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$10 for all memberships until 5/31/09, more later.

Kids Six and under Free with Adult Membership 
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LepreCon 35
PO Box 26665 Tempe, AZ 85285
(480) 945-6890
Email: Lep35 (at) leprecon.org
LepreCon 35 Online Payments

Welcome to the LepreCon 35
Online Payment Page

From here you pay for your LepreCon membership at the current pre-Registration Rate of $10 for each membership.

You can use the link below to pay or go directly to Paypal and send payment to paypal (at) leprecon.org address

Please be sure to include your shipping address so that we have your contact information.  
Use the paypal comment field for any comments or questions or email us at lep35 (at) leprecon.org if you need to send us more information than paypal collects.

Badge Name
Use the above Link to Pay for a Membership(s) for $10 each.  If buying multiple memberships, please include the additional names in the Name and Badge Name fields.
Use the above Link to pay for other payments (dealer's tables, art show fees, etc.) by entering the amount once you get to the Paypal page.
Please use the comment field to describe what the payment is for.