FLM 141: Film Making IV
Costuming 101
Begins: Sa1100
Location: S3
Using the storyboard and budget, we now need to take your costume designs and make them a reality.
Participant: Francis Burns
FLM 142: Film Making V
Prop Building
Begins: Sa1000
Location: S3
Using the script, storyboard, and budget the props will be built from the artists' designs.
Participants: Bear Burge Joseph Formichella
FLM 143: Film Making VI
Movie Set Build
Begins: Sa1200
Location: S3
Using the script, storyboard, and budget you will need to build the set how it relates to the movie.
Participants: Joseph Formichella Scott Virtes
FLM 144: Film Making VII
Acting & Direction
Begins: Sa1300
Location: S3
As everything falls into place, you'll need to begin casting the actors and working with directors and producers.
Participants: Ron Walker Scott Virtes
FLM 145: Film Making VIII
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
Begins: Sa1430
Location: S3
Without sound and light work, your film will not be watchable.
Participant: Ron Walker
FLM 146: Film Making IX
Second Unit Filming
Begins: Sa1600
Location: S3
After location shooting comes filming with miniatures and background images.
Participants: Ron Walker Tom Sanders Casey Moore
FLM 147: Film Making X
Begins: Sa1730
Location: S3
Now that filming has finished, learn what it takes to edit a movie with the editor and director.
Participants: Ron Walker Webb Pickersgill Casey Moore
FLM 148: Film Making XI
Begins: Sa2200
Location: S3
Now that the film is fimed and edited to your taste, create the special effects--both visual and sound--that can not be filmed.
Participants: Webb Pickersgill Greg Brown
FLM 153: SFX Makeup
Begins: Sa1000
Location: S2
Come learn airbrushing SFX-makeup techniques to accent your costuming needs, or maybe even replace them! Mark Greenawalt will paint the faces and the arm and leg tattoos for two of the actresses in The Villikon Chronicles - Mystere and the Diciples of Dido.
Participants: Mark Greenawalt Donna Wilson Courtney Black
FLM 163: Cyberpunk Today

Begins: Sa1200
Location: PV2
A discussion of how this "dead" genre is still present across all forms of media in the 21st century.
Participants: Jack Mangan Ernest Hogan Kevin Murphy Evo Terra
FLM 171: What is a Story?
And Why Should I Care If I'm a Filmmaker?
Begins: Sa1000
Location: PV2
Any good film must start with a good script - with a story. Come discover what exactly a story is (and what it isn't). Those attending this workshop are encouraged to bring their own scripts and story ideas for some on-the-spot feedback.
Participant: Janeen O'Kerry
FLM 173: The Villikon Chronicles - Mystere and the Diciples of Dido.
Q&A with Cast & Crew
Begins: Sa2030
Location: S4
This short film project currently in production in Arizona is the prequel to the successful Villikon Chronicles graphic novel series. The lead character, Mystere, was introduced in the novels and her feature-length backstory entitled The Crucibles of Mystere. Diciples of Dido is an excerpt from this screenplay that pits Mystere in a fight for sisterhood with a tribe of wiccans and brings her face to face with the ultimate evil: the creature named Dido. In the tradition of Star Wars, Dune, and Lord of the Rings, the Villikon Chronicles are an epic adventure in science fiction/fantasy that is deep in plot, character development, and culture.
Participants: Mark Greenawalt Bryan Kinnaird Roy Young Webb Pickersgill Jody Collins Donna Wilson Courtney Black George Gifford Rene De La Fuente Eric Blevins Byur Gullwing Kevin Speidel Shane Stevens
FLM 185: Dark Commandos

Begins: Su1200
Location: S4
The next step after fan films: Learn how to get your own original ideas into the public consciousness by creating a dramatic live action internet series. Using DARK COMMANDOS as a model, we'll discuss writing, planning, budgeting, innovative shooting techniques utilizing immersive virtual sets, post-production and FX, and getting the word out about your show.
Participants: Tom Sanders Bradley Upton

Panels with code "SOC" fall in the realm of "Socio-Political Topics"
Socio-Political topics lend fodder for fandom's endless speculations of "What If..". Speculative fiction at its best starts with observable fact and moves toward a believable possibility. These topics help provide facts from credible sources and a forum for "think tank" style discussions.

SOC 089: Women in Combat
Fact verus Fiction
Begins: Fr220
Location: PV2
This roundtable discussion explores what women in combat really means, historically, politically, socially; and whether fact and fiction have or ever will agree on the issue.
Participants: Michelle M Welch CF Yankovich Tabitha Bradley
SOC 092: How to Use SF to Teach Subjects at All Levels of Education, Or Can You?

Begins: Sa1700
Location: PV2
Teachers and other educational profesionals discuss ways to incorporate science fiction and fantasy art, film, and literature into lessons on various subject matter.
Participants: Gerald D Nordley Maryeileen Flanagan
SOC 158: Parody Filk

Begins: Sa1100
Location: Filk
Filkers have a long history of parodying others' works. Join the filkers as they discuss and perform parody filk songs.
Participants: Gary Swaty Mitchell Burnside Clapp
SOC 184: What's New With The Dragon Page

Begins: Su1100
Location: S5
Are you a fan of The Dragon Page Show? Find out what new and exciting are in store for the #1 Science Fiction Radio talk show anywhere.
Participants: Michael R. Mennenga Evo Terra
SOC 185: A Different Point of View
The Star Wars Universe as seen through the eyes of a trooper
Begins: Fr2100
Location: PV2
Everything you know about the Galactic Empire is Rebel propaganda. These in character arguments are made from the Imperial side of the Star Wars saga, taken from the Wingin' It segments on the DragonPage podcast show.
Participant: Kevin O'Connor

Panels with code "SCR" fall in the realm of "Screenwriting"
This category deals with aspects of screen writing and scripting, from the creative process through grammatical construction, to the practical aspects of getting your work published.

SCR 024: A Novel Approach
Writing Novelizations to Movies, Comics, and Games
Begins: Sa1730
Location: S5
Come learn what it takes to create a novel out of someonelse's existing work.
Participants: Kevin Anderson John Vornholt Kevin Murphy Tabitha A. Bradley Janeen O'Kerry Ken St. Andre
SCR 074: A Moving Work
Screenwriting from novels, comics, and games.
Begins: Su1000
Location: S5
Come learn what it takes to create a screenplay out of someonelse's existing work.
Participants: Janeen O'Kerry Adam Niswander Kevin A Murphy
SCR 086: Who Will Be the Next Villain in SF?

Begins: Sa1430
Location: S5
Another ho-hum villain got you down? Are you craving a villain worthy of your hard spent entertainment dollar? Come join this roundtable discussion as we determine what it will take to be the next villain in speculative fiction.
Participants: Tabitha A. Bradley Emily Hogan Ernest Hogan Jack Mangan Janeen O'Kerry Ken St. Andre
SCR 087: The Worst Future You Can Imagine
Mature Theme
Begins: Sa2330
Location: S4
Oh sure, the future might be bleak. You might dread every second you creap away from the past. But in this roundtable discussion, share your absolute worst fears for the future.
Participants: Evo Terra Janeen O'Kerry Jack Mangan jan howard finder Kevin Murphy Mike Roberts
SCR 139: Film Making II
Script Writing
Begins: Fr2200
Location: S3
So the idea has been accepted. Now the script has to be written based on the storyline and the budget.
Participants: Scott Virtes Greg Brown
SCR 159: Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me When I Was Just Starting Out

Begins: Su1300
Location: S5
Okay, so you have sold your first short story or novel. Should you quit your day job? What are the secrets to a successful "business" as a writer? Kevin and Rebecca will give frank, nuts & bolts advice about becoming serious in a writing career.
Participants: Kevin Anderson Rebecca Moesta
SCR 160: The New Dune Novels

Begins: Th2200
Location: S4
Kevin will discuss the amazing resurgence in Dune popularity, describing the stories behind the new Dune novels based on Frank Herbert's notes, future plans for novels and other possibilities for Dune.
Participant: Kevin Anderson
SCR 161: Plotting & Sketching

Begins: Sa1430
Location: S2
Collaborting together, Dave and Kevin will plot and sketch at the same time.
Participants: Kevin Anderson Dave Dorman
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