Art Show
Charity Auction
Masquerade Ball
Music & Filk
Film Festival
Dealer's Room


$35 thru 1/31/06,
$40 thru 4/15/06,
$45 for the weekend,
Kids 7-12 half price,
Six and under Free 
with Adult Membership 
Online Registration
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LepreCon 32
PO Box 26665 Tempe, AZ 85285
(480) 945-6890
Email: Lep32@LepreCon.org

LepreCon 32  Programming

The special events planned for the weekend include an Artists' Fingerpainting Session, Junk Box Wars, Art Show Guided Tour, Filk Concert,  Charity Auction, Masquerade Ball (Sat eve), Modern Dance (Fri eve),  Barry Bard's Memorial Movie Previews, ASFA Regional Meeting, and Art Auction. There will be a weekend-long track of panels on making a short film including costuming and SFX make-up, storyboarding, scripting, filming, casting, music scores, and editing. There will also be a weekend-long track of art demonstrations including the aforementioned fingerpainting session with the artist participants, a few airbrush demos, comic book design, dragon sketching, modeling and sculpting demos, and three linked body casting demos.

The following persons are participating at our event in 2006.

Sylvana Anderson-Gish, Dr. Arizona, Tabitha A. Bradley, Greg Brown, Cynthia Bullock, Mike Cassidy, Sarah Clemens, Liz Danforth, Emily Devenport, Michele Ellington, Bruce Farr, Maryeileen Flanagan, Joseph Formichella, Hugh S Gregory, Bennie Grezlik, Diane Harris, Ernest Hogan, Pamelina H., Nicole Kurtz, Chris LaMont, Jack Mangan, Loretta McKibben, Edouard B Mesert, Vicki Mieth, Allison Mitchell, Casey Moore, Adam Niswander, Janeen O’Kerry, Diana L. Paxson, Lauren Raine, Cary Riall, Ken St. Andre, Samira, Gary L Swaty, Evo Terra, Kit Townsend, Larry Vela, Ronald L. Walker, Doreen Webbert, Jim Webbert, Michelle M. Welch, Randall Whitlock, and David Williams.

If you’d like to participate on programming, please send us email or
use our mailing address.

Paul Tanton, Program Director