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General Charity Auction

Convention program book from LoneStarCon2 aka 55th World SF Con aka 1997 Worldcon, Aug 28-Sep 1, 1997 in San Antonio, TX. Cover signed by cover artist, Don Maitz. In Near Fine condition

Promotional Poster of Dune: The Machine Crusade by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Signed by both. Measures approx 12”x18”, printed on both sides. Folded in quarters with some wear on crease, never displayed.

Promotional backpack from the 2002 movie The Time Machine. Only distributed in the UK. White plastic, measures approx 16”x13”x5”. New, never used

1987 Phoenix NASFiC, CactusCon t-shirt. Child’s Large, 14-16. Gently used.

Glow-in-the-dark Puzzle, art by Don Maitz. Box is signed. Contains two 100-piece puzzles, Elric at the Battle of Britain and Riding the Storm Out

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow promotional items. Includes 3 posters, approx 13”x20” of Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie – new, never displayed. Comicbook of storyboards, two souvenir plastic bags - measures approx 16.5”x20”. Unopened pack of trading cards.

Grab bag of assorted movie buttons and odd movie memorabilia from the 1980s and 1990s.

Poster of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 movie. Measures approx 12” x 16”, new, never displayed, rolled.

Star Wars, Jedi Knights trading card game. Limited edition, 11-card booster packs, full box of 36 booster packs, never opened, still in shrinkwrap.

Star Wars, The Power of the Force action figure of Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun, from the Kenner Collection. Luke figure measures approx 4” high. New in box.

Tapestry fringed blanket “Hogwarts coat of arms” from Harry Potter. Measures approx 4’4”x5’7”, dated 2000

2005 Harry Potter calendar, unused, new in shrinkwrap. Measures 11”x14” and each of the 12 scenes are suitable for framing

Collection of DC Comics Pocket Superheroes, complete Set 1 (new in package):
    Silver Age Green Lantern & Sinestro
    Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite & The Atom
    Silver Age Aquaman & Black Manta
    Golden Age Starman & The Shade
    Silver Age Flash & Captain Gold
    Silver Age Wonder Woman & Cheetah
    Silver Age Firestorm & Red Tornado
    Golden Age Dr. Fate & The Spectre
    Cosmic Boy & Saturn Girl
    Mon-EL & Lightning Lad
    Golden Age Green Lantern & Solomon Grundy
    Deluxe Martian Manhunter w/conference table & chairs

Collection of DC Comics Pocket Superheroes, complete Set 2 (new in package):
    Silver Age Hawkman & Hawkgirl
    Professor Zoom & Mirror Master
    Superman & Clark Kent
    Silver Age Green Arrow & Black Canary
    Lois Lane & Bizarro
    The Golden Age Hourman & The Flash
    Guardian & Guy Gardner
    Silver Age Speedy & Wonder Girl
    Silver Age Supergirl & Brainiac
    Ultra Boy & Phantom Girl
    Silver Age Kid Flahs & Aqualad
    Shazam! & Sivana

DC Comics Pocket Superheroes Batman box set w/6 figures & Batman’s JLA chair, new in package

Plastic wall display of warrior skull with weapons, measures approx 6”x5”

Realm of the Claw collection from Stan Winston Creatures, 7” figures w/weapons & diorama, new in package: Itakuru, Kaela, Zynda, Sabyr, Tare. (missing one character from set)

12” figure of “The Old Man” from the movie A Christmas Story. Comes with ‘major award lamp’, says phrases from the movie. Used but looks complete and in fine condition. In original box.

7” action figures from The Tick, all new in package, each comes with ‘real superhero license”: The Tick, Arthur, Captain Liberty and Batmanuel.

8” figure of “Vereticus” from Blood Wolves, Stan Winston Creatures. New in package, comes with weapons & collector trading card

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. Trade paperback, 1st printing, new, and autographed by author on title page.

Drop Dead Cutie softcover edition collection of ten female Japanese artists

Boba Fett Pez dispenser. It is empty. AND – it is signed by Jeremy Bulloch, the actor.

R2D2 Art Center from Episode I. Complete and unused with color pencils, markers, pads and 4 stamps. $40 on eBay.

Orbital satellite image mosaic of North America, 20.5" x 25", in silver frame with glass. No min bid.

Orbital satellite image mosaic of Western Hemisphere, 31" x 31", in silver frame with glass. No min bid.

Orbital satellite image mosaic of the Earth, 20.5" x 40", in silver frame with glass. No min bid.

Autographed photo, 8”x10”, Robert Picardo as the Holographic Doctor, Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Countdown, set of 4 comic books, tells the official story of Spock and Nero in the TNG era as prequel to the new Star Trek movie, in plastic wrap.

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men fan film on DVD, Mint in Package.

Star Wars Episode I Illustrated Screenplay paperback book

Science magazine, 6 August 2004 issue, Mars rover Spirit in Gusev Crater, autographed by four ASU scientists who worked on the NASA Mars Exploration Rover mission.

One Year subscription to Analog Science Fiction and Fact, the longest-running (almost)-continuously published science fiction magazine in the world. This subscription is only for a US mailing address, not for out-of-country.

The Mars Explorer’s Guide by William K. Hartmann.  Softcover book, autographed by scientist and space artist, Bill Hartmann.

Set of four Burger King Star Trek drinking glasses (in original packaging).

Star Trek movie novelization, paperback, by Alan Dean Foster.  You’ll be able to get it signed and personalized at con.

Set of four Star Trek: Countdown comicbooks – official prequel comic to the new Star Trek movie.

Black & white laser print mounted on white cardboard of the engine room schematic from the USS Defiant (reprint of actual Okudagram used on the show).  This came from Larry Nemecek, the noted Star Trek author.  The print measures approx 8.5” x 10” mounted on cardboard.  It has some slight soiling on the cardboard but Not on the print.  This isn’t an item you’ll see every day.

Grabbag of movie memorabilia.  Donated by Sarge & Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Two very old SF magazines: Galaxy from April 1977, and Isaac Asimov’s Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction from June 1987.

Set of six paperback from Avalon series by Rachel Roberts, series 1 thru 6, in Near Fine condition.

Complete set of four collectible Star Trek glasses from Burger King, new in box: Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Nero.

Pair of signed 8”x10” photographs of Hygena, who was on Season 2 of “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”

T-shirt with The Defuser’s logo on the front and on the back is his tagline.  Black, size medium, new.  The Defuser was the second season winner of the TV show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”  Four autographed promotional cards.  Four 8”x10” autographed photos.

8”x10” photo of Armin Shimerman as Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, with two Dabo cuties.

Promotional half-sheet from Atomic Comics advertising a 2007 event with Geoff Johns, Allan Heinberg and Jeph Loeb, signed by all three.

Heath Ledger as The Joker poster, advertising the movie The Dark Knight release in Summer 2008.  Measures approx 27”x40”. In perfect condition, never been displayed.  Extremely rare, especially in this condition. Most of the posters were returned to the studio after Ledger’s passing.

Kid’s grabbag: Spiderwick Chonicles puzzle, new in box.  From the movie A Series of Unfortunate Events – the handbook of production information plus a CD-ROM of press kit photography, and a FlashChart of information about the book series.  Also includes one FlashChart for The Chronicles of Narnia.

Luana by Alan Dean Foster.  Paperback, copyright 1974, in perfect condition.  Lovely Frazetta cover, autographed by the author.

6 action figures from the Gangsters, Inc. collection. All 6 are of Patrick O'Brian and are mint in box.

Full-color poster of new movie “Starwatch”, premiered at FiestaCon, measures approx 41”x27”, signed by the star, Carlos Gallardo, and filmmaker, Kevin Birnbaum.




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