You may be wondering “Just what is Velavision?” Velavision is many things, here are just a few of the things that Velavision is and does.

Velavision News is the TV version of the daily newzine that you see at most sci-fi conventions. The crew from Velavision will be showing four newscasts of the convention and video of past masquerades, interviews with artists, writers, and special guests. They will also show film making behind the scenes. These will be shown on video/ TV combinations, one near registration and another in the Consuite. If you have a convention story, let us tape you. Just go to the Velavision room in Palo Verde III.

If you missed out on being a part of the “Elevator Bob Show” at last years LepreCon, then don’t miss out this
year. Elevator Bob and Basement Betty will be taping the show in the elevator south of Palo Verde II on Friday night from 10 - 11 PM. Last year's shows will be shown on Velavision. Look for times listed at Registration and Con Suite.

If you think that you know sounds from television or movies better than anyone else then you should participate in “What’s That Byte?”, a competition based on identifying sounds and dialog.

If you can make something out of nothing then we’ve got a game for you. We will set the challenge and provide materials, you build the contraption and solve the challenge in “Junk Box Wars”, a game that is based on the
cable show “Junk Yard Wars” but on a smaller scale.

Velavision hosts both games. These games are fun for all family members.

Velavision will be a part of the Movie Making track and we are always looking for people to help out, This may
be the place that you can be a part of the movie magic. As always, we at Velavision are looking at ways of making conventions fun for everyone.
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