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Panels with code "LEP" fall in the realm of "LepreCon Events"
This category includes topics and activities specifically associated with LepreCon itself. Old favorite events like Meet the Pros, the auctions, the masquerade etc., are grouped under this category of programming.

LEP 001: SFTube Talk
with Lee Whiteside
Begins: Sa1000
Location: PV4
The latest news and information on current and upcoming genre TV shows. From the new Doctor Who to the end of Enterprise and everything in between.
Participant: Lee Whiteside

LEP 002: At the Movies
Freebies & Previews sponsored by Barry Bard
Begins: SU1000
Location: PV4
We don't have to tell you what this one is all about! Once again, we'll be showing some great movie trailers and giving away all the free goodies we can carry. Thanks, Barry!
Participant: Craig Dyer

LEP 003: Convention Evaluation
LepreCon XXXI Review
Begins: SU1600
Location: S4
Now that the convention is over, use this opportunity to tell the convention committee what you thoughts are about LepreCon XXXI.
Participant: Larry Vela Billy Bishop Paul Tanton

LEP 006: Art Show Walk-Thru
with Guests of Honor
Begins: Fr2100
Location: Other Location
Join Art Show Director Ray Gish and our esteemed artist guests of honor Dave Dorman and Sarah Clemens as they walk through the Art Show, enjoying and interpreting the entries.
Participants: Dave Dorman Sarah Clemens Ray Gish

LEP 007: Ask Bear
Q&A with the Special Artist GoH
Begins: Sa1100
Location: S5
Our Special Artist Guest of Honour will answer questions about himself, his projects, and prop building in general.
Participant: Bear Burge Dana Ginsburg

LEP 008: Explore the Art of Dave Dorman
The Artist GoH
Begins: Sa1200
Location: S5
Our Artist Guest of Honour will show and answer questions about his art and work thru his carreer.
Participant: Dave Dorman

LEP 009: For the Love of It
A Look at Sarah Clemens, Local Artist GoH
Begins: Sa1000
Location: S5
Our Local Artist Guest of Honour will share her work from within the genre.
Participant: Sarah Clemens

LEP 010: Meet Kevin J. Anderson
The Author GoH
Begins: Sa1300
Location: S5
Our Author Guest of Honour will introduce himself, his projects, and answer questions from those in the audience.
Participant: Kevin Anderson Rebecca Moesta

LEP 011: Meet the Pros

Begins: Fr1900
Location: S3
Come mingle with your favourite speculative fiction professionals. We will also announce the winners of the film festival!

LEP 012: Filk Concert
Presented by the Phoenix Filk Circle
Begins: Sa1300
Location: Filk
The talented Mitchell Burnside Clapp will be performing.
Participant: Mitchell Burnside Clapp

LEP 015: Masquerade Signup & Walkthrough

Begins: Sa1230
Location: Opera House
Masqueraders will register and be advised of everything they need to know to be part of our Saturday Night Masquerade -- rules, expectations, helps and hints, dos and don'ts, et cetera.
Participant: Margaret Grady

LEP 017: What's That Byte?
Presented by VelaVision
Begins: Th1900
Location: ConSuite
Come join the fun as VelaVision runs a What's That Sound?-style game where all of the soundbytes are from speculative fiction!
Participants: Larry Vela Mike Cassidy

LEP 019: UFP's Sci Fi Jeopardy
Presented by United Federation of Phoenix
Begins: Fr2100
Location: S5
Join The United Federation of Phoenix for SciFi Jeopardy and test your knowledge on all things Sci-Fi. We've also got brownies and some some great prizes thanks to Barry Bard.
Participant: Lee Whiteside

LEP 021: 30 Years of LepreCon
A Retrospective
Begins: Th2030
Location: S4
Past committee members and chairs of LepreCon gather to reminisce about the early years of the organization and its conventions.
Participants: Bruce Farr Jim Webbert Doreen Webbert Ken St. Andre Greg Brown

LEP 044: ASFA Regional Meeting
Open Board Meeting
Begins: Su1200
Location: S3
See what ASFA is all about at this open board meeting.

Panels with code "DEM" fall in the realm of "Art Demonstrations"
This category deals with demonstrating techniques and practical aspects of creating your work.

DEM 001: Artists' Fingerpainting

Begins: Fr2000
Location: S2
Come see your favourite artists create fingerpainted masterpieces, some of which might end up in the charity auction!

DEM 029: Low Cost Set Building

Begins: Fr1600
Location: S2
Join the Arizona 501st as they show you some low cost set building techniques.
Participant: Dune Sea Garrison

DEM 033: Face Casting
Body Casting 101
Begins: Fr2200
Location: S2
Learn the basics of body casting during this face casting demonstration.
Participants: Dana Ginsburg

DEM 049: Printing 101
Begins: Sa2200
Location: S2
Learn about print runes, remark, and artist proofs.
Participant: Gilead

DEM 050: Printing 201
Begins: Su1300
Location: S2
Learn how to choose a printmaker source and the type of paper to use.
Participant: Gilead

DEM 067: Costume Dungeon

Begins: Fr2030
Location: SWCG Suite
Have a pattern you'd like suggestions on? Need some help with some part of your costume? Come get advice, assistance, or just come sew on your outfit! A real hands-on workshop with several Costume Guild members available to answer your questions!
Participant: Southwest Costumers Guild

DEM 068: Do You Need a Sense of Closure?

Begins: Su1200
Location: S2
Are buttonholes or zippers too complicated and have you flummoxed? Come learn about several alternatives to keep it together, and prevent your costume from, er, malfunctioning.
Participants: Frances Burns Diane Harris Jean Palmer

DEM 069: Pirate Raid on a Thrift Store

Begins: Fr1730
Location: S2
Don't sew? Here's how you can put together a swashbuckling outfit with a minimal budget.
Participants: Frances Burns Edouard Mesert Diane Harris Jean Palmer

DEM 081: Belldance Costuming

Begins: Su1430
Location: S2
Learn how to make part of an authentic bellydance costume, following historic methods.
Participant: Paula Lary
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