for writers, and "The Youngest Ninja" is a young adult novel placed in Feudal Japan.

Elizabeth T. Danforth
Liz Danforth is a graphic designer with a degree in Anthropology who spent seven years as head of the Blade Productions division of Flying Buffalo. In her subsequent freelance career, she had done not only art but also editing, computer game scripting, and fiction writing. Her work appears in products from numerous companies, notably Wizards of the Coast, Iron Crown Enterprises, FASA, TSR, Daedalus, Interplay, and many others.

John Davis - John is the author of "The Potted Fern", "Our Hero Meets A Bloodsucker". "Killdozer" as well as many sci-fi and fantasy stories and poems. He has also written text adventure games, several of which have been sold, and spends much of his time reading.

Janeen Deboard is a writer whose nom de plume is Janeen O’Kerry. Her books are all published by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). She has just signed a contract for Sister of the Moon and Spirit of the Mist. Look for them in the Romance genre in spite of their time travel/magic elements.

Emily Devenport’s short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award. She enjoys studying many different fields including History, neurology, psychology and mythology and is secretly Maggy Thomas.
 Maggy Thomas, champion of justice, former officer with the Department of Corrections, is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice (really!).  Broken Time is her first novel (but Em’s seventh, which is kind of cheating, but what the hell, in this business you need every advantage you can hustle).

Doranna Durgin spent her childhood filling notebooks first with stories and art, and then with novels. After obtaining a degree in wildlife illustration and environmental education, she spent a number of years deep in the Appalachian Mountains. When she emerged, it was as a writer who found herself irrevocably tied to the natural world and its creatures.
Dun Lady's Jess, Doranna's first published fantasy novel, received the 1995 Compton Crook/Stephen Tall award for the best first book in the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. When she's not writing, Doranna runs a fiction critique service and builds web pages for authors.  http://www.doranna.net/

Bruce Farr collects books, art, convention committee positions, tax knowledge, and whatever else is not nailed down.  He is the proud husband to Lea Farr, and father to Kira and Heather.

Mark Ferrari uses colored pencils, (believe it or not), and antiquated graphics software to create illustration and concept work for: Tor, Ace-Berkeley, NAL, Doubleday, Eclipse Comics, Chaosium, Unix Review Magazine, and a host of well-known others. Having won numerous obscure awards for his art, the artist is now working on a novel. Single, non-smoker, no pets

Maryeileen Flanagan began costuming at the tender age of eight when she attempted to make a paper mache' horse for her jockey "character" to ride on Halloween.  Since then, she has advanced to costuming live horses and their riders as part of the "Once Upon a Time" and "Life of the Party" parade groups. An English teacher at Tempe High School she sponsors both the Creative Writing Club and the Literary Society. She lives with her roommate, Kit, five dogs and fifteen (or so) horses on the minimally completed house/ranch she is building with her own hands.

Scott Glener is a BASFA Founding Member, TusCon Programing Chief, and Vice-Chair of the Phoenix Westercon 2002 bid. He is also known as a habitual volunteer at science fiction conventions throught the land.

Hugh Gregory An avid Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver Canada, Hugh owns and operates the H.R. McMilian Planetarium’s affiliated space and astronomy educational BBS  “SpaceBase™.” He is the moderator of the eight internationally distributed “SB-“ prefixed space news service echoes for the amateur FidoNet network.  He produces and sells videos. His most recent is “The Flight Of Byran - The Russian Shuttle Story”. On weekends he is a private pilot, amateur astronomer (Member RASC), cricket umpire, and enjoys hiking in the Rockies with his wife Anne.

Rachel Hartman - At 19, Rachel R. Hartman (http://www.rachel-hartman.com/) made her first professional sale to Marion Zimmer Bradley and realized that yes, people really do get paid for this stuff.  In addition to writing science fiction and fantasy, she maintains the Ergonomic and Gateway sections of the SFWA web site (http://www.sfwa.org/) and fences with the SFWA Musketeers.  She lives just outside of Austin, Texas, with her husband James and their four cats.

Ernest Hogan The internationally acclaimed author of cult novels Cortez On Jupiter and High Aztech has appeared in publications as varied as Penthouse Hot Talk, Amazing Stories, Semiotext (E), Proud Flesh, Science Fiction Age as well as Greek and Italian magazines.  His most recent publication has been “Obsidian Harvest,” a collaboration with Rick Cook in Analog.  Latino.com has featured an article on him. Wordcraft of Oregon will soon publish a special collection of his new novel Smoking Mirror Blues.  He is working on a website, and legally married to two of the most beautiful science fiction writers in the world.

Angel Hungerford - Angel is a long-time convention volunteer and committee person. Look for her during LepreCon 27 in kids programming and art demos.

Louise Kleba is rarely encountered without an accompanying "TARDIS",i.e. books from a broad spectrum of subjects mostly read while flying domestically and internationally. She collects memories, more books, flight suits (some with fascinating histories and origins), space and Babylon 5 memorabilia. At other times, Louise enjoys beadwork, watching action movies (SF/drama), dancing (ballroom to bellydance), and writing letters as time permits. In her professional life, she's a Space Shuttle VITT-Flight crew representative.  Louise began working for McDonnell-Douglas (now Boeing) at the KSC in April 1990 after working as a radar field test engineer for Martin Marietta (now: Lockheed). In September 1995, she joined the Flight Crew Operations Directorate as a representative of the flight crews in the Vehicle Integration Test Office. Louise continues to make her home in Cape Canaveral, FL. Her most recent support missions were the inaugural flights of the Italian MPLMs (Multipurpose Logistics Modules) and the Canadarm2 for the International space station.

Katherine Lawrence has been a screenwriter since 1984. Her membership in the Writers Guild of America goes back to 1988. She has also been a member of SFFWA for more than six years. Her work on 'Mutant Crush' episode of X-MEN EVOLUTION is currently airing Saturday mornings on the WB.
Also an author of short stories, Katherine Lawrence’s work has been included in a variety of anthologies.

Lubov -- Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she took her first steps in art while studying techniques of Russian and European painters in the Nevsky School of Art. In 1980 she emigrated to the U.S.A. where she continued her education, accepted at The School of Art Institute of Chicago with a full four-year scholarship. Since she became involved with science fiction, fantasy and horror fandom, she has won widespread acclaim for her richly colorful pieces.  She has won Art Show awards at the 1992, 93, 95 and 96 World Science Fiction Conventions and won the Best Professional Artist Award at the 1997 World Horror Convention.  She was Artist Guest of Honor at LepreCon 26 and has since moved to the Phoenix area.  Some of her artwork can be seen online at http://www.hollywoodcomics.com/lubov.html

Daryl F. Mallett splits his time between the Phoenix metropolitan area, Southern California, Minnesota, and the rest of the world. His greatest joy in life is spending time with his girlfriend, his son Jake, and his two gorgeous Huskies, Fen and Kia, followed by visiting with friends, traveling, reading and writing...most of which he accomplishes through his involvement in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Don Markstein - Don makes his living as a writer and editor.  In 1981, Don and his wife, GiGi Dane, founded Apatoons, a cooperative publication which has, in the years since, featured the work of some of animation's top commentators. He edited Comics Revue, a monthly anthology of newspaper comics, from 1984-87, and 1992-96. In 1992, he edited A Prince Valiant Companion, which, among other things, summarized the princely adventurer's entire career in Sunday comics from 1937-80. In 1994, he edited Hot Tips from Top Comics Creators, a compendium of wisdom about how to make comics, distilled from hundreds of interviews in Comics Interview magazine. In 1999, he started writing Don Markstein's Toonopedia™, a project he expects to work on for the rest of his life. Part of the reason is to share some of the information he's gathered. But it also works as an excuse to play with toons.

Joe McKersie has skirted fandom for nearly twenty-five years.  For the majority of this time Joe worked for and managed a general bookstore whose largest section was SF/F/H.  Currently he writes performance evaluations for an obscure state agency.  Joe reads and collects SF/F, enjoys anime, movies, art, and is a reformed gamer (i.e., most of his gaming friends have long since left the state).

Dennis L. McKiernan  - Dennis L. McKiernan is a professional writer of science fiction and fantasy. He is directly responsible for the fourteen books in the Mithgar series, Caverns of Socrates, Once Upon a Winter’s Nigh, and about fifteen or so shorter works appearing in various anthologies.  http://home.att.net/~dlmck/

John Carter McKnight - Mr. McKnight is a consultant to nonprofit corporations in the space education and outreach fields, and Mars Project Director for the Space Frontier Foundation.  From 1999 to 2000, he was CEO of Transplanetary Corporation, an engineering design firm specializing in life support technologies for extreme environments.  He was the Executive Director of The Mars Society, a non-profit educational and research corporation, from 1998 to 1999.  He holds a B.A. with honors in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1983); a J.D. from New York University School of Law (1988) and a Master of International Relations degree from Columbia University (1992).  Formerly a corporate finance attorney, he was an associate with the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom in New York from 1988 to 1991.  Since receiving his Masters degree in 1992, Mr. McKnight had been an attorney in private practice, with law firms in New York and Los Angeles.

John Mina - John, whose work includes "Jacus the Slug" from "The Day the Magic Stopped"; "Yesterday's Gods" from "Bolos the Cast Stand"; and "Viva L'Amiral" from "Alternate Generals", has been designing Live Role Playing games for 10 years. He enjoys D&D, Live Roleplaying, and playing Magic: The Gathering.

Rusty Neal, a software engineer for the past 20 years, has degrees in both Computer Science and Biology and has also dabbled in game authorship and consulting. He can be found performing with the royal court at the Arizona Renaissance Festival every spring. His hobbies and interests include both tabletop and live action role playing, and he has been running games at Phoenix area conventions for several years. His body of work includes Highway 2000 and portions of the Dr. Who RPG.

Adam Niswander Adam is a local author whose credits include The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, The Hound Hunters, The Sand Dwellers, The Repository and various short stories. "I write and some people pay me for it."

James Reade - James is the founder of RipRoarin' Comics, publisher of Marked by the Beast and Blood and Sunder. His other talents include drawing caricatures, creating airbrushed Tshirts and more. Credits include Doctor What, Torg, Marked by the Beast, Blood and Sunder, The Eternal Soldier, Big Bertha, The Side Hill Muckets, and Troley Man.

Cary Riall is a long-time Phoenix science-fiction enthusiast who’s first convention was Leprecon 1 (geezer alert!). His published works include the 737 Next Generation Autopilot, British Aerospace 146 Digital Flight Guidance Computer, and various other non-fiction collections of ones and zeros. His interests include near-term future technology, siege engineering, and costuming, and will continue until it is not fun anymore.

Jeff Richards - An accountant by profession, and one of the Velavision crew, Jeff Richards has been a fan and convention attendee off and on since 1978. He counts himself an avid reader (aren't we all) and has been a gamer, a comic book collector, and now a fanatic (Otaku) collector of anime titles. Other hobbies include building computers.

Jennifer Roberson Since 1984, Jennifer Roberson has published 20 solo novels, among them thirteen bestselling fantasy novels: the 8-volume "Chronicles of the Cheysuli", about a race of shapechangers and a divine prophecy; and the 4-volume "Sword-Dancer" saga the author describes as "Conan the Barbarian Meets Gloria Steinem."

Other novels include three mainstream historicals: LADY OF THE FOREST, an award-winning reinterpretation of the Robin Hood story emphasizing Marian's role in a story of how the legend came to be; a sequel, LADY OF SHERWOOD, continuing the adventures of Robin and Marian; and LADY OF THE GLEN, the documented story of 17th-century Scotland's Massacre of Glencoe, similar in theme to the films "Rob Roy" and "Braveheart"; plus an original novel based on the international hit television series HIGHLANDER; spun off from the movie featuring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery; and THE GOLDEN KEY, the DAW Books fantasy collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott, which was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1997. She has also contributed many short stories to collections, anthologies, and magazines, and has edited the DAW anthology RETURN TO AVALON, a tribute to bestselling author Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the Darkover novels and THE MISTS OF AVALON; and HIGHWAYMEN: ROBBERS AND ROGUES. Roberson's novels and anthologies have been translated and published in Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Upcoming projects include a sixth volume in the "Sword-Dancer" series, titled SWORD-BORN and SWORD-SWORN; a sequel to LADY OF THE FOREST exploring the further adventures of Robin Hood and Marian; and a solo-author prequel to THE GOLDEN KEY.

Carlos Ross - Born in the Philippines, but raised in California and Arizona, Carlos is an avid anime fan who has just recently gotten involved in Valley fandom, through ASU's premier science-fiction/fantasy society, THEM.  He is the current maintainer of THEM's successful anime review website, which has been featured on the Anime Web Turnpike, as well as the Google and Excite search engines as a well-established source of information for Japanese animation on the Internet.   His various hobbies, which also include gaming and reading SF/F literature and manga (Japanese comics) , counterbalance his Mundane life as a data entry technician for a mail order pharmacy.  Carlos is currently on hiatus from his studies at Arizona State University, where he is (or should be) a senior majoring in Japanese Language.  He is engaged to Christina Carpenter, who he claims to be a far more knowledgeable and experienced fan than himself.

Mark Siegel is a writer. He claims to have a PhD in English, but swears he no longer practices this hideous and painful form of mind control. A veteran of the publishing world, former owner/founder of Blue Sky Press, Mark is also one of the local writers published by Mike McCollum’s 3M Press. Mark has written 12 nonfiction books and multitudes of articles. Among his recent work you may find a true murder book and a large handful of SF stories.

Ken St. Andre is a well-known Phoenix fan who helped organize the first LepreCon many years ago and has made at least a token appearance every year since.  He was once foolish enough to chair LepreCon 9 whose motto was “bodges—we don’t need no stinking bodges!” Con members wore buttons. He is an active member of S.F.W.A., largely on the strength of his game design work for Stormbringer and Tunnels and Trolls (which is not dead!) He has sold several short stories—find them if you can.

Ed Sulfaro is listed as "Artist in residence" on the staff of Entropy, a publication of THEM, the Speculative Fiction Society at ASU. Entropy strives to provide a forum for fans of speculative fiction at ASU.

Kit Townsend is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writer's Workshop.  She was co-founder of a writer's group for semi-professional writers and a founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Forum. Costuming is a creative outlet for her, with costumes ranging from no-sew designs to historical to equestrian costumes for mounted parade groups.  In RL, she worked for thirteen years as the SF/F/H buyer for an independently owned general bookstore in Tempe, and professionally raises and trains horses for a variety of disciplines.

Scott Vaughn - Scott P. ‘Doc’ Vaughn is a local artist. He has turned his imaginings into a magazine (M&V) and a comic book (HERO-LORE). Between his daily life, and the attempt to begin this fledgling empire, he works freelance illustration and day jobs. His illustrations are primarily black and white. His influences include comic illustrators, pop and classical culture. Scott loves movies, music, Doctor Who, creativity and being with friends.

Larry Vela - Larry is an artist and an all-around amazing guy. A fountain of brilliance and a cornucopia of personal energy, Larry is a custom painter whose genius manifests on motorcycles, planes, trucks, people, and anything that doesn’t run away. The driving force behind Velavision, his notable works include Illusion, Casseiopia, Roadwarrior, and Athena.

Scott Virtes is a writer, poet, editor, and game designer. He has had a whopping 200 stories and poems published since 1986. Editor of Sycophant, Alpha Adventures, and AlphaDrive magazines, Scott always seems to add an interesting dimension to the panels in which he participates.

James Vitale is a Practicing Professional Psychic with four years experience in his field.

John Vornholt - After spending 20 years as a freelance writer (writing mostly non-fiction), John Vornholt turned to book publishing in 1989. Drawing upon the good will generated by an earlier non-fiction book he had written for Simon & Schuster, John secured a contract to write Masks, number seven in the Star Trek: The Next Generation book series. Masks was the first of the numbered Next Generation books to make the New York Times bestseller list and was reprinted three times in the first month. Although John has only been writing books seriously since 1989, he has written and sold more than 30 books, for both adults and children. He's currently writing a contemporary suspense novel, and just published the second of a two-book Star Trek: The Next Generation series titled The Genesis Wave.

Jim Webbert  is a professional chemist and is a longtime fan of science fiction, having attended conventions since the 1950s, His hobbies include collecting art, reading, and in Phoenix fandom he is known for his involvement in running conventions, and auctioneering.

Erik Wennstrom, otherwise known as "HippieChick", comes to us from the thriving conundrum known as ASU. President of ASU’s science fiction and fantasy club, a.k.a. T.H.E.M., Erik is also a current editor of Entropy, the club’s fanzine. Erik is a TA in the ASU department of Mathematics, but his major is in Natural Sciences. His plan is to get off this planet before he dies.

Lee Whiteside is our local SFTV guru with the long running SF Tube Talk column in ConNotations, The Magrathea/SFTV Web Page (www.sftv.org) and associated mailing lists. He will be Chair of LepreCon 28 in May 2002.  He is a software Engineer/Lan Administrator in his spare time.

Randall Whitlock - a registered geologist with background in Meteorites, AZ geology, and environmental assessments, Randy also operates "MoiRandall's," a custom costume and desktop clothing pattern publishing business. Currently president of the Southwest Costumers Guild, fandom knows him for the costumes he builds for convention masquerades and occasional service as Masquerade director. Randy claims to suffer from chronic Paronomasia--the compulsion to make the worst pun possible at the worst possible time.

Dr. David A. Williams is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University.  His research interests line in Volcanology and Planetary Geology, with a focus on remote sensing and image processing of planetary surfaces and computer modeling of volcanic eruptions.  David is an affiliate of  NASA's Galileo spacecraft Imaging Team, and he is currently working on data analysis of the latest Galileo images of Io and Ganymede from recent encounters.  David received his Bachelor of Science in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Indiana University in 1989, his Master of Science in Geology from Arizona State University in 1992, and his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Alabama in 1998, where was a three-time Graduate Council Research Fellow and received the award for Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student. David is a life-long Star Trek and sci-fi fan, enjoys hiking, star-gazing, and model-building.  He is currently serving his first term as President (Captain) of the United Federation of Phoenix, the second longest continuously-running Star Trek fan club in the country.

Cathie Yankovich has had several works of art published, multiple exhibits in science museums, art galleries, and has also had several short stories published in ConNotations. Credits include Art - Pouring Out the Stars, Cornucopia of Planet, The North American Milky Way Telescope (collaberation) Writing - Old Blue Nose, A Couple Kilos of Plasmite (short stories). She has participated in numerous art exhibitions at venues including ASU Art Center (Phx, AZ), Volcano Art Center(HI), the Hub Gallery (Phoenix, AZ), Fiske Planetarium (CO). She has had art published in Analog and MZB Fantasy Magazine. Her stories have been published in Connotations and The Martian Wave. Day-to-day she manages infrastructure implementation for 80+ computer sites at 19 governmental and non-profit entities.  This requires keeping up with telecommunications directions.