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LepreCon will be holding a Charity Auction to benefit ASFA and the Thomas J. Pappas School Art Department.
100% of the proceeds will be given to these charities.

ASFA is the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational corporation. ASFA was organized for artistic, literary, educational and charitable purposes concerning the visual arts of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology and related topics. The organization is dedicated to providing a communications link among its members, as well as providing helpful information and technical assistance.
Part of ASFA's purpose is to stimulate the public's interest in these areas of art. They're also there to encourage and develop amateur artistic talent, educate the public, publishers, patrons of the arts and anyone interested in works of these particular types of art and craftsmanship in the rights, needs and problems of the people involved in the creation of this material.

The Thomas J. Pappas Schools were founded in 1989 to provide equitable and accessible education for homeless children. They are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience, as well as meeting the social and physical needs of their students. They currently support an elementary and middle school in Phoenix, and an elementary school in Tempe.
If you’re interested in donating something, please contact the Charity Auction Directors.
All books that are presented as a First Edition are done so at the best judgment of our Charity Auction Director. No guarantee is made by Catherine Book, Leprecon, Inc. or LepreCon 31 for any item. If you have any questions, please ask via e-mail or inspect the item prior to auction.

Items Available at Auction so far:
*Farscape VHS, "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory"
*Loads of signed photographs from actors on Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9
*Gobs (an industry term...) of movie memorabilia from various movies including 35mm trailers, a shoulder bag from the UK for the movie "Time Machine", hats, bookmark, buttons, posters, a watch and a t-shirt.
*Punisher coffee mug
*Folding chair, good for camping, steel frame w/black polyester fabric, cupholder and a carry-bag. What's cool about this is that the back of the chair is silk-screened with HORRORFIND.COM
*Fantasy art print by Sarah Clemens, "Magnus & Loki" matted print, 20"x12.5". See our GOH's webpage for a picture.
*Lots of science goodies from the ESA Mars Express team including a t-shirt, baseball cap, coffee mug, candles and magazines.
*Star Trek figures, Art Asylum, 'Mirror Kirk' and 'Mirror Spock'. New in package.
*Hand-made genuine Hematite jewelry, necklace and earrings
*Grab Bag of books, both paperback and hardcover, several autographed
*Harry Potter Iced Pumpkin Drink Maker, new in box.
*Farscape action figure, "Zhaan", Series 1, autographed by Virginia Hey. New in package.

Books, not signed:
"Dracula" by Elizabeth Miller, an illustrated coffee-table book
"The Wilding" by C.S. Friedman, Uncorrected Proof
"The Good Old Stuff" edited by Gardner Dozois, large softcover
"Robota" by Doug Chiang & Orson Scott Card. Hardcover, First Edition, gorgeously illustrated.

Books, Signed:
"The Far Side of the Stars" by David Drake, hardcover, first edition w/CD
"From the Borderlands" anthology, edited by Elizabeth & Thomas Monteleone, paperback, first printing, signed by both editors
"The Magic Shop" anthology, edited by Denise Little, Uncorrected Proof, signed by Michelle Sagara West
"Conqueror Fantastic" anthology, edited by Pamela Sargent, Uncorrected Proof, signed by Kij Johnson & Michelle Sagara West
"The Art of Rowena" with text by Boris Vallejo, large hardcover, 2nd printing, signed by Rowena
"Star Wars: Jedi Search" by Kevin J. Anderson
"Dune, The Machine Crusade" by Kevin J. Anderson (Autographed) and Brian
"Horizon Storms" by Kevin J. Anderson

Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to bid. Everything will be on display in a special designated area in the Art Show until the auction begins.

There will be Charity Auction Program Guides available at Registration.
Check your program guide to find the scheduled time and place where the Charity Auction will take place .

We look forward to seeing you there. Remember... Bid High, Bid Often. And have fun!