LepreCon 29 Membership rates are:

$40 at the door for the whole weekend, $15 for Friday Only, $25 for Saturday Only, $30 for Saturday & Sunday, $15 for Sunday Only.
Kids 7-12 half price, kids 6 and under free*

* with adult membership

Pre-Reg by mail is over but  you can still pay for your LepreCon 29 Memberships via Paypal

Online Pre-Reg will be available through May 11th for at-the-door rates.

LepreCon 29 Membership Form


Badge Name:________________________________


City:__________________________ State:______ Zip Code:____________

Phone:(     )____________ Email:_____________________

Over 18?: ( )yes ( )no

I am interested in:___Displaying in Art Show __Participating in Masquerade

__Dealers Room __Running/Sponsoring a Game __Volunteering to help the convention

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