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Program Participants

Jennifer Aronson

Jennifer Aronson is a suspiciously mundane-looking teenager who's only real claim to fame is being the youngest person in almost any Filk circle. Her hobbies include reading, writing, drawing and obviously, singing. She spends much of the time wandering around in a sleep-deprived state singing nonsense to popular and obscure tunes. She wishes to state that most of her lyrics are not (completely) her fault
Jarred Arthur
Game Master
Len Berger
Len, known as the "movieman", keeps the freebie tables full of movie posters, flyers and anything else we receive. He is performing the functions that the late Barry Bard started decades ago and has done his best to "walk" in Barry's shoes. Let him know your appreciation when you see him hovering around the freebie tables or giving away free stuff. He attends many movie screenings a year, the Phoenix Film Festival and is a film editor for ConNotations reviewing one or two movies per issue. Len is also a member of, Leprecon, Inc. and
Karen Bergstralh
Karen joined the Grantville Gazette Editorial Board early on. A non-fiction piece appeared in the first volume of the Gazette. Since then, both fiction and non-fiction pieces of hers have been published in the magazine. Having trained as an archaeologist, Karen worked at jobs ranging from horse trainer to aerospace engineer with such jobs as stage manager, substitute teacher, field engineer, assembler, inventor, and rattlesnake wrangler. She has a wide range of experiences to draw on for her writing. A life-long passion for equines has resulted in several shelves of books and half the space on her hard drive. Currently, she lives in Southern California.
Joe Bethancourt
Raised in Southern Appalachia, Joe Bethancourt is your penultimate master of multiple music genres and practically any stringed instrument you can name. Though he cherishes a special love and mastery of his native Appalachian Music, he is equally at home with Folk, Country and Pop music. His family settled in Phoenix for good in 1961 where he appeared at JD's in the river bottom in Tempe. He played in the local Blue Grass scene and appeared on The Wallace and Ladmo Show. He worked with various children's art education programs in the elementary schools. He has performed at various SF Cons including past Westercons. He is a practicing musician and stringed instrument instructor in the Phoenix area.
Kevin Birnbaum
Kevin Birnbaum
Kevin Birnbaum has been involved in a variety of media disciplines for over 30 years. Originally trained as a graphic and layout artist, Kevin worked for various publishing markets doing layout, typesetting and illustrations in New York, Florida and California. He won multi-media awards from various art shows as well as freelance illustrations for Lucasfilm, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Ironsides and CHiPS Producer Cy Chermak. He wrote, directed and co-produced an independent film called Justice be Damned in 1993 which recently acquired distribution by York Entertainment. In December 2005, he wrote, directed and produced another feature called Vegas Date which is currently seeking distribution. He moved to the White Mountains of Arizona in 1998 to open a bed and breakfast, and then came upon the idea of launching a local TV News show, and called it "The White Mountain News" which was honored to be the "Business of the Year" for the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce in 2002. He also started a newspaper that year called "The Maverick" which has become a full color monthly magazine. Kevin has just completed his third film, Starwatch, which is a sci-fi drama starring Carlos Gallardo from the award winning El Mariachi.
Rick Boatright (1632 universe)
Rick Boatright has been a part of the 1632 team since early 2000. In addition to being the 1632 tame geek, and head geek for Jim Baen's Universe, Rick is a ham radio operator (n0oxf), a professional software developer specializing in unusual database applications, and an active member of the Topeka Kansas Baha'i community. In his ample spare time he tries to deal with a spouse, two cats, a Pomeranian puppy princess. Rick has been writing for the Gazette since Volume One, mostly non-fiction.
Richard Bolinski
Richard Bolinski started with fandom at PhringeCon 1 & Coppercon 1 in the early 80’s. Over the years he has worked most area’s of Convention operations at over 70 conventions. As well as working with Apple Computer at trade shows & the Womans Expo in Phoenix. He has been a personal assistant to Don Hannah for the past 10 years, working with him on projects from hosting & planning Michael Jackson’s 40th Birthday bash to working in places as far as mountains of Guatemala. For years, he worked the local Art Shows with Long time Art Show Director & business partner Ray Gish. Now he concentrates on providing the movie preview presentation for the local AZ conventions. He also is a professional photographer on staff with Ion magazine in Phoenix & does model portfolio, headshot, event & family portrait work.
David Boop
David Boop
David Boop is an author, screenwriter, single dad, mailroom supervisor, art gallery security guard, and returning college student. His first novel, She Murdered Me with Science, debuted in Aug, 08 and he has several short stories in anthologies. He's always on the look-out for new things to fill his copious amounts of free time. His hobbies include reading, film, anime, The Blues, camping, and researching. Born in Connecticut, and raised in Wisconsin, David has also called TN, AZ, and NM home. He currently resides in the Denver, CO area. David speaks at conventions, colleges, and libraries all over the US.
Debe Branning
Debe Branning resides in Mesa, AZ and has been the director of the paranormal team---The MVD Ghostchasers---since 1995. She investigates haunted historical locations in Arizona. She is a guest speaker at Ottawa University on the subject of ghost photography and ghost hunting. She organizes spirit photography workshops in various haunted establishments around the state. She has been on local radio talk shows, statewide TV news reports on haunted sites, and featured on an international Telemundo broadcast about a haunted hotel in Douglas, Arizona. Debe has been ghost hunting with some of the top paranormal investigators in the US and a member of the Great American Phenomena Hunt Team. She has been the subject of several newspaper and magazine stories on various ghost sightings. She is also the writer of a new book titled "Sleeping With Ghosts--A Ghost Hunter's Guide to Arizona's Haunted Hotels and Inns"---published by Golden West Publishing 2004. She writes an Arizona Haunted Sites column for

Mazz Brant
Mazz is a published author in the Old West Genre. In September of '08, she published On the Paper Trail of Big Nose Kate, a story about Arizona Pioneer and Doc Holliday's girlfriend, Mary Katherine Cummings. She is also an Old West Reenactor and enjoys historical costuming. By trade, she is an aesthetician and Freelance artist for MAC Cosmetics. Mazz has worked on several local film projects with the most recent being a reality-based program called The Showdown with Diane Harris.

Marian Brock-Andersen
Marian has been costuming for 20 years, has a degree in fashion design and is VP of Sunacosu a local costuming and cosplay club. Her background is primarily historical and original costume design.

Summer Brooks
Summer Brooks is an avid reader and writer of fantasy and science fiction, with a deep passion for good SF television and for movies in general. She is an Executive Producer with FarPoint Media, and co-host on the shows Slice of SciFi, The Babylon Podcast, Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas, The Charlie Jade Podcast, and DragonPage Cover to Cover. In addition to being addicted to several SF TV franchises, Summer is hard at work writing articles and novels, and she desires to create and produce a TV series or mini-series that leaves a mark on people.

Frances Burns
Frances Burns has been active in costuming for over 15 years. It is rumored that she popped into this world naked, clutching a portable sewing machine and proceeded to design her own diapers. Frances has been altering and fitting patterns for family and friends since grade school, perfecting the art of clothing making for the less than perfect body for over 30 years. Frances was mentored by her neighborhood seamstress who was trained in French Quebec, this impressed her with an eye for detail construction, fit, and quality. She approaches the design and production of costumes as actual clothing – not props to be used once or twice. This has made her popular as a dressmaker for individuals who wear costume attire as everyday clothing, including Ren-Fair participants and gypsy fortune-tellers.
T.L. Bryson aka Lilith Syn
Lilith Syn has been an active member of Phoenix fandom for almost 20 years. She is also a member of the Across+ Anime club and has been an Anime/manga fan her whole life.
Tasha Cady
Tasha's then boy-friend, now husband, took her to Westercon in San Francisco in 1973 and she's been a fan ever since. A member of the local costumer's guild, Tasha has entered herself and/or a member of her family (both of her sons grew up going on stage) or worked on most Phoenix Masquerades since. Functionally schizophrenic, she works with computers in the avionics industry, Tasha also has a dark side that shows up after dark if you attend some of the late night panels.
Lainey Carlile
Lainey grew up in Phoenix. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and dancing. Since there are fewer activities for children at conventions, she likes to have fun things for them to do, and the parents get a little playtime, too.
Diana Challis
Richard Christ aka Captain Aries

Captain Aries has been sailin' the FantaSea in these desert sands about 25 years now, and can be found at Richard Christ has been reading SF/F since he was 6 years old, having been introduced Henry Kuttner by his mother, who used to date J. K. Klien, the photographer. First started going to conventions at age 18 in N.Y.C., and, later, going to cons locally since just before CactusCon.
Ryan B. Clark
Ryan B. Clark is a native of the great state of Arizona.  With a Bachelor’s degree in English from Arizona State University, a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Lacrosse University, and his experiences as a high school English teacher, a community college English teacher, a high school debate coach, a breeder of Alaskan Malamutes, a shoetapper for the copper mines, a proofreader for Bowne Financial, a missionary, an assistant manager for Walgreen’s, and a repo man – Ryan certainly brings a plethora of life experience and rich characters to his fiction!  Ryan’s work has been featured in TREI Magazine, NexGen Pulp Magazine, The International Library of Poetry Anthology: The Colors of Life, Deborah Simpson’s Love and Romance Poetry Anthology: Essential Verse – From Bliss to Misery to Everything In-between, Alan Draven’s Horror Anthology: Sinister Landscapes, with several other pieces in the works.  Grave Whispers is Ryan’s first novel.  Ryan lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his son, his prized Malamute, his cherished friends and family, and the heat.
Sarah Clemens
Sarah Clemens
Sarah Clemens didn't realize until later in life that growing up with a ballet company and at a television studio was in any way unusual. Her mother was the company pianist for the Memphis Civic Ballet and her father was a cameraman and press photographer for WHBQ in Memphis, Tennessee. While in grade school she occasionally helped host the kiddie show on Saturday with Happy Hal, showing early leanings toward art by sketching with Hal between cartoons. Backstage at the ballet, she helped make costumes, listened to her mother play lovely music and took lots of classes until she realized that she had lousy turnout and decided to concentrate on art. Her early love of science fiction and fantasy art came even before she could read, from looking at the covers of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, with its incredibleartwork by Ed Emshwiller. The artworkSarah Clemensmost enjoys doingis fantasy and science fiction, and she has been going to conventions since the late seventies. She is gratified at the response of con-goers to her award-winning paintings of Magnus & Loki, which have been the most fun of all.She isa photo-real artist exhibiting her mainstream work in galleries in Boca Raton, Scottsdale and Beverly Hills.She is also a medical illustrator and has worked for prominent attorneys for 17 years and her work has helped to win multimillion dollar cases. Growing up in a darkroom contributes to her love ofphotography and she still does photowork occasionally. She has published short stories with Asimov's magazine and Ellen Datlow anthologies. In her checkered past, shealso wrote movie reviews for USA Today's phone-in line and bogus horoscopes for a 900 number that will remain nameless. She is a passionate skeptic and has written and produced planetarium shows disputing the existence of UFOs.
Michael Contos
My first exposure to science fiction was reading my father's old signet 25 cent paperbacks in the early 70's. Growing up in Thief River Falls, MN the only choices were the Public Library or the corner drug store (aptly named The Corner Drug). This meant that my early reading ranged from the "Gor" series to Emphyrio. My earliest fantasy reads were "The Tritonian Ring" and "The Worm Ourobus." While pursuing a degree in biology I attended my first con, Valley Con in Fargo, ND. After finishing my degree I joined the Army and spent 3 years working in the Virology division of USAMRIID at Ft Detrick. This is probably as close to "living science fiction" as I've ever come. After I left active duty and moved to Arizona, I've attended the local conventions as time permitted, competed in a couple of BotBashes, made my way out to last year's conjecture in San Diego and will be attending my first World Con this year in Montreal. I like to divide my reading between Hard Science Fiction, Supernatural/Fantasy, Alternate History and Historical Mysteries with an occasional foray into Paranormal Romance (my current literary "guilty pleasure"). Currently I'm a member of the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, The Southwest Costumers Guild, the SCA and the Tucson Space Society. My other hobbies range from model building to photography/cinematography to well, whatever.
Theresa Contos
Antonio Contrisciani
Game Master
Mike D'Ambrosio
Michael resides in the Philadelphia area and is promoting his new novel, Dangerous Liaisons, the second book in his successful Space Frontiers series. Last year's release of The Eye of Icarus has been well received by many readers around the country. He is also known for his earlier Fractured Time Trilogy of which the Fractured Time screenplay has been picked up by Gypsy Films.
Kathryn Daugherty
James Daugherty
James Stanley Daugherty, M Phil, MFA: camera artist, con-runner, and art curator. He is a director of the Peninsula Museum of Art and president of the Ultimate Eye photographic art foundation. He enjoys running science fiction conventions and was recently chair of last year's Westercon in Las Vegas. Between conventions and gallery openings, he balances his time between Maui, San Francisco, and Las Vegas; three places where imagination and history have become so intermingled, that one can no longer tell where fantasy begins and reality ends. He feels that reality is a nice place to visit, but he is not sure he would want to live there. James has worked as an archaeologist, postman, technical writer, lab technician, librarian, photo journalist, cat breeder, and international investor. But now he lives for his art, which he considers to be an addiction, a vision quest, and a chance to photograph naked women in the wilderness.
Virginia DeMarce (1632 universe)
Virginia DeMarce
Virginia DeMarce was born in Missouri and lives in Arlington, VA. She is retired from the federal government, where she was a historian for the Office of Federal Acknowledgment. She received a Ph.D. in early modern history from Stanford University in 1967, which is less obsolete than would be the case had she been in a scientific field of endeavor. She proved unsuited to an academic career, although she taught at the college level for fifteen years, since she was plagued by an irresistible desire to know more and more about more and more, rather than about less and less. Her most persistent hobby is genealogy. In 1988-1989, she served as president of the National Genealogical Society. She has been married to James DeMarce since 1962. They have three children and a varying number of grandchildren. Credits: 1634: The Bavarian Crisis, cowritten with Eric Flint, was released in October 2007. 1635: The Dreeson Incident, cowritten with Eric Flint, was released in December 2008
Loup DeVault
Game Master
Cindy DeVault
Game Master
Lyle Dillie aka Captain Blackheart
Lyle Dillie, (Captain Leo Blackheart with the Arizona Corsairs) is asecond generation fan, an Iraqi War Veteran, and proud husband and father of three boys. Currently a Graphic designer for J&R Graphics in downtown Phoenix, Lyle has designed Newspaper, Magazines, promotional products, and websites nationally. These included the LepreCon 33 website and the Arizona Corsairs website which currently has over 400 on-line members. Be sure to check out his own websiteto see more of his designs.
Joe Droit aka Captain Marcel
Ahoy! I be Captain Sebastien Marcel. I wasborn in La Rochelle, France to a noble family. After about four years as duke, I engaged in piracy. I received a Letter of Marque from King Louis XIV. I also sail with the Arizona Corsairs. We enjoy educating the public on piracy. And I be always in the need of crew.
Craig Dyer
Craig came to Arizona from New York in the mid ‘70s. Through a twist of fate, he became involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism where he is known as Lord Craig of the White Cliffs. From the SCA it was a short trip to fannish activities. On Saturday evenings at conventions he can usually be found accompanied by several large, white, wooden ammunition chests, in which he keeps a generous supply of homemade vodka-based cordials. He combines the spirit of a vintner with the showmanship of a low-key P.T. Barnum, as he joyfully discusses the ingredients and watches the pleasure on the faces of his (new and long-held) fannish friends. Occasionally, he teaches the art of cordial making with classes held at his home. Fannishly, he has chaired CopperCon 19 (1999), HexaCon 10 (2000), HexaCon 12 (2002) as well as ConKopelli, the 2004 Westercon. Additionally he is the webmaster and keeper of the database and co-editor of ConNotations for CASFS, and a founding member of WesternSFA. In the real world he is a highly proficient computer tech for the Maricopa County Community College district, an ardent player/collector of collector card games, owned by numerous cats, dogs, ferrets, turtles, rabbits and birds, and hailed as a generally pleasant fellow.

Michele Ellington

By day I work for the City administering grants to El Paso social service agencies to feed, clothe, shelter, heal, educate and protect our community's poorest and most vulnerable populations. By night I am a science fiction, fantasy and horror fan. I have been attending conventions all over the world for the past thirty years, and by the good graces of their art shows I have sold art on four continents. I work in a wide variety of mediums and formats because I enjoy trying new things. I enjoy most aspects of fandom: books, movies, TV, anime, role-playing, board gaming, live-action role-play, costuming, writing, art, photography, and socializing with people of like interests. I share my home with a rescued Great Dane named Simba and a retired farm cat named Jasmine.
Ivan Erickson
Game Master
Mary Erickson
Mary Erickson
Rev. Mary Branum Erickson, DD has practiced in the field of metaphysics for 25 years, specializing in regression therapy. Her book, Reincarnation Redefined (Pre-Existence from a Regression Therapist Viewpoint) is available for download.

Sheila Finch
Sheila Finch
Sheila Finch was born and raised in England, but now lives in Long Beach, California. She has published eight science fiction novels, more than thirty short stories, and a number of articles about science fiction. She is best known for her stories about the "lingsters" and alien communication; Golden Gryphon published a collection of these stories, The Guild of Xenolinguists in 2007. Sheila lives with a cat and two retired racing greyhounds.
jan howard finder aka Wombat
The Wombat, aka jan howard finder, has been reading SF for more than 60 years & active in SF circles for about 40. He chaired 2 Tolkien conf., 69 & 71. After finding fandom in 72 & cons in 73, in the UK, he ran 2 SF cons, 77 & 79. In 93 he was accorded the genuine honor of being named as an Honored Guest at ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon. He came out of retirement in 96 to chair Albacon 96. Still brain dead, he successfully chaired SFRA 2001, an academic conf. on SF and Albacon 08. He participates in, judged & MC's masquerades. He is one of the best auctioneers found at cons. According to backs that know, he gives the best backrubs north of the South Pole. He put out an award winning fanzine, The Spang Blah. He sold a short story in 81 & edited an SF anthology, Alien Encounters, in 82, & published his incredible Finder's Guide to Australterrestrials. He is a marsupial groupie. In 99 he attended A3, afterwards he drove about Oz for a total of 174 days looking for wombats. He puts out an irregular fanzine on Arthur Upfield, an Australian mystery writer. He also likes aerobics, learned to scuba, is taking up sailing, learning how to play cricket, has a budding film career & visited Middle-earth in January 04. Ask him about Yaminons, wombats, and BYTELOCK. In Jan 2009, he attended the Cubs Fantasy Baseball Camp. He is batting 1.000 against major league pitching. :-) He is a neat guy. Buy him a Pepsi!
Maryeileen Flanagan
Maryeileen is a retired English and science teacher who began her educational career as a costumer at ASU's Department of Dance. Her costuming experience later expanded beyond humans to include horses and other animals. She has led several successful groups for young semi-pro writers. Additionally she helped design and later owned the SF, F and Horror forum on Apple's eWorld before it was swallowed up by AOL. In her later years she has served as Programming Chair of several local cons, most notably the World Fantasy Con held in Tucson where Harlan Ellison was GOH. She still doesn't know what she wants to be when she "grows up."
Eric Flint
Eric Flint's writing career began with the science fiction novel Mother of Demons. With David Drake, he has collaborated on the six-volume Belisarius series, as well as a novel entitled The Tyrant. His alternate history novel 1632 was published in 2000, and has led to a long-running series with several novels and anthologies in print. He recently began a new alternate history series set in North America with 1812: The Rivers of War and 1824: The Arkansas War. In addition, he's written a number of science fiction and fantasy novels. Flint graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1968, majoring in history (with honors), and later received a masters degree in African history from the same university. Despite his academic credentials, Flint has spent most of his adult life as an activist in the American trade union movement, working as a longshoreman, truck driver, auto worker, steel worker, oil worker, meatpacker, glassblower and machinist. He has lived at various times in California, Michigan, West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, and Illinois. He currently resides in northwest Indiana with his wife Lucille.
Joseph Formichella
Joseph Formichella has worn many hats - writer, photographer, filmmaker, even teacher. As a filmmaker, he co-produced and edited Finding The Future, a documentary about science fiction and the fans who love it. He has also written a number of feature-length screenplays and produced/directed a variety of video projects. Joseph has taught screenwriting at Scottsdale Community College, and studied photography at ASU. He has pursued his photographic art through the lens for as long as he could point and shoot. Much of his work has been shot using black light for a futuristic, surreal, even tribal look. Examples of his photography can be seen in the FiestaCon art show. Joseph is an Arizona native, and lives in Tempe, Arizona.
Alan Dean Foster
Alan Dean Foster
His writing career began when August Derleth bought a long Lovecraftian letter of Foster's in 1968 and much to Foster's surprise, published it as a short story in Derleth's bi-annual magazine The Arkham Collector. Sales of short fiction to other magazines followed. His first attempt at a novel, The Tar-Aiym Krang, was bought by Betty Ballantine and published by Ballantine Books in 1972. It incorporates a number of suggestions from famed SF editor John W. Campbell. Foster's work to date includes excursions into hard science-fiction, fantasy, horror, detective, western, historical, and contemporary fiction. He has also written numerous non-fiction articles on film, science, and scuba diving, as well as having produced the novel versions of many films, including such well-known productions as Star Wars, the first three Alien films, Alien Nation, and The Chronicles of Riddick. Other works include scripts for talking records, radio, computer games, and the story for the first Star Trek movie. His novel Shadowkeep was the first ever book adapation of an original computer game. In addition to publication in English his work has been translated into more than fifty languages and has won awards in Spain and Russia. His novel Cyber Way won the Southwest Book Award for Fiction in 1990, the first work of science-fiction ever to do so. Alan has traveled all over the world, to places most tourists never heard of, to Peru, Western Australia, Namibia, the Andes, Papua New Guinea and West Papua. He's ridden 40-foot whale sharks, swam with giant otters, and dived unexplored reefs throughout the South Pacific. And I really had to abridge from his website. If you want to know Alan Dean Foster, travel with him on his website.
Jessie Foster
Game Master
Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon is the author of the award-winning, NYT-bestselling Outlander novels, described by Salon magazine as "the smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting "Scrooge McDuck" comics," and the Lord John Grey novels, which are only slightly more describable. Dr. Gabaldon holds several advanced degrees in science, (plus an honorary degree as Doctor of Humane Letters (though no one has yet explained to her just what a humane letter is) and spent a dozen years as a university professor with an expertise in scientific computation before beginning to write fiction. None of this has anything to do with her novels, but there you are.
Carlos Gallardo

Inspired by well-known directors such as John Carpenter and George Miller, Carlos has never ceased to expand his creative vision behind and in front of the camera. The project which brought him the most recognition from Hollywood was the incredibly successful film El Mariachi where he participated as an actor and producer. Carlos worked as an actor and co-producer on the film helping launch the English-language careers of Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas: Desperado. This opened the door to many projects such as Bravo and Single Action in which Carlos filled the roles of producer, director, actor and screenwriter. He was also one of the producers of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, featuring Johnny Depp and Banderas. He participated in a cameo role for Grind House. He starred in the science fiction feature Starwatch which is premiering at this convention. He has one additional project in post production, Jazzed up Hoodlums
Diana Gallegos aka Mikoto
Diana has lived here in Arizona for over 20 years now. She has been sewing for only the last 4 years or so, but she has dabbled in clay and beading and other forms of art before she finally got around to sewing and costuming. She says she loves cosplay- finds it really challenging to try to bring to life the artwork of Japanese manga. Diana is finally getting around to designing her own original ideas, but find herself wanting to mix fashion with costuming to create more of a work of art then a costume. She loves the creativity and sheer audacity of Japanese fashion, which is why she is now doing panels on it.
Alexis Gilliland

Alexis Gillland may be less permanent than the Appalachians, but has been floating around the firmament of Science Fiction for forty-mumble years, during which time he has run cons, presided over WSFA meetings, published novels, drawn more cartoons than he can conveniently enumerate (16,000+ at last count), and served as co-host for the Washington Science Fiction Society since the first Friday in November 1967.
Lee Gilliland

Lee Gilliland has been in and of and around SF for the last 30glumph years, running cons and hosting meetings and running consuites and art shows and anything else she couldn't talk herself out of. Her other interests include Sherlock Holmes, ancient Egypt, and the Titanic, and she will willingly talk your ear off about these subjects and more.
Lynn Gold
Lynn Gold is a busy person of many Sins. She is incredibly busy being a Major Filk Comedienne, a Technical writer for Omneon Video Networks, an Anchor and Producer at and a News Anchor at KLIV Radio in San Jose. In addition to Filk performing, she also takes an active role in the running of non-profit Science Fiction and related conventions. She did the Local Resources Guide for ConJose, the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention (WorldCon) to San Jose in 2002, and she was the original Webmistress and Co-Chairperson for Consonance, the San Francisco Bay Area's Filk convention. She is the author of such Filk Non-Standards as He's Not on The Net and Iguanas (They're Not Just For Breakfast Any More) (Some say she is certifiably insane: most use the terms ZANY and WONDERFUL.)
Paula Goodlett (1632 universe)
Paula lives with her husband, Mr. Fix-it, and an insane Pekingese. She wrote a story about a sheep that plans to conquer the world and is obsessed with the color blue, which led (eventually) to the editorship of the Grantville Gazette, an electronic magazine dedicated to Eric's Flint's 1632 Universe. Editing skills are necessary because she doesn't always think in coherent sentences. She says: "Because the Pekingese frazzles my brain." But Gorg doesn't believe that.

Bob Gott
Robert Gott is a native of the Southwest who has lived virtually his entire life in El Paso, Texas. In spite of that he's earned a degree in History and has traveled extensively. Partly at the expense of Uncle Sam during the unpleasantness in the early 70's but mostly with friends and has seen a fair piece of 4 continents. He has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism off and on since 1982 and presently works in city government in his home town. A wandering mind and a willingness to try almost anything have resulted in a varied set of skills
Mark Greenawalt
Mark Greenawalt is an artist that paints on living canvases. His models are body painted and the subject matter of choice is quite often the genres of sci-fi and fantasy. Greenawalt has freely shared his artistic talents over the past decade at numerous CopperCon, LepreCon, and ComiCon events, and even ConKopelli (WesterCon 57 in 2004). He has been an instructor at bodypainting conventions in England, Canada, and throughout the United States and his work has been featured in the traveling Body Art Ball exhibition, independent film projects, and the prestigious Playboy Mansion. He is looking forward to being a part of this year's Westercon and is anxious to bring another one of his paintings to life! Visit his on-line portfolio of hundreds of body art projects.
Kyle Gresenz
Kyle has been on the convention scene since 2007, and has been cosplaying since 2008. He only has 7+ costumes currently, but he is always plotting up ideas for more costumes. He also has an interest in Lolita and other Japanese fashions, and has been interested in them for over three years now. Along with cosplay and J-Fashion, Kyle enjoys photography, especially cosplay photography.
Diane Harris
I began costuming by stabbing pits of fabric with straight pins into a sawdust doll that was given to me by my Great Aunt Tootsie, or “Toot Toot” as I called her. My mother then taught me to sew by hand, which led to some mighty fine Barbie doll clothes. I like all periods of clothing, but have a special love for the Victorian period. I design and build Victorian reproduction clothing and accessories. I also do millinery work, and have costume experience in film, commercial and theater. Sci-Fi convention experience came to me late in life, having been only the past 3-4 years, even though I got hooked on Star Trek and Star Wars. It is fascinating how I could have lived this long without knowing about this unique group of people.
Chris Hartwig
Game Master
Tiffany Hartwig
Game Master
John Hertz
Hugo nominee for Best Fanwriter (also in '07 and '06.) Big Heart Award in '03. Sent to '07 WorldCon by one-time fan travel fund HANA (Hertz Across to Nippon Alliance.) Infected fandom with English Regency ballroom dancing. Moderator of panels, leader of Art Show tours, judge or M.C. of Masquerades. Westercon Fan Guest of Honor in '04. Collections: Dancing and Joking ('05), West of the Moon ('02). Fanzine: Vanamonde. Favorite non-SF writers: Chuang Tzu, Maimonides, Nabokov, Sayers. Drink: Talisker.
Mark Horning

Mark Horning recently obtained his Masters in Physics from ASU, where he developed a hybrid lighting system to calibrate the sensors used in the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) located at the Mt. Graham. He is still doggedly working towards his Ph.D. For several years now, he has been employed at United States Air Force Research Laboratory, where he performs research in the fields of Night Operations and Sensor Simulation. Well-known among Filk circles for bringing way too many guitars to the circle, Mark plans on releasing his first album at this year’s WesterCon.
Gorg Huff (1632 universe)
Gorg is a riter—that's a writer who can't spell. In the past he was a soldier, then had an undistinguished work history. He has painted, sculpted, done computer graphics and computer programming. Unfortunately, he's noticed that being a jack-of-all-trades really bites when a prospective employer is looking for a master-of-one. Gorg wrote his first published story after an argument over the effects of sewing machines on tailors and the economy, for Eric Flint's 1632 universe. He says: It's weird where inspiration can come from.

John Kelly
Mr. John Kelly has been actively involved with Medieval recreation for over thirty years. Through the years he has researched, practically applied, and taught many aspects of the Middle Ages. A recreationists' war veteran of over ten years, Mr. Kelly has a wide and varied knowledge of weaponry and the usage. Having competed in and taught fencing in the early 1980’s gave him a sound base for shinai, European sword, sword and shield, and mass weapons fighting styles. His knowledge of weapons is not only that of usage, but construction as well. He apprenticed with one of the most sought after bladesmiths in the 1980s. He learned from and worked with the creator of Jaeger Knives. As Headmaster for Scimitar Talon’s School for the Knightly Arts, and Commander of Scimitar Talon’s Free Company, Mr. Kelly strives to incorporate the skill sets necessary for a well-rounded fighter, along with the ethics of true chivalric behavior. Those skill sets include, but are not exclusive to, armor and weapon making and garment construction. Along with historical recreation, he is also a seasoned role player. He has gamed since the early days of Dungeons and Dragons (before Advanced D & D). He was on the development and beta testing team for the RPG “Immortals”.
Shelly Kelly
Mrs. Kelly has been involved with Medieval recreation for twenty-four years. Beginning as a theatre student in the early ‘80s, the idea of accurate, yet usable historical items became of great interest. Due to the nature of theatre, weapon use, care, and safety was a subject of concern to this technical theatre major. Considered a jack-of-all-trades, this self-taught researcher has knowledge of the history and practical application in a wide variety of everyday activities and amusements of the Medieval person. This knowledge and skill has been used for fundraisers, parties, and weddings. One of her favorite accomplishments was teaching the Middle Ages unit, with an emphasis on chivalry and feudalism, to seven classes of sixth grade students. She also served as technical director, consultant, and teaching assistant to one of The Valley’s high school’s theatre department for seven years.
T. Jackson King
Tom King

T. Jackson King's novels are Retread Shop (1988, Warner) and Ancestor's World (1996, Ace; with A.C. Crispin). His short stories have appeared in the just released hardcover collection Judgment Day And Other Dreams (2009, Fantastic Books), and in Analog, Pulphouse, Tomorrow, Absolute Magnitude, The Silver Web, VB Tech Journal, Expanse, Aberrations, Figment, Pandora and Midnight Zoo magazines. His poetry has appeared in the collection Mother Earth's Stretch Marks (2009, Motherbird Books). King writes hard science fiction, anthropological SF, dark fantasy/horror and contemporary fantasy/magic realism. He is a graduate of UCLA (M.A. 1976) and the University of Tennessee (B.Sc. 1971). He has worked as an archaeologist in the American Southwest and has traveled widely in Europe, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Within the SF community, King has served as SFWA Elections Chair in 1990 and was chair of the Philip K. Dick Award jury in 1996. Tom will be doing a Reading at this convention.
Louise Kleba
Dani & Eytan Kollin
Kollins brothers
Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin are newly signed Tor authors with their first novel, The Unincorporated Man, released in March, 2009. Their editor is David Hartwell and their novel has already received high acclaim including a SciFi Essential designation and positive reviews from such distinguished authors as Robert Sawyer, Gregory Benford and Kage Baker. The Kollin brothers have the distinction of being the only sibling collaborative science fiction writers today and their most frequently asked question is, "How on earth do you manage to work together with minimal loss of blood?" Eytan is a teacher of history, government and economics currently living in Pasadena, California. His hobbies include historical reenactments, chess, and battle recreation with historical melee weapons. Dani is an advertising executive currently living in Los Angeles, California. He works as a creative director in the print, broadcast, packaging and new media fields. In addition to being happily married and the proud father of three, Dani is an avid endurance cyclist and surfer. The book has an official website. Dani's blog offers a unique perspective on the freshman year of authorhood.
Susan Krinard
Trained as an artist with a BFA in Illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Susan Krinard became a writer in 1992 when a friend read a short story she'd written and suggested she try writing a romance novel. A long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy, Susan began reading romance -- and realized what she wanted to do was combine the two genres. Prince of Wolves, her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero, was the result. Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three-book contract, and the novel went on to make several bestseller lists. Since then, she's written and published overnineteen paranormal and fantasy novels, and written stories for a number of anthologies, both fantasy and romance. Both the anthology Out of This World (which included Susan's Kinsman) and the novel Lord of the Beasts appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List. Susan makes her home in New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment", with her husband Serge, their dogs Freya, Nahla and Cagney, and their cats Jefferson and Agatha. In addition to writing, Susan's interests include music of almost every kind, old movies, reading, nature, baking, and collecting unique handmade jewelry and decorative crafts.
Paula Lary
Along with belly dance costuming and dancing, Paula does stained glass, photography, and general costuming. She is a member of the Southwest Costumer’s Guild chapter of the International Costumer’s Guild. She has started to write stories about her cat family, plays several musical instruments, and tries to work out a way to make all this pay to supplement her mundane income.
Bill Laubenheimer
Bill was a smart kid who started reading science fiction almost as soon as he found it in the school library. His musical education included piano lessons (age 6-8), exposure to music theory (age 8 or 9), singing in the church choir (teen years) and cello playing (age 11-15) because the high school orchestra was short of cellists. Despite this, Bill wasn't exposed to organized fandom until meeting his wife, Carole Parker, who introduced him to filk while they were dating. Bill had participated in musical activities while in school, but hadn't done so in quite a while. Hearing and participating in filking brought music back into his life, and he's having fun using his creative skills in this way. Being a part of the filk community is the first thing in a long time that has directed Bill's attention toward improving his musical abilities. He is very interested in exploring a broader range of musical styles, both in composing and performing, than his skills or available time would allow him to learn. So, he is seeking technological assistance, and is busy figuring out ways to use a computer as a musical partner. Figures that a computer geek who sings would look at using a computer to help him with his music.
Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Jacqueline Lichtemberg
Jacqueline Lichtenberg, a life member of the Science Fiction Writers of America. She is creator of the Sime~Gen Universe with a vibrant fan following, primary author of the Bantam paperback Star Trek Lives! which blew the lid on Star Trek fandom, founder of the Star Trek Welcommittee, creator of the genre term Intimate Adventure, winner of the Galaxy Award for Spirituality in Science Fiction with her second novel, and one of the first Romantic Times Awards for Best Science Fiction Novel with her later novel Dushau. Her fiction has been in audio-dramatization on XM Satellite Radio. She has been the sf/f reviewer for a professional magazine since 1993. She teaches sf/f writing online while turning to her first love, screenwriting focused on selling to the feature film market. Screenwriting:
Bridgit Lloyd
Game Master
Todd Lockwood
Todd Lockwood
Winner of 12 Chesley Awards with 29 nominations. Todd Lockwood's work has appeared on many novel covers and covers and interior artwork for Asimov's, Analog, Dragon Magazine, and in the pages of Science Fiction Age and Realms of Fantasy.I started drawing before I was two, or so I am told. Drawing was my main recreation throughout my childhood. After High School, I went to the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. It was primarily a design school, but taught all of the important basics, if only to a minimal degree. The first year and a half after graduating from CIA I was a designer, not an illustrator. I left to pursue illustration and became my own teacher, which means that my teacher was an idiot. In '84 and '85 I did a string of relatively fun covers for Satellite Orbit magazine, a sort of TV guide for people who owned satellite dishes. They appeared in Communication Art's Illustration Annual, which was very prestigious and a cool honor. But after that, for about the next five years, I was the "Satellite Dish Guy". Any time anyone on the planet needed a painting of a satellite dish, they called me. That was when I first started plotting my escape from advertising. It took another twelve years to succeed... I didn't really start to excel until I began to work on Sci fi covers for Asimov's and Analog. One thing led to another, and suddenly I was moving my family to Illinois, where I was the newest member of TSR's art staff. It was a skinny little window of opportunity that opened for the briefest moment. I dived through. Later, Wizards of the coast bought TSR and rescued us from the Midwest, which I loathed (if you're from the midwest… I'm sorry, truly sorry). I like the state of Washington a great deal. I'm still living the highlight, I hope, though designing the look and feel of Third Edition Dungeons and Dragons would probably be the kicker. How could I possibly have more fun than designing dragons for D&D? I have a fantasy world in my basement. I just go behind the water heater, knock on the wall, and go to a land of unimaginable breadth and beauty. It's full of dragons and other beautiful and horrible things. It's very convenient. Transporting it across twelve states was a trick, though.
Steven Lopata
After a short but unpleasant tour in the US Army, he worked for a small coatings company. He started in the laboratory, designing specialty paints, was moved to the International Division as Technical Service Manager and ended as Latin American Operations Director. When he left the company, he consulted for the Naval Air Weapons Center until moving to Arkansas. There, he met some tigers who took up most of his free time for five years. He has been published in such disparate magazines as Soldier of Fortune, Transfigural Mathematics and PanGaia.
Serge Mailloux
Serge lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife, writer Susan Krinard. He has been a fan of SF since before he could read; if one is to believe his parents' observation that, even at an early age, he'd stare intently at the Friday Funnies. In fact, after he started to go to school, the Funnies' "Buck Rogers" strip is where he first discovered that he could read. That being said, and jumping forward to the Present, he is now a computer programmer, has been posting on his own blog, "from inside the Tube" for over three years after first introducing himself to the blogosphere's Making Light. The latter is where he acquired a totally calumnious reputation for enjoying what Voltaire called the death of wit, aka puns. He loves movies, and has been a fan of steampunk ones since long before they were called steampunk.
Darkyr Malys
Jack Mangan
Jack Mangan is an author, podcaster, musician, father, etc., born in New Jersey, but now residing in Arizona. His Jack Mangan's Deadpan Podcast features over 100 episodes of interviews, commentary, comedy skits, original music, and a great deal of community-contributed content. Jack's Spherical Tomi was among the first wave of podcast novels, and was the first number one title at Jack has made countless guest appearances and performances on other podcast shows, and has had his work independently converted to audio format by a number of other New Media creators. His fiction and non-fiction writings have appeared in numerous online, print, and podcast venues, including such prestigious outlets as Interzone Magazine, Variant Frequencies, Amityville House of Pancakes, the Beam Me Up Podcast and terrestrial radio show, and Tales of the Talisman. He seeks to shake up perceptions and provoke independent thinking, through music, comedy, writing, and his outspoken, sometimes controversial views.
Tisha McGovern
Tisha McGovern is an Arizona native and grew up in the Cave Creek area. Upon reaching her thirties, Tisha embraced her inner geek, including nurturing a love of comics by Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman. She is also an active member of the Arizona Browncoats. Tisha shares her love of fantasy and science fiction with her two children, including a deep love for Middle Earth. Her favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Robert Jordan and J.R.R Tolkien. Her favorite television obsessions are Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. She was part of the planning committee for the Arizona Browncoats charity screening of Serenity in June of 2007 and banker for the 2008 event. Tisha has participated and volunteered at local cons: CopperCon and Phoenix ComicCon. After attending DragonCon in Atlanta, otherwise known as Nerdvana, Tisha decided to get more involved in local conventions and is very excited to be a part of FiestaCon.
Loretta McKibben
Loretta McKibben is the NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador for southern Arizona, and is a returning student at the University of Arizona. She served as the Information Specialist Coordinator for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) telescopic camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter for several years, and also worked on the Mars 2001 Odyssey Gamma-Ray Spectrometer team as a scientific programmer. She enjoys teaching kids about space exploration and astronomy and has organized large public outreach events for more than 25 years. She has served as a volunteer NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador since the program began in 1997 and is a volunteer telescope operator at Flandrau Science Center. She is working on several science fiction and fantasy novels.
Dennis McKiernan
Dennis McKiernan
I have spent a great deal of my life looking through twilights and dawns seeking ... what? Ah yes, I remember — seeking signs of wonder, searching for pixies and fairies and other such, looking in tree hollows and under snow-laden bushes and behind waterfalls and across wooded, moonlit dells. I did not outgrow that curiosity, that search for the edge of Faery when I outgrew childhood—not when I was in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War, nor in college, nor in graduate school, nor in the thirty-one years I spent in research and development at Bell Telephone Laboratories as an engineer and manager on ballistic missile defense systems and then telephone systems and in think-tank activities. In fact I am still at it, still searching for glimmers and glimpses of wonder in the twilights and the dawns. I am abetted in this curious behavior by Martha Lee, my helpmate, lover, and, as of this convention, my wife of fifty-one years and one month.
Beth Meacham
Beth Meacham is an Executive Editor for Tor Books. She's been editing SF and Fantasy since 1983. Among the authors she has worked with are Piers Anthony, Greg Bear, Judith Tarr, Orson Scott Card, Tim Powers, Pat Murphy, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Cecelia Holland, and Ken Scholes.
Todd Miles aka L
John Jos. Miller
John J Miller
John Jos. Miller is the author of approximately ten novels and numerous short stories. He is one of the original contributors to the long-running Wild Card series and has also written two different role playing worldbooks for the series, the most recent of which was published in July 2008 by Green Ronin Press. Upcoming work includes a companion volume for the Green Ronin RPG, Aces And Jokers, which provides biographical information on nearly 350 Wild Card characters and should be out by now, a story in Busted Flush, the current Wild Card volume, entitled Mortality's Strong Hand, and a graphic adaptation of George R. R, Martin's novella In the House of the Worm for Avatar Press (due out whenever the artist finishes the art). He is currently working on Black Train Coming, a novel about vampires in the West Virginia coalfields of the 1920s. He lives in Albuquerque with his wife Gail, their three dogs (Hamish, Khyber, and Skippy the Halloween Chihuahua), eight cats (Edmond Blackcatter, Mrs. Miggins, Pie Shoppe, Phantom Deux, Kleopatra, Alexander the Great, and Archie and Nero) and too many books to mention by name.
Marilyn Miller
Marilyn Miller was eight years old when she began singing in the school chorus. She has not shut her mouth since. She’s sung a little Opera, a little Music Theater, Classical, Standards and Folk music. She’s hauled her trusty guitar to accompany herself at political rallies, libraries, jails, schools and hospitals. She has tinkled the ivories to accompany herself in restaurants, clubs and social gatherings. She has sung weddings, funerals and other solemn events. She has sung solo, and in small groups and large ones here and abroad. She’s directed Choirs of all kinds – from children to septuagenarians. She’s composed scores of projects in her mighty mini electronic music studio. And she’s loved it all. BUT…It was a tad lonely. Then one day, she met Mac, a loud-mouthed, opinionated Computer who loved every kind of music - and who could play them all. And he shared her love of Science Fiction, as well. It was a match made in – er, the Apple Computer factory. He plays, she sings and they argue very little. So long as she sings his favorite song once per concert, he’s happy. And as long as he doesn’t try to sing, she’s happy. While she doesn’t write filks, she is one of the finest singers in fandom, talented on multiple instruments, and for the last decade has sung in circles and conventions in California. She picks up filks and other songs from all sorts of places, and performs them beautifully. Because she also teaches music and computer skills, she has found a way to blend her various interests…You’re in for a musical treat.
Casey Moore
Casey Moore of Phoenix, Arizona is a film director, writer, producer, editor, and composer. His most notable directorial work to date is the full-length feature documentary, Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation.
Kevin Andrew Murphy
Kevin writes novels, short stories, games and so on. His most recent short fiction is The Tears of Nepthys in Busted Flush, the most recent volume of George R.R. Martin's Wild Card series, and Tacos for Tezcatlipoca in Esther Friesner's Witch Way To The Mall? He has another story with the same characters coming out later this year in the sequel, Strip Mauled and a number of other projects in the works. He's also a regular contributor to the Deep Genre blog.
David Nelson
Dr Dave
David M. Nelson is a Planetary Geologist, currently working as a Mission Operations team member for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera at Arizona State University. Since 1994, I have been involved in geology-related research, remote sensing, and planetary mapping. I have included in my research data from several Mars missions including Viking Orbiter, Mars Global Surveyor, Pathfinder, and Mars Odyssey. I have also assisted in early mission planning of the European Mars Express mission and several proposed Mars scout missions. As part of my current Lunar research, I am participating in an effort to digitize at very high-resolution the archive of Apollo photographic images. In my limited spare time, I also write SF/F as a hobby.
Deb Nickelson
Deb Nickelson is a member of the United Federation of Phoenix and past member of fan clubs in NJ and MN. She has organized Men in Tights, Filk sings and Galactic Gourmet at Minicon in Minneapolis. She has participated in WorldCons, including Yokohama, Japan in 2007. Deb Nickelson, DVM is a veterinarian and marketing manager with Veterinary Products Laboratories, an animal health company. She serves on the advisory board of Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden is a consulting editor for Tor Books, where she has worked with authors ranging from Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson, to Harry Turtledove, Jane Lindskold, and Steven Brust. In 2006, Robert Charles Wilson's Spin, which she edited, won the Hugo Award for best novel of the year. With her husband, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, she co-edited the Hugo-nominated fanzine Izzard, won TAFF in 1985, and helped found the New York Review of Science Fiction; today, the Nielsen Haydens are among the regular instructors at the Viable Paradise writers' workshop, and manage the weblog Making Light. Together, in 2003, they were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the "Skylark"), for service to the field. In the rest of her life, Teresa gardens, spends too much time reading discreditable web sites, and keeps hamsters.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Patrick Nielsen Hayden is a senior editor, and the manager of the SF and fantasy lines, at Tor Books, where he has worked with authors ranging from Arthur C. Clarke, David Weber, and Poul Anderson, to Emma Bull, Ken MacLeod, and Charles de Lint. He has been responsible for publishing the first novels of many notable writers, including Maureen F. McHugh, Susan Palwick, Jonathan Lethem, Cory Doctorow, Jo Walton, and John Scalzi. In short fiction, he has edited several original and reprint anthologies--his Starlight series won the World Fantasy Award for its first volume--and he is currently acquiring and editing original fiction for the Macmillan site In 2007, he won a Hugo Award for his editorial work. With his wife, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, he co-edited the Hugo-nominated fanzine Izzard, won TAFF in 1985, and helped found the New York Review of Science Fiction; today, the Nielsen Haydens are among the regular instructors at the Viable Paradise writers' workshop, and manage the weblog Making Light. Together, in 2003, they were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the "Skylark"), for service to the field. In the rest of his life, Patrick rides a decrepit bicycle in New York City traffic, spends too much time tinkering with computers, and plays lead guitar for the New York City band Whisperado.
Adam Niswander

Adam Niswander is the author of the Shaman Cycle novels (The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, The Hound Hunters, The War of the Whisperers, and The Nemesis of Night). He is also the author of The Repository, The Sand Dwellers, Golden Dreams: Book One in The Histories of Light and Dark, and of Blurring the Edges of Dream: The Short Fiction of Adam Niswander.Miskatonic River Press recently reissued the hard-to-find anthology Dead But Dreaming containing Adam's story Bayer's Tale. The Hound Hunters was officiallypublished by Hippocampus Press in March(only fifteen years later than planned) andAdam has just signed the contract for The War of the Whisperers to be released at the end of summer or early fall.He is a former CASFS President and has served on the board. He resides in Phoenix with two feline companions, Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser.
Rick Novy

Rick Novy is a local writer who has lived in Scottsdale for ten years. He spent the past 14 years as an engineer in the semiconductor industry before falling victim to the recession. He has published (or forthcoming) over 35 short stories, and has collected eight honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest. He also was the winner of the D.G.K. Goldberg Award from AnotherRealm for best horror story of 2007. He is a graduate of Orson Scott Card's Literary Boot Camp. His work has appeared or is scheduled to appear in venues such as Intergalactic Medicine Show and Flash Fiction Online. He also produces the Novy MIRror video podcast, where he interviews genre personalities. You can see the most recent episode on his website.
James Owen
James A.  Owen
James has written and illustrated three books in The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series: Here, There Be Dragons, The Search For The Red Dragon; and The Indigo King. The series is now being published in more than twenty languages. A fourth volume, The Shadow Dragons, is forthcoming in October of 2009. He is founder and executive director of Coppervale International, an art and design studio that also published the periodicals International Studio and Argosy, develops television and film projects, and is redesigning an entire town, among other ventures. James has written and illustrated two dozen Starchild comics, the Mythworld series of novels (published in Germany and France), and more. He lives in Arizona with his family.
Chris Paige
Christina Paige served as a medic in the U.S. Army from ’92-96 and three things preserved her sanity: friendships, filk, and SF. She expresses her gratitude by writing reviews for ConNotations and filking at conventions. She sometimes earns money as a teacher or as an editor for Fireship Press, which specializes in history and all things nautical. If she could time-travel, she’d visit Rudyard Kipling, and try to rescue the Children’s Crusade. If she were as rich as Bill Gates, she’d sponsor massage therapists to visit schools and give chair massages to teachers.
B. Jean Palmer
I have been sewing since 1961. My first Science Fiction Convention was in Maryland. Hesitated about going until I was told that going in costume was more fun! That sold me, so my daughters & I made some costumes! I have been attending Con's [in COSTUME] ever since. Attended the first CostumeCon in CA in 1982. and first thru 10th Costume College. My first AZ Con was WesterColt 45 --I made/wore a pioneer woman outfit. Am now a member of SWCG, the Southwest Costumers Guild, [a for-fun group] which is a branch of the International Costumers Guild ICG. I can usually be found backstage at our local Con Masquerades.
Kay Pannell
Kay Pannell has a MSc in Geobiology from the George Washington University in Washington DC. She has been Chief Operations Officer at an environmental consulting firm in San Jose, CA for the past six and a half years. Her expertise is in remediating hazard waste at military installations, including unexploded ordnance and radioactive waste containment. She also created and owns her ownbusiness, Stardust Studio, which createshand-crafted leather fantasy masks. She is mostly seen at Baycon, the science fiction/fantasy writers and artists convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Tony Parker
Tony Parker
Tony Parker is an award winning artist and illustrator based out of Phoenix, AZ. He has been in over 125 role playing game books, done over 240 CCG and sketch cards, painted book covers, and done multiple series of graphic novels. He is currently the line artist for the graphic novel adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by BOOM! Studios. His past clients have included Marvel Comics Group, BOOM! Studios, the HERO Initiative, Games Workshop, Black Libraries and Topps.
Aprilynne Pike

Aprilynne Pike is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling YA novel, WINGS, the first in a series of four. She has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination. At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found at the gym; she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula. Aprilynne currently lives with her husband and three kids in Phoenix.Aprilynne Pike is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling YA novel, WINGS, the first in a series of four. She has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination. At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found at the gym; she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula. Aprilynne currently lives with her husband and three kids in Phoenix.
Justin Pottenger
Game Master
Angie Ramey
Game Master
Gilbert F.R. Rau
E.E., B. ès S., Ph.B., Sc.D., a long-time fan (as Randy) One of the founding fathers of Phoenix Fandom: O.A.S.F.S.,which convertedinto CASFS, Inc, a 501 C. Chairman of aWestercon, LepreCons, CopperCons, Fan Gatherings, and many World Fantasy Conventions. Got Phoenix's first WorldCon. Wore every hat you can think of in Fandom and then some. Have a majestic Book and Art collection. In the real world, am a Senior VP/Research, COO for Quantum Information Specialists, Inc. Inventor, classified a National Treasure by USPTO with three different subjectspatents,L-5/M and classified/Laud by DoD. Special Investigator forPresident Reagan on the subject of Tesla, and other things. Latest White paper, Resonance internal conversion by photo-induced de-excitation triggering of someisomers to break nuclear bonds.
Wyllow Ravenscroft
Wyllow Ravenscroft is a singer, songwriter, and musician who performs traditional folk music on voice, guitar and pennywhistle. Her original songs merge Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance themes, often dealing with the myths and legends of the Celts. And, she is a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
Darren Reale
Darren Reale received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Chapman University, and then received a Master's in Music Education degree from Arizona State University. He currently is the music director for the Laveen Elementary School district where he instructs general music, choir, and band. He is a published poet and recording artist of folk music, specializing in the history of novelty-filk music and its performance. He also is a 12-year veteran in the Navy Reserves, working for the Seabees (Construction Battalion). He specializes there in warfare tactics, and has received the Seabee Combat Warfare pin, and is the past Seabee Combat Warfare instructor for Phoenix Navy Reserve Center. Since 1983, he has been a participant and leader of various groups in the Society for Creative Anachronism doing armored combat performing bardic music.
Jennifer Roberson
Jennifer, author of 25 novels, is best known for three different fantasy series, including the Sword-Dancer saga, the Cheysuli series, and more recently the Karavans universe. Her short fiction has appeared in many anthologies, and a collection of twenty stories, Guineevere's Truth And Other Tales, was published in 2008. A collaboration written with Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott, The Golden Key, was shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award. She has also published three historical novels, including two exploring the Robin Hood legend. In her other life, Jennifer breeds and shows top-winning Cardigan Welsh Corgis. She lives on acreage just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, but anticipates a move to Tucson in a few years when the housing market improves--which may mean she'll be 90 before she gets there.
Nyki Robertson
Nyki Robertson has been in and out of fandom since the late 80's. She is a single mom with a teenage daughter. Nyki is currently Vice-President of the SouthWest Costumers' Guild and has been sewing for 29 years, with her specialty being Middle-Eastern Costuming. She has been a judge for several masquerades and enjoys encouraging others in their costuming.
Peter Rota aka Captain Jack Falcon
I'm Captain Jack Falcon, Captain of the Phyxsius, I love all things Pirate, I have an extensive collection of Pirate memorabilia.  Been a Member of the Arizona Corsairs for 2 years.  We Commendeered the Phyxsius from the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Md, she was formally Known U.S.S Constellation.  She was Commendeered with nigh a shot fired.  I attend the Renaissance festival every year and Estrella war.  Im always on the lookout for Booty and Treasure that needs plunderin.
Shirley Runyon aka First Mate Lady Brianna
Shirley Runyon has been involved in fan groups and conventions since the mid 1980's, but has been out of sight for a long time due to health problems. Turning up like a bad penny, invading the fleet of the Arizona Corsairs, and herding rampaging hordes of bellydancers, faeries, and faery bellydancers, FiestaCon has corralled her energy and convinced her to use her powers for good. At least for the duration of the con.
Stanley Schmidt
Stanley Schmidt
Stanley Schmidt was born in Cincinnati and graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1966. He began selling stories while a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, where he completed his Ph.D. in physics in 1969. He continued freelancing while an assistant professor at Heidelberg College in Ohio, teaching physics, astronomy, science fiction, and other oddities. (He was introduced to his wife, Joyce, by a serpent while teaching field biology in a place vaguely resembling that well-known garden.) He has contributed numerous stories and articles to original anthologies and magazines including Analog, Asimov's, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Rigel, The Twilight Zone, Artemis, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, American Journal of Physics, Camping Journal, Writer's Digest, and The Writer. He has edited or coedited about a dozen anthologies. Since 1978, as editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, he has been nominated 29 times for the Hugo award for Best Professional Editor. He is a member of the Board of Advisers for the National Space Society, and has been an invited speaker at national meetings of that organization, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the American Association of Physics Teachers, as well as numerous museums and universities. In his writing and editing, he draws on a varied background including extensive experience as a musician, photographer, traveler, naturalist, outdoorsman, pilot, and linguist. Most of these influences have left traces in his five novels and short fiction. His nonfiction includes the book Aliens and Alien Societies: A Writer's Guide to Creating Extraterrestrial Life-Forms, the recent The Coming Convergence, and hundreds of Analog editorials, some of them collected in Which Way to the Future?. He was Guest of Honor at BucConeer, the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore, and has been a Nebula and Hugo award nominee for his fiction.
Annette Sexton-Ruiz
Annette Maria Sexton-Ruiz began exhibiting artwork in the 80's and has been in exhibitions in Chicago, Arizona, Los Angeles as well as Mexico. She earned her Bachelor of Art Degree from Arizona State, distinction in Art History (Pre-Columbian to Modern). Annette was part of the Chicano Art Movement in Chicago's "Little Mexico" in the 80's, and also Self-Help Graphics Chicano Art Movement in East Los Angeles throughout the 90's. Her artwork has been purchased by Arizona State University, the Government of Mexico (INBA) and private collectors, worldwide. In addition to living in Mexico City in the late 80's she often visited Puerto Rico and Ireland. She has also worked in Museum environments for 15 years. Since 2000 she has been writing grants for public art projects and Artist Residencies and is currently working on private and public art commissions.
Michael Siladi
M. Siladi
Michael Siladi has been an active fan since 1973, when he attended his first convention, Equicon, in Los Angeles. He started working on conventions in 1975, and has been working on conventions ever since. He has been involved in all areas of convention operations, and was most recently Chairman of BayCon 2008. He was also Chairman of Westercon 60: Gnomeward Bound, held at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel in July 2007. Last year, Michael is privileged to be the Fan Guest of Honor at Loscon 35. Michael enjoys teaching others how to run conventions, and leads the occasional Conventional Wisdom, the San Francisco Bay Area Convention College. He served three times as Chairman of Construction, a predecessor to Conventional Wisdom. He was the Chairman of SMOFcon 17, the international science fiction and fantasy convention organizer's convention, held in New Orleans in December of 1999. He serves on the Boards of Directors of a number of fan-related corporations, including Artistic Solutions, Inc. (parent of BayCon) and the Society for the Promotion of Fannish Interests, Inc., (parent of Westercon 60 and of Conventional Wisdom). He has also served as a Director of the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, Inc., (parent of Conjecture) and as a Director of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., parent of the 1993 and 2002 WorldCons. Michael has been involved in the computer industry since high school, and has been an avid computer hobbyist since the dawn of the PC era. He is currently employed as a senior information technology professional for the University of California at Santa Cruz. In his spare time, his other hobbies include astronomy, photography, and petting his cats.
Janni Lee Simner
Janni Lrr Simner
Janni Lee Simner's post-apocalyptic YA fantasy, Bones of Faerie, is set after the war between the human and faerie realms has destroyed the world, leaving behind a world filled with deadly magic: trees that seek human blood, glowing stones that burn with cold fire, and forests whose shadows can swallow a person whole. She's also published four books for younger readers, most recently Secret of the Three Treasures, and more than 30 short stories, including appearances in Realms of Fantasy, Cricket magazine, Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar, and Gothic! Ten Original Dark Tales..
Michael Stackpole
Mike grew up in Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1979 with a BA in History. Instead of becoming a history teacher, he moved to Arizona and went to work as a game designer with Flying Buffalo, Inc. In 1987 he went freelance fulltime, worked on Wasteland, Bards Tale III, and The 25th Anniversary Star Trek Computer Game. He also started writing novels for FASA, GDW, ROC and Bantam Books.He is best known for his New York Times Bestselling Star Wars X-Wing novels and I, Jedi. His 40th novel, The New World, was published by Bantam Books in August of 2007. Mike co-authored the movie Gonewith Brian Pulido and the screenplay took the Grand Prize in Fade-In Magazine'sScriptwriting contest for 2006. Their second script, The Sickness, is in pre-production. Mike's first animated film, Return to Thaumopolis, was part of the Lara Croft Revisionedproject produced by In addition to writing novels, short stories and scripts, Mike is an award-winning podcaster. He co-hosts the popular DragonPage Cover to Coverprogram and has two of his own podcasts: The Secrets, a podcast for serious writers, and Fortress Draconis: The Podcast, which is an audiobook production of his novel Fortress Draconis. Mike lives in the east valley and spends his spare time playing indoor soccer and dancing.
Kevin Standlee

Kevin Standlee was co-Chair of ConJosé, the 2002 Worldcon. He is a director of SFSFC, Inc., parent corporation of the 2002 and 1993 Worldcons, and CanSMOF, parent corporation of the 2009 Worldcon. Kevin’s first SF convention was the 1984 Worldcon, and he has worked on conventions in roles from gopher to Worldcon Chairman. Kevin is an expert on the rules of Worldcon and Westercon. His other hobbies include a love of trains and rail transit. Kevin works as a logistics solutions engineer for Menlo Worldwide, a supply-chain management company headquartered in San Mateo, California. He can sometimes be found hosting SF-themed versions of the classic game show MATCH GAME.
Ken St. Andre
Ken is always happy to attend a Westercon. 2008 was a big year for Ken with the publication of his novel Griffin Feathers by Outlaw Press. (Yes, you can find it on Tunnels and Trolls was also re-issued last year in an expanded edition by Fiery Dragon Publications, Inc. He had a story published in the Troll Tunnels anthology by Peryton Press, and two stories in Troll's Blood and Old Delvers from Outlaw Press. Ken is twittering these days as trollgod and is doing experimental twitter fiction about the diary of the Death Goddess. And he really hates bios.
Alison Stern
I have been involved in fandom almost since I could remember. My involvement in fandom has been through the Renaissance Faire, creating costumes, role-playing gaming, conventions, helping out at the masquerades, running convention departments (Children's programming and Music), artshow, registration, being a gopher, participating on panels. I have been at small cons like LaLa Con (relax-a-con) and large cons up to Worldcon. I have been collecting and buying artwork at artshows since I was a least 10 years old. Costuming for me started when I was 3 years old and we needed to finish all the costumes for Faire and I am still at it. My main involvement has been through children's programming and music. I have run the music departments at Gallifreys and BayCons and in September of 2007 I was the Music Guest of Honor with my sister Heather for CopperCon. I was helping to run the children's programs at Loscon since I was 11 and starting running them when I was 16; before that was just having fun within them. I have run children's programs at small cons and large alike all with great success for both the kids and the parents. I like to involve the kids in all the different areas of fandom. I hope to have a lot of fun at the con and that so will the kids of the con as I am the children's programming coordinator.
Paige Sullivan
Rev. Paige Sullivan has studied metaphysics for 26 years and is a Wiccan High Priestess. She is a certified hypnotherapist, and has worked extensively in the fields of divination. She currently works in Scottsdale, Arizona doing multipletypes of readings and soul-drawings.
David Lee Summers
David Lee Summers is an author, editor and astronomer living somewhere between the western and final frontiers in Southern New Mexico. He edited the anthology Space Pirates for Flying Pen Press and edits Tales of the Talisman Magazine. He is the author of five novels: The Pirates of Sufiro, Children of the Old Stars, Heirs of the New Earth, Vampires of the Scarlet Order, and The Solar Sea. David is also co-author, with Lee Clark Zumpe, of the book, Blood Sampler, from Sam's Dot Publishing. His short fiction has appeared in such magazines as Realms of Fantasy, The Vampire's Crypt, Aoife's Kiss, The Fifth Di..., The Martian Wave, and Science Fiction Trails. In addition to his work in the written word, David has also worked at numerous observatories around the southwestern United States. He lives in Southern New Mexico with his wife Kumie and his daughters Myranda and Verity.
Silvia Suvadova

Silvia Suvadova is originally from Czechoslovakia. She studied acting for 4 years at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, one of the most prestigious acting schools in Europe. In 1997 she starred in Kolya, which won an Oscar, and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Silvia has been a prominent stage, film and television actress in numerous productions in Europe for over 15 years. In the last 4 years Silvia has starred in 10 feature films in the US. Silvia's first role in America was Sergant Jessica Russel in Sci-Fi Channel's Puppet Masters vs. Demonic Toys along with Corey Feldman and Vanessa Angel. Silvia starred in Polanski Unauthorized, which opened in U.S. theaters February 13th. She portrayed Roman Polanski's mother who was killed in a concentration camp. Silvia finished an action thriller Bad Cop where she co-starred with David Carradine. After co-starring in the new science fiction drama Starwatch, which premieres here at Westercon62, she went on to work on the psychological drama No Regrets, where she plays a music composer that faces the greatest challenge of her lifetime. She currently lives in Venice, California.
Gary Swaty
Gary has been attending Science Fiction Conventions since the early 1970s. The first convention he worked was IquanaCon II, the 1978 Phoenix WorldCon. He worked Info Desk, Security and did supply purchase runs during the Con. After that Gary confined himself to helping with Set-Up and Tear-Down at CopperCon and LepreCon until the 1990s. Sometime in the mid Nineties he was asked to be Filk Liaison to Phoenix Area Conventions for the Phoenix Filk Circle. He has been responsible for obtaining Filk GoHs and scheduling Filk Events at CopperCon and LepreCon since then. He handled Filk at Westercon 57/ConKopelli in Litchfield, Arizona in 2004. He has run Registration for HexaCon, World Horror and World Fantasy. He worked Ops at DarkCon 1 and was a General Henchman at AniZonas 1 and 2 and ran registration at AniZona 3. He was Chairman of HexaCon 16 in 2006 and Chairman of CopperCon 28. He is also Committee for Filk at this convention - FiestaCon/Westercon 62.
Mahala Sweebe
Jeanine Swick
Jeanine's sewing days goes way back to childhood and making doll clothes. Having 2 grandmothers and a mom who were active sewers she made her own clothes to wear to school in the 6th grade. Costuming started up in high school with a student summer theater program. She really got hooked on costuming after joining the Country Dance and Song Society of Pittsburgh in the mid to late 70's. She resumed costuming in the late 90's when her college-aged daughter and highschool-aged son joined a Live Action Role Playing group that had medieval/fantasy theme and started making garb for them. Their friends started asking where they got the neat stuff and wanted to know how to get some. Things blossomed from there when some of the group's members joined the cast of a small ren faire and asked if she would be interested in selling garb there. She can now be found at some of the smaller ren faires, cons, SCA events (including Pennsic) and belly dance events in the New England area. She describes her work as "period inspired" rather than historically accurate as it allows for more opportunity to do creative ideas of her own or by request for others. She is a member of Silicon Web Costumers' Guild chapter of the International Costumers' Guild.
Megan Taylor
Bill Thomasson
Bill is a science/medial writer and an activist both in politics and on disability issues. He was born in 1936 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and came north to attend the University of Chicago. He dropped out after a few years and followed the traditional family occupation of railway clerk until he was drafted. "Luckily, no one was shooting at us just then," he recalls. "President Kennedy announced he was sending ‘advisors' to an obscure place called Viet Nam the month I got my release from active duty." Thomasson went back to school and got a biochemistry PhD from Caltech in 1970. He taught in medical school and a couple of colleges for the next 8 years, until those jobs dried up. That's when he decided to try science/medical writing. He started out doing magazine articles, starting at the top by doing his first article for the Atlantic Monthly. He also points to a 1978 article on climate change, long before the subject became popular. After stints in public relations he shifted into medical writing, with increasing emphasis on helping researchers and their corporate sponsors craft articles for medical and dental research journals. Ignoring the concept of "retirement age," he's now helping researchers in Ann Arbor with their research articles and grant applications. As others have also noted, he observes that, "It's possible to view grant applications as ‘the real science fiction.'" Thomasson became an avid science fiction reader when his local library acquired a copy of the just-published Rocker Ship Galileo, but did not join convention fandom until 1980. In 2000 his second eye went bad (age-related macular degeneration), leaving him legally blind. "Being who I am," Thomasson says, "I soon got involved in disability activism including helping with Chicago's annual Disability Pride Parade, for which I am now financial officer."
Melissa Trible
Janice Tuerff
When Jan's kids were little, she liked to make them costumes for display in con masquerades. Her work got lots of compliments, plus the occasional "Best Construction" ribbon. As the kids got older, and their ideas for costumes got a bit more complicated, Jan was there to help. She loved the challenge. Recently, Jan started making props for fun – quite accurate representations of things she sees in movies and finds interesting. A huge Harry Potter fan, she has amazed other fans and Potter scholars alike with her representations of time turners, furry books with teeth and blinking eyes, her Hogwarts plaque that looks 3-D from inches away, but is in fact, flat; and most impressively, her handmade wands which she makes with little more than wood, sandpaper, household knives and a Dremel tool that actually looks tired when she's done with it. Jan also makes props and costumes for other purposes. As a cast member for the local vaudeville show Romantasy Cabaret, her creations include a tear-away suit of clothing and a life-size streetlight, which currently sits at the corner of Kitchen and Dining Room.
Tom Tuerff
Tom Tuerff is a man who writes songs about life experiences from his own unique and hilarious perspective. Fans know him best for his Little Star Treks, an irreverent song poking fun at the characters and plots of the various Trek series done to the "little houses all made out of ticky tacky" tune. Tom is a true Filker. There is no song he won't parody and subject he won't explore - from His "First House" song about moving to the hilarious "Clerical error" - His Catholic Guilt song is unforgettable. His "Piercing Song" is ... Several of his songs were played on Dr. Demento with "first House being #5 on Demento's 2001 Funny 25 List. His songs have been played on various stations here and in Europe. He has thirty years of experience with the Guitar which he plays upside down mostly as he is a south paw. In his act he brings in various peculiar instruments for his "Scary Instrument Time." He has two CD's: "Something to sell at my Gigs" and "Wait, There's More." Check out Tom Tuerff at CD Baby. He will be participating in programming and he will have a concert. He will likely be at the Filk Circle some.
Todd VanHooser
Game Master
Claudia Villa
Claudia is a professional costume designer who owns and operates Villa Costuming & Wardrobe, a custom design and manufacturing studio serving the greater Phoenix area. She has costumed professional theater, movies and television in the Valley for the past 20 years. Her work has been seen on stage in productions for local community theaters, high school productions and professional theater companies including Phoenix Theater, Southwest Shakespeare and Ballet Arizona. Claudia Villa holds the Order of the Laurel in the Society for Creative Anachronism under the name of Mistress Cassandra of Kingswear, a 14th century French woman living in the English court of Henry V and Catherine of Valois.
Juliette Wade
Juliette Wade immersed herself in xeno-linguistics from an early age. Thanks largely to her explorer parents, she has been fostered in environments of at least five alien languages (three of which she now speaks). Her first experience of an Alien Spaceport came at the Kami-Soshigaya Students' Dorm in Tokyo, where creatures commonly passed through from sixty different planets at once. She was able to keep her feet there thanks to her studies of Japanese and Anthropology. She then fell in love with an alien from the Planet Down Under, and subsequently abducted him to her own planet. Juliette taught alien languages for three years, then moved on to completing her M.A. in Linguistics and Ph.D. in Education before encountering an entirely new species – children. After several years in the thick of linguistic struggle she has achieved successful communication which bodes well for their future on our planet. Her first story, "Let the Word Take Me," appeared in the July/August issue of Analog magazine last year, and she is working on new stories and novels while awaiting the release of a new Analog story, "Cold Words."
Doreen Webbert
Doreen's first convention was the 1960 Westercon held in Bosie ID. Before that, she read fanzines; mostly those in the Spectator Amateur Press Society, or SAPS as all called the group. She met Jim a couple of weeks before that fatal Westercon and they married the following year. That marriage got her into the back side of her second convention - SeaCon in 1961. Being in Seattle she was also part of the Nameless Ones, and helped with the collating etc of CRY of the Nameless the club fanzine. The Nameless had quite a membership that went on to bigger and better things. F.M. Busby, Vonda McInyre, Gordon Eklund, and, of course, Jerry Pournelle. She became OE (Official Editor) of SAPS and took the OE-ship from Seattle WA to Akron, OH to Phoenix, AZ, and thru the birth of two children, Cynthia and David "Zack" who are both fans. Her fanzine was: Por Que? After moving to Phoenix she worked on LepreCon, even attending a meeting for LepreCon I. Doreen did programming for many LepreCons, 2 World Fantasy Cons, NASFIC. She attended a World Fantasy Con in London to help the bid for the one to be held in AZ and was part of the group that went to Den Hag Netherlands to bid for WorldCon in Phoenix (we lost) after returning from Den Hag she went to San Diego as Hotel Liaison for their NASFIC and because of the Gulf War, ended up running the Dealers Room. She worked on 2 World Horror Cons (co-chair of one and vice chair of the other) both held in Phoenix. Around 2003, she started cutting back on working Cons and started to think about attending. And now does mostly panels on various subjects. Her current hobbies include Polymer Clay, Wire Wrapping, Beading & of course reading.
Jim Webbert
Jim first became interested in science fiction during the mid 40's reading many of the SF magazine then on the market. He met a fellow fan who was publishing a general fanzine by the name of "Oopsla." He helped with the production of this "zine" with Greg Calkins, who was fan guest of honor at a Westercon many years ago. His first convention was the Portland WorldCon, held in 1950. His interest continued with world conventions in Chicago and San Francisco. This was followed by several moves around the country until moving to Seattle and attending their Westercon in 1959 - and he hasn't quit since. He became part of the "Cry of the Nameless" crew and was active in the 1961 Seattle world con. He handled operation and membership. From there he remained active in fandom, became a member of SAPS, publishing a zine under the title of "Stumping;" and, working with Alan Nourse, helped write two non-fiction books: "So You Want to be An Engineer and "So You Want to be a Chemist." Things were going well until the AeroSpace slump at Boeing in 1969-1970, where he worked as a process chemist. At Boeing, he worked on a Minuteman missile, Dynasour (which was to be a 2-man space shuttle), the Lunar Orbiter, Apollo, and several others of interest. He ended up moving to Akron to work for Goodyear Aerospace. While there, he worked on the Viking Lander and several military projects. Stayed active in fandom and helped found "The Esoteric Order of Dagon"(EOD), mainly based on interest in horror and dark fantasy. At one time both Glen Lord and David Drake were members. The cold weather caused a move to Phoenix and more fannish activities; including working on most of the LepreCons, (as Treasurer, Operations Head, Hotel Liaison) and a few other local conventions, including Westercons, NASFIC, World Horror and even helping out at several ComicCons in San Diego. While working for Sperry Aerospace, he worked on the Solar Max Satellite and the production of other equipment to be used in space operations. He retired from the Aerospace industry after 35 years and then spent another 14 working as a chemist for the State of Arizona, before retiring for good. The military finally got rid of him after 33 years of teaching several different subjects, including atomic, biological, nuclear operations; marksmanship and light weapons. Current hobbies include target shooting, ans jewelry making (including silver smithing, casting and faceting).
Chris Welborn
Chris has worked in microelectronics and historical aircraft restoration. He belongs to his local amateur rocket association. He shares his love of rockets by teaching beginning classes in rockets for kids at the Pima Air and Space Museum as well as cons, schools, and summer camps.
Michelle M. Welch
Michelle M. Welch is an Arizona native who grew up trying to choose between her two loves: music and writing. After a brief stint in music school, she somehow ended up as a reference librarian, and after a flurry of query letters and rejections, she somehow ended up writing a fantasy trilogy. She is currently working on various other writing projects and trying to learn too many new instruments.
John T. Wheeler
Professional Facepainter for the last 6 years. 2004 King of the Jams at the International Facepainting Convention. Been at many CopperCons and many Masquerades. Formerly did the video rooms for the cons from 1994-2004. Local Fan and Former President of the United Federation of Phoenix. And A Major-League Doctor Who Fan, Panelist, and of British and Australian TV.
Lee Whiteside
Lee Whiteside has been keeping track of science fiction and fantasy TV for the last 15 years or so, both in print and online with the website. He's also been involved with Arizona fandom for almost as long, having chaired two CopperCons, a LepreCon, the 2006 Nebula Awards weekend, and the upcoming North American Discworld Convention. In real life, he's a network engineer.
Randall Whitlock
Randall Whitlock has been an active SF/medieval/renaissance costumer since the early 80's, with a certain reputation for visual pun costumes, such as "Dances with Werewolves" and "The Dookus of Hazzard." Randall writes the "Costume Closet" column in Connotations, edits the Southwest Costumers Guildnewsletter "Cactus Needles,"and drafts the "Randwulf's" line of sewing patterns, seen at his "MoiRandall's" costume booth at renaissance faires across Arizona. Currently, Randall is on the CASFS Board of Directors. Mundanely, Randall is a Geologist with an academic background in meteorites, currently digging up dirt on soil and groundwater contamination for real estate investors in Arizona.
Dr. David A. Williams
Dr. David A. Williams is currently serving as a Faculty Research Associate in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. He served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at ASU in 2001-2002, in which he cotaught Physical Geology and a graduate seminar in Planetary Volcanology. David is currently perfoming research in volcanology and planetary geology, with a focus on planetary mapping, geochemical, and remote sensing studies. He was involved with NASA's Magellan Mission to Venus and Galileo Mission to Jupiter, and he is currently serving as an Associate US Investigator on the European Space Agency's Mars Express mission. David is currently the Second Vice-Chair of the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America, has served on several NASA committees including the 2007 Jovian System Observer Science Definition Team, and is currently a steering committee member of the NASA Outer Planets Advisory Group. In Fandom, David is a past president of the United Federation of Phoenix, the second longest continuously-running Star Trek and general science fiction fan club in the United States. A life-long Star Trek and Star Wars fan, he has participated in national Star Trek conventions and various charity events.
Gail Wolfenden-Steib
Gail photo
Gail is an award-winning theatrical costume designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Now a freelance designer and resident costume designer for Stageworks at the Mesa Arts Center, she is looking forward to her 12th summer as the costume painter/dyer for the Tony Award Winning Utah Shakespearean Festival. She has been the resident costume designer for Phoenix Theatre and Phoenix Theatre's Cookie Company, and a member of the costume production staff of Ballet Arizona. Her design work has been seen on numerous stages around the valley since 1994. Her love of costuming began as a hobby. She went to her first SF convention in 1982 and was hooked. Gail is a master costumer in both the SF/Fantasy and Historical categories (she worked her way up through the ranks prior to becoming a professional). Notable costumes include: Night Wing: a Tribute to the Knight at ConFrancisco; The Masque du Roi, as Louis XIV as the Sun King, Best in Show Historical Masquerade Costumecon; and The Devil's Darning Needle, in the ‘glowing steam punk bug bustle', Best in Class Master Division Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade Costumecon 26. She has directed masquerades at the local and regional levels and has judged at all levels of competition, including WorldCon. Gail also teaches fiber and costume arts classes through Mesa Arts Center's studio program. In 2007 she presented the sold out professional development workshop on costume distressing at the United States Institute of Theatre Technology's national conference in Phoenix. She is currently serving a term on USITT's Desert States Section Board of Directors. This past August Gail started her own custom dancewear company, Rukshana Raks!, specializing in belly dance costumes and workout wear for both the cabaret and tribal style dancers. She spends her weekends, when not trapped in a dark theatre, working as a house dancer at Tandoori Times in both their Scottsdale and Glendale locations and at Dooby's Grill Café in Mesa. She earned a BA in Clothing and Textiles and an MFA in Scenography from Arizona State University.
Kevin Wyman
A lifelong student of musical instruments, Kevin Wyman began as an apprentice at the tender age of six under the careful guidance of noted instrument makers such as John Gray, David Caron and Julius Mesner. These distinguished artisans were all affiliated with a music manufacturing and retailing business based in Illinois called School Music Service, founded by his grandfather, Byron Wyman. He built his first instrument, a guitar, at age thirteen, followed shortly thereafter by a violin and then a bass violin. After years of passionate study and hands-on involvement with pre-twentieth century string instruments, his knowledge of and vast experience with their design and evolution has brought about the establishment of Wyman Instruments. The company is devoted entirely to the development and production of revolutionary new instruments that not only surpass in sound quality and structure that which we know today, but that go on to establish new methods of manufacturing a superior product at a fraction of the costs presently in place. Mr. Wyman continues to work in his small shop in Scottsdale, Arizona, hand making prototypes of instruments.
Nola Yergen-Jennings
Nola Yergen-Jennings recently graduated from California State University Long Beach with an MFA in Costume Design. Before that she worked for eight years as the costume designer at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. She has won several awards for her costumes from AriZoni awards for Arizona theatre design to Best of Show in the Historical Masquerade at CostumeCon 23. Currently she is working as the costume designer on several short film projects and is looking to design for independent features.

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