Leprecon 47

I'm still hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy AND SANE!

This is Woody Bernardi again. I've been working remotely since St. Patrick's Day. That's the day after my job sent me home, with the computer equipment from my workstation in the office, to work remotely

I've also been working very hard on putting together LepreCon 47, in 2021. In the ever changing Pandemic landscape in which we all find ourselves, everyday brings us more or in some cases merely different information.

I, and the current Members of the Lep47 ConCom, have worked very hard to make a physical con a reality. However, after careful consideration and no small amount of input from a majority of the members of the LepreCon, Inc. Board of Directors, we have begun to change gears and focus on a Virtual Con for LepreCon 47.

The continued support of those Fans who support us year after year is very much appreciated. We work hard to put together a fun and exciting Event. Toward that end, we are always looking for new Artists, Authors, Cosplayers & more to contribute to our Art Show, Dealers Room, Masquerade, etc.... These and other program Participants help us augment the GoHs, in our programming. This is as true in a physical as it is in a virtual Con.

LepreCon is a general Fan-run Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF) Con, with an emphasis on Art. LepreCon is based in Phoenix, AZ, USA and has been doing Cons in Arizona since 1975.

-Woody Bernardi

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