We'll have many participants including artists, authors, scientists, and other experts in their fields with discussion panels, demonstrations, workshops, presentations and more. Below is a preliminary list of participants with more to be added along with their short biographies.

Sylvana Anderson-Gish

Len Berger

Tabitha Bradley

Cynthia Bullock

Mike Cassidy

Michele Ellington
Each day in which I created something has value, whether it is cooking a fine meal, building a fence or making a work of art. I love to share these works with others, and convention art shows are exactly the right blend of learning, socializing and sharing. Thanks to convention art shows I have been able to sell art on four continents. When I think about my art displayed in people’s homes all over the world, it makes me feel like a little bit of me lives in all those places.

Maryeileen Flanagan
Maryeileen Flanagan began dictating stories in pre-school. Her first major costume project was done in 3rd grade. An avid reader, she quickly fell in love with speculative fiction. After graduation from Texas A&M, she became a professional costumer at ASU, then moved on to period horse costumes. Later, while teaching HS English and science, she helped create and publish the SF/F/H forum on Apple’s eWorld, and also published a few articles. She currently lives on a Foundation Appaloosa Ranch near Francisco Grande/this convention site. The ranch gate is always open to anyone wanting to make an appointment to visit “the kids.”

Rev. David Foster


Mark A. Greenawalt
Mark Greenawalt is an award-winning artist who has evolved to painting on living canvases. From liquid latex swimsuits to airbrushed murals, Greenawalt blurs the boundaries between art and photography as an accomplished body painter. His final images are more than documentation snapshots of what he painted -- more like professionally composed photographs of beautiful models whose surroundings compliment their painted skin. The photograph, after all, is the final product once the bodypainting has long since washed away. Mark's work has been featured in numerous magazines, on television, and at live demonstrations for various art groups. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he now makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona.  You can see some of Mark's work at recent LepreCon's (33, 32, 31) and other events on his press page (definitely contains adult material)

Hugh S. Gregory

Bennie Grezlik
Bennie Grezlik's fantasy novel "The Ark of Arianna" was released in April of 2007. The first book of his SF trilogy, "Gate World," will be released by StoneGarden.net in July of 2008. He also has to his credit a number of stories in Yard Dog Press' Bubbas of the Apocalypse series and Sam's DOT Publishing's Wondrous Web Worlds #6. He is also semi notorious for his Skip Thruster, Space Detective plays at ApolloCon every year

Alice Massoglia

Marty Massoglia

Adam Niswander
Adam Niswander is the author of the Shaman Cycle novels- The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, The Hound Hunters, The War of the Whisperers, and The Nemesis of Night. Also, The Sand Dwellers, The Repository, and Golden Dreams. His short story collection Blurring the Edges of Dream came out in 2004. He lives in Phoenix with a couple of cats.

Gerald D. Nordley
G. David Nordley" is the pen name of Gerald D. Nordley, an astronautical engineer and author of ˜60
works of published short fiction and non-fiction. He has been a nebula and Hugo award finalist and has
won 4 Analog "Anlab" readers awards. His latest publication is "Hell Orbit" in Visual Journeys from Hadley Rille Books (2007).

Annette Sexton-Ruiz

Jim Strait

Kit Townshend

Cynthia Ward
Cynthia Ward lived in Maine, Spain, Germany, the San Francisco Bay area, and the Seattle area before moving to Tucson. She has published stories in Asimov's SF Magazine, Front Lines, and other anthologies and magazines, and has written articles and reviews for Amazing Stories, Locus Online, and other webzines and magazines. She writes the monthly market-news e'newsletter The Market Maven, as well as The SFWA Bulletin's quarterly Market Report. With Nisi Shawl, she has written the nonfiction guidebook Writing the Other: A Practical Approach (Aqueduct Press), which is the companion volume to their critically acclaimed fiction workshop, Writing the Other: Bridging Cultural Differences for Successful Fiction. Cynthia is completing her first novel, a romantic SF mystery tentatively titled Stone Rain.

Doreen Webbert

Jim Webbert

Lee Whiteside
Lee Whiteside has been keeping track of science fiction and fantasy TV online since the early in 1980s, starting with the Magrathea BBS and currently with SFTV.org. He’s been writing about it ConNotations for over 15 years. He’s also been involved heavily in Arizona fandom, having chaired One Leprecon, two Coppercons, the 2006 Nebula Awards weekend and the upcoming North American Discworld convention in 2009. He is currently a Leprecon, Inc. board member.

Randall Whitlock
Randall is an Environmental Geologist and recovering Meteoriticist working in Phoenix. Randall is a part-time costumer, serving as Webmonster and Newsletter Editor for Southwest Costumers Guild and designing the Randwulf’s line of sewing patters for his MoiRandall’s renaissance faire business. Randall will direct the masquerades at the upcoming CopperCon 28 in August 2008 and North American Discworld Convention in September 2009.

Dr. David Williams
Dr. David A. Williams is a Faculty Research Associate in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. He was involved with NASA's Magellan Mission to Venus and Galileo Mission to Jupiter, and is currently serving as an Associate Investigator on the ESA Mars Express orbiter. He was a member of the Science Definition Team for NASA's Jupiter System Observer mission in 2007, and currently serves as a Steering Committee member of NASA's Outer Planets Advisory Group. David is also the Secretary-Treasurer of the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America.


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