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Programming Info

Welcome to our FiestaCon/Westercon 62. We guess you’re looking at this page because you want to know if you’ll find anything interesting at our con. And we hope you find it.

You will find fun audience-participation events such as Pictionary with our Guest Artist, Todd Lockwood, and others.  You can help your team win at SciFi Jeopardy or learn how to belly-dance.  And there will be a really cool presentation of siege warfare through the ages from a bonafide expert.  Gamers will have a unique opportunity to attend a 2-hour GameMaster Workshop with Dennis McKiernan.  There will be more literature type panels that you can shake a stick at – including one on the nature of horror, a midnight discussion of all things vampiric, steampunk literature and writers’ workshops.  And if you’re a costumer, you’ve got more to choose from than you’ll believe!

Kids can learn how to draw their own Treasure Map and go on a Pirate Treasure Hunt.  They’ll have the chance to walk thru the Art Show and learn how to look at art.  We’ve got experts to talk about metaphysics including Making Your Own Magic, Past Lives and how to make your own Vision Board.  You’ll also have an opportunity to learn how to Dowse for Spirits.  We’ll have both a Regency Dance hosted by John Hertz, and a Modern Dance.  Late at night, you’ll have an opportunity to identify alien sex aids or stuff a pair of tights – if you’re brave enough! 

If you’re into Science, we’ve got a couple Planetary Geologists from our state university who will inform and educate you on the Lunar Recon Orbiter, NASA’s planetary missions; and dazzle you with fabulous images from NASA’s Cassini Mission.  Your (potty-trained) 3-year-olds up to 12-year-olds can hang out in our kids room staffed by a credentialed elementary school teacher who will provide a wide range of entertainments.  And, if I’ve missed something of interest, it’s only because I ran out of breath…

Please…enjoy yourself.

Catherine Book & Richard Foss
FiestaCon Program Directors

The rrogram in grid format for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is now available as well as the descriptions below.

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