LepreCon 34 Preliminary Program Schedule
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LepreCon 34  Programming Highlights

Thursday night: We are planning an informal Meet the Guests at 8 pm in the Con Suite on Thursday night

Friday Programming: Meet the Pros reception, Ice Cream Social, Regency Dancing, What's My Byte game show, Art Show Walkthrough with our Artist Guests, Filk Concert with Mark Horning, Filk Circle, and Ghost Stories by the fire pit.

Saturday Programming: Spotlight panels on our Guests of Honor, "Yesterday Was a Lie" screening & Q&A,  SF Tube Talk, UFP SciFi Jeopardy, Charity Auction, Model Rocket Building and Rocket Launch (some rockets will be provided or you can bring your own), a paper airplane contest, Costumed Modern Dance, Bodypainting demo with Mark Greenawalt, and filk panels and filk circle.

Sunday Programming: Barry Bard Memorial Movie Previews, Art Auction, a Filk Jam, and Kite Flying.


LepreCon 34 Special Events

Balcony Decorating Contest!

In the Francisco Grande tower, everyone has a balcony – so give it a little thought and bring down your supplies (or buy them in town) and dress up your balcony! (Just keep things secure because it’s known to get windy there.) We’ll take photos of the finalists’ efforts on Saturday, and post them in the lobby for you to vote on on Sunday.

Ice Cream Social on Friday Night!

Come partake of chilly sweet goodness in ConSuite on Friday night – with Meet the Pros only a flight of stairs away! (And if you can’t do ice cream, how about a snowcone?)

Regency Dance on Friday Night!

Dress up or not, but come learn to do Regency dancing with Marty & Alice Massoglia on Friday night in the Eagle’s Nest.

Attn Paper Airplane Engineers!

Come create up to three designs and give them a test flight off the 8th floor balcony on Saturday afternoon – competition for accuracy, distance and hang-time.

Treasure Hunt Saturday Afternoon!

Quetzalcoatl and his evil dragon minions are plotting to destroy the world on December 21, 2012! You and your team of up to 3 others are challenged to foil their plot and save humanity. You’ll need to think creatively, solve puzzles, act cooperatively, and have a little luck if you want to save the world and win the prize!

Gods and goddesses from around the world and throughout history will try to help you, but dragons are very sneaky and underhanded.

The game will run throughout Saturday afternoon – your team may save the world in under an hour, or you may prefer to puzzle it out on and off throughout the day. The team with the most tokens wins!

National Astronomy Day - Saturday Night Stargazing
Saturday is National Astronomy Day. We are planning on having at least one telescope set up on Saturday night where we hope to take advantage of the lower light pollution in the area. If you would like to bring a telescope to set up, please let us know at lep34@leprecon.org.

Costumed Modern Dance on Saturday Night!

"If you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliway's — the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!" - Douglas Adams

Come boogie the night away dressed in your finest costume at Milliway's (Eagle's Nest), and join in the festivities as we celebrate the end of the Universe in its grand splendor. Park your Heart of Gold, TARDIS, or Firefly outside and join us for an evening of costumes, music, costumes and fun, oh yeah, and costumes. You don’t have to dress up, but it’s more fun if you do! Even if you can think of something better to do, there won’t be time! Ours is at the end of days!

(Remember, “no covering is NO COSTUME” please keep your outfits PG-13.)

Go Fly a Kite Sunday morning!

Bring a kite and take advantage of the lack of omnipresent electrical and phone wires! Of course, beware kite-eating trees, though. ;) A few inexpensive kites will be available for sale if you’re unable to bring your own.


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