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Film Screenings

If you have an independent film that you would like to submit for screening during this convention, please email Catherine Book, Program Director.

FiestaCon is proud to announce the following independent film screenings
(unless otherwise noted, all movies will be screened in the Campanille room.  Scheduled times TBA)

Killer Comet From Outer Space written and directed by Robert Peacock
A 15 minute original story. A planet killer size comet is on a collision course with Earth. Can anything save us? NASA? Maybe! Nukes? Worth a try! Bruce Willis and Robert Duvall? No, they are not in this movie! Or will our only hope turn out to be Earth’s littlest superhero? Come see, as the end nears, and humanity breathlessly awaits its fate.

Finding the Future  – A Science Fiction Conversation. 
This is a screening of the movie Finding the Future.  Shot against the backdrop of major conventions, Finding the Future examines the phenomenon of science fiction and the fans who love it. Through the thoughtful commentary of prominent authors and enthusiastic fans, we explore the culture of science fiction and the passion of its devotees. We also consider the effect of science fiction on society, and listen as these sci-fi fans muse upon what might lie ahead for our rapidly changing world.  Featuring exclusive interviews with Forrest J. Ackerman, Catherine Asaro, Ben Bova, David Brin, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jack L. Chalker, Bob Eggleton, Nancy Kress, Mike Resnick, Fred Saberhagen, Robert Silverberg, and many others.
100 min movie

Starwatch starring Carlos Gallardo (from “El Mariachi”). 
Q&A after the screening with Carlos Gallardo and filmmaker, Kevin Birnbaum.
In the year 2075, the war between the omniscient World Unity Corporation, and the subservient Old Earth Loyalists, spanning the traverse between Earth and the asteroid belt ended. In order to keep the peace, “The Guard,” comprised of warring factions from both sides, was created to settle political disputes and perform deep space rescues. For some, the war may have ended, but their allegiances have not. What was supposed to be a simple mission of asteroid diversion turns into a frightening turn of events of ethereal and scientific aberration. War time experiments have not been abandoned and previous foes must become allies to save the solar system.

Pluto's Plight
is a sci-fi comedy about a race of aliens who leave their Solar System, because their star is going to Supernova. The aliens want to make Earth their new home, but crash land on Pluto before they can reach their destination. Eventually the aliens make it to Earth and under the guise of offering helpful information about Earth's Ozone Layer, they try to con their way into taking over the planet. Starring former world boxing champ Buster Douglas as Agent Leis.
Run time 73.5min

Edgar Allan Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum presented by Ray Harryhausen
Legendary animation and VFX pioneer Ray Harryhausen executive-produced the 7 minute stop-motion animated adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic short story. Directed by Marc Lougee, with visual effects provided by Switch VFX (Saw 2-4, REPO, The Genetic Opera, Everest, The Nutcracker), sound created by Urban Post Productions (Eastern Promises), Post Production by Magnentic North (Gingersnaps I & II).

The Omega Fragment  Written and directed by Robert Peacock.
An alien travels to Earth; it's not clear from where. And he must do whatever it takes to stop a catastrophe that will happen in the future. It’s too bad he must become a serial killer to accomplish his mission. Join him as he grows close to the kindly, unsuspecting, woman next door, and avoids government agents hunting the serial killer, in this sci-fi, musical, comedy-drama, mystery, love story.
Run time 58 min
The Young Voyagers  Written and directed by Robert Peacock.
An extremely contagious virus turns humans into mindless blood-thirsty killers (yes, zombies!). Share the journey of two boys who are on the last spaceship to escape Earth, headed for the only other planet colonized by humans. Luckily, no one on the ship has been infected with the zombie virus, or have they...
Run time 40 min
Time Dog  Written and directed by Robert Peacock.
A rich industrialist, to avoid prison, gains access to forbidden 26th century time travel equipment and transports himself back to our present. The super-computers of the future calculate disaster in the altered timeline. The laws of physics prevent the 26th century authorities from sending any large mass (such as a policeman) back to the same time period. But they can send something smaller, like a 19 pound, genetically enhanced, especially trained, dog. Watch as the canine temporal police officer, and his 21st century government agent partner, race against time to stop catastrophe.
Run time 73 min
The Ooutnorms Go On Vacation Written by Darrian Duncan (at 12 years of age). Directed by Robert Peacock.
Have you ever had someone get a crush on you when you were young, and they still pursued you, even when you were an adult, even though you were married to someone else, and had a child of your own?  Did I mention that this person, as well as almost everyone who lives on your block, happens to be a space alien posing as human?  Join our hero, Peels, and his family, and they learn to deal with 'love from outer space'.
Run time 38 min
Mind Shift  Written and directed by Robert Peacock.
Alan Robinson lives alone. He takes night classes at the local university because he loves math, although, alas, he is not very good at it. But some unusual things have been happening, and now Alan's math ability has improved to the genius level. Alan's neighbor confides the discovery of a long buried, unearthly object, covered with strange symbols. Can Alan, with his newfound mental powers, decipher the symbols? See where it all leads.
Run time 66 min
Moving Grandma  Written and directed by Robert Peacock
Can U-Hauling your poor dead grandma's furniture, alien abduction, and the fate of the world, all intersect in a humorous, offbeat, tale, starring a bunch of people you've seen at the Phoenix Sci Fi Cons, and involving special effects that aren't bad for an amateur. Why, yes they can! Come see.
Run time 27 min
Moon Hoax  Written and directed by Robert Peacock
Can the debate over whether the U.S. moon landing really took place ever be put to rest? With a little help from a tiny meteorite, that emits strange and exotic purple radiation, three unsuspecting humans will find out, once and for all! (so will you, if you come see it).
Run time 5 min


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