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There will be a sign-up sheet and information posted near the con's registration table in the hotel lobby, but you are encouraged to contact the Masquerade Director to sign up in advance. You must be signed up at or before the contestants' walk-thru on Saturday.
The walk-thru on Saturday will be around noon in the Opera House. At that time you will fill out your entry forms (or bring completed ones), and bring your CD, notes for the emcee, documentation, and to clear any presentation questions with the Director.
The Green Room will be on the stage, but behind the curtain – this is where you will queue up for your presentation. You’ll need to be in the Green Room by 5:30pm Saturday evening. There'll be water, juice and snacks for your convenience, and a volunteer “den mother” or two to assist you. The Southwest Costumers Guild is providing emergency repair supplies, Velavision will be taking pictures and possibly interviews, and you will meet and talk to the judges before the Masquerade, so they can get a closeup look at your handiwork.

Your music and/or recorded narration should be submitted on a CD. Please put your name and address on it. Give your CD to the director or sound man at the walk-through on Saturday afternoon. At check-in on Saturday the sound man will have some music available for contestant use.
Narration to be read by the emcee should be submitted on one of our forms. These can be prepared in advance or filled out at the walk-through. Besides your narration, please include the designer, maker and wearer of the costumes, and any sources of inspiration for the presentation. Unusual words should be spelled out phonetically.
The Master of Ceremonies, Cary Riall, will have a microphone, but no live mike will be available for contestants.

Youngfen for children under 12 years of age. Contestants between 12 and 18 years of age may choose whether to enter in the Youngfen or another class. Youngfen are expected to be under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
Novice for those contestants who have not previously won three or more awards in SF convention Masquerades and have not won a Best in Show. This Masquerade is newbie-friendly.
Experienced for contestants who have won three or more awards or a Best in Show at previous Masquerades.
Classic for costumes that have been previously seen at another SF masquerade. Classic costumes will be entered and judged separately from the virgin efforts. As a rule of thumb, a classic costume should not have been presented on stage at a LepreCon within the last three years.
If your costume is something you designed yourself, it is an original. If your costume was taken from a picture, film, etc, it is a re-creation. Please bring a copy of the picture for the judges to see. If your costume re-creates a particular period of the past, it is a historical costume. If you choose to bring documentation, please limit it to five pages or less and bring at least three copies for the judges to review.

Necessary Rules and Useful Suggestions
Please limit your presentation to 60 seconds or less.
No fire or flame allowed on-stage.
Purchased or rented costumes may not be entered for competition, but are welcome as display-only. You can use a few purchased components, but the overall costume is to be fan-made.
The designer, builder, and model of the costume do not have to be the same person.
No messy substances (wet, dusty, oily, etc.) that might damage the stage or interfere with other contestants.
There will be children present, so this masquerade is rated PG-13. Please, no flagrant nudity or deliberately offensive language and action. If you have an idea that sounds good, but might be over the top, talk to me first.
No smoking inside any building.
Weapons or other sharp, pointy, or loud things must be approved in advance by the Masquerade Director at the walk-through or earlier. If the weapon and its presentation have not been cleared, you will be disqualified from competition. This safety approval rule also applies to off-stage action, stunts, energetic dances, et cetera.
The Masquerade Director has full authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the basis of unrepentant bad taste, danger to the contestants or audience, violation of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.