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The special events planned for the weekend include:

Open to pre-registered members only on Thursday evening: 30 Years of LepreCon and What's That Byte.

Friday: Meet the Pros, Artists' Fingerpainting, Junk Box Wars, SciFi Jeopardy, and Art Show Walk Through with Guests Dave Dorman and Sarah Clemens.

Saturday: Q&A with Bear Burge, Filk Concert with Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Scripting Writing Workshop (please come with a script for critiquing if possible), SFTV Update, Space Science Update, Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament, Charity Auction, Masquerade, and Modern Dance.

Sunday: Movie Previews, ASFA Regional Meeting, Art Auction, and Convention Review.

In addition, the following events are tentatively planned for sometime during the weekend:
Masks of the Goddess, Will CGI Replace Live Acting, a debate between Star Wars experts on whether the Empire is good, Geology and Climate: Fact or Fiction, Elevator Bob, The Art of Self-Promotion, Cassini-Huygens, and a presentation by the CEO of Pioneer Rocketplane.

There will be a weekend-long track of panels on making a short film including costuming and SFX make-up, storyboarding, scripting, filming, casting, music scores, promotions, and editing. There will also be a weekend-long track of art demonstrations including the aforementioned fingerpainting session with the artist participants, a few airbrush demos, a pencil demo, comic book design, dragon sketching, performance dance, jewelry design and fabrication, modeling and sculpting demos, and a face casting demo.

If you’d like to participate on programming, please send us electronic mail or use our physical mailing address - PO Box 26665, Tempe, AZ 85285.
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