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The following persons are participating at LepreCon events in 2005:

Kevin J Anderson
See our LepreCon XXXI Guests Page for more information on our Guests of Honor.

Rebecca Moesta Anderson

Tabitha Bradley
Tabitha Bradley is an author who currently has six books published through Renaissance E-Books and BuyBestEBooks. Recently, the anthology "The Abyss", which contains two of her science fiction/paranormal romance short stories, was reviewed by Romantic Times BookClub Magazine, a nationally recognized publication.

Bear Burge
See our LepreCon XXXI Guests Page for more information on our Guests of Honor.

Frances Burns
Frances Burns has been active in costuming for over fifteen years. Frances has been altering and fitting patterns for family and friends since grade school, perfecting the art of clothing making for real-world bodies. Her neighborhood seamstress - who was trained in French Quebec in Couture sewing - mentored her, giving Frances an eye for detail construction, fit, and quality that is rare in fan costuming.

Sarah Clemens
See our LepreCon XXXI Guests Page for more information on our Guests of Honor.

Mitchell Burnside Clapp
See our LepreCon XXXI Guests Page for more information on our Guests of Honor.

Emily Devenport
Emily Devenport has been a published author for sixteen years, writing under three pseudonyms. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimovís SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF. As Emily Devenport, her novels include: Shade, Larissa, Scorpianne, Eggheads, The Kronos Condition, and Godheads. As Maggy Thomas, she wrote the novel Broken Time, which was nominated for the Phillip K. Dick Award. And, as Lee Hogan, she has written the novels Belarus and Enemies.

Dave Dorman
See our LepreCon XXXI Guests Page for more information on our Guests of Honor.

Bruce Farr

jan howard finder

Joseph Formichella
Joseph Formichella is co-Director/Producer/Editor for "Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation", a feature-length documentary shot mostly at Chicon in 2000. In addition to FINDING THE FUTURE, a feature-length documentary, Joseph Formichella has also written and produced an ultra-low budget feature called WHISPERS. Mr. Formichella has been a screenwriter for about 15 years, and has taught screenwriting at Scottsdale Community College since 1998.

Dana Ginsburg

Mark Greenawalt
Mark Greenawalt is an award-winning artist who has evolved to painting on living canvases. Greenawalt blurs the boundaries between art and photography as an accomplished body painter. His final images are more than documentation snapshots of what he painted -- more like professionally composed photographs of beautiful models whose surroundings compliment their painted skin. Mark's work has been featured in numerous magazines, on television, and at live demonstrations for various art groups.

Hugh S. Gregory
Professionally an avid Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver Canada, he has worked as an Engineers' Surveyor, an Industrial Paramedic/E.M.T. and managed his own Occupational Health and Safety Program consulting service. Hugh owns and operates the H.R. McMillan Planetarium's affiliated space and astronomy educational BBS "SpaceBase(tm)." Hugh has produced (and sells) videos on "Voyager 2 at Neptune", "The Gas Planets", "SSTO - The DC-X", "Soviet Space Disasters" and "The Flight Of Buran - The Russian Shuttle Story".

Ernest Hogan
The reputation as the international underground cult author of CORTEZ ON JUPITER and HIGH AZTECH have caused a frenzy of critical acclaim for Ernest Hogan*s latest novel SMOKING MIRROR BLUES. His fiction has appeared in AMAZING STORIES, LAST WAVE, NEW PATHWAYS, PULPHOUSE, SEMIOTEXT(E), PENTHOUSE HOT TALK, PROUD FLESH, THE RED DOG JOURNAL, SCIENCE FICTON AGE, ANALOG, and SPIDER. Look for "Pallocrat," a short film based on his story "The Frankenstein Penis" on DVD in HELLCHILD: THE WORLD OF NICK LYON. Most recently, "Burrito Meltdown," his light-hearted romp about Chicano bioterrorism appeared in the anthology ANGEL BODY AND OTHER MAGIC FOR THE SOUL and soon, "Coyote Goes Hollywood" will be featured in WITPUNK, an anthology from Four Walls Eight Windows.

Pamelina H.
Pamelina H. is a professional artist working out of Los Angeles, Ca.

Bryan Kinnaird

Paula Suzanne Lary
Paula Suzanne Lary does stained glass, photography, and costumes. She is secretary of the Southwest Costumer's Guild, and an avid belly dancer.

Jack Mangan
Jack Mangan is a writer, musician, Software Quality Engineer, etc., born in New Jersey, but now residing in Glendale, Arizona. A Google search for his name may turn up his novella, "Dirk Moonfire & the Nefarious Space Women" which was one of four selected to appear in Creative Guy Publishing's electronic and print anthology, "Amityville House of Pancakes Omnibus, vol. 1". You may also find his pieces published at Neometropolis magazine and Comrades e-zine. If you have time, click the search results linking to Beyond Infinity Magazine ( for his book review and mythology columns. In addition to all that, his guitar playing can be heard on the Matt Mango CD releases, "Be the Light" and "The Wishing Bridge".

Michael R. Mennenga (men-en-gay)
By the end of 1995 Michael Mennenga had written 2 young adult books, 1 novel, and had 9 other works in various stages of production. His first book, Zac and the Valley of the Dragons, was published on Xlibris Press. His next book - Mistress of the Dragon was released in 2001. His next book, The Valley of the Dragons: Dragon's Fire and Wizard's Flame was released in 2002, and then re-released as Dragon's Fire, Wizard's Flame in 2003. He is working full-time as an author and as host of his own Internet Radio Talk Show called "The Dragon Page" ( Along with his co-host Evo Terra, they broadcast worldwide on Internet radio stations, and in syndication on many AM & FM stations throughout the US and Canada.

Allison Mitchell

Casey Moore

Bill Nicholls

Webb Pickersgill

Ray Poulson

Lauren Raine

Ken Saint Andre

Evo Terra
Evo Terra, musician and herbalist, has been involved in writing and audio production since 1987. Recently, he spent time as a semi-professional bass guitarist, touring with a ska punk band (Spaz Kitty). Evo has been studying herbs since his 1997 arrival in Arizona. Chance readings went on to professional and formalized training. Evo has studied with some of the region's finest herbalists, including Mimi Kamp, Peter Bigfoot and his mentor, Joanne Sanchez. He has recently founded A Simpler Way, dedicated to herbal education, wildcrafting and holistic health care.

Larry Vela
Larry Vela is a custom painter first known for his work on motorcycles, planes, trucks, then people, and anything that doesn't run away. His keen interest in movie production and all of the arts that are connected with it - such as creation of costumes and props, filming, directing, editing and animation, have led Larry and his associates to form The Velavision Video Group, who produce LepreCon's at-con video newsreels. Larry's notable flat art works include Illusion, Casseiopia, Roadwarrior, and Athena.

Ronald Walker
Ron Walker Productions is an award-winning sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Ron Walker. Established in 1974, Ron Walker Productions provides production services, from simple sound recordings, to full and complete film and video production, from script to final distribution format. It has provided services for such clients as Ramada Inns, Club Med, and Interlink/Visa. Producing the full gamut from commercials, through industrials, to entertainment, Ron Walker Productions has won awards from such prestigious organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, an Emmy, several Addys, and was a Cleo finalist. Ron Walker now teaches at Arizona State University.

Michelle M. Welch
Her first novel, Confidence Game, was published in October 2003. The project grew out of almost fifteen years of work, and it is the fifth novel manuscript she wrote. The Bright and the Dark is forthcoming from Bantam Spectra in August 2004. Prior to writing novels, she wrote short stories in a magical-realism style. She also has a background in music and has played various instruments with several musical groups.

Roy Young
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