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Committee/Staff List

Committee ~ Stacey Helton

Committee ~ Mark Boniece

Art Show
Committee ~ David Gish
Staff ~ Pam Allen
Staff ~ R Merrill Bollerud
Staff ~ Sylvana Anderson Gish
Staff ~ Vickie Edwards
Staff ~ Gus Talbott (Auction)
Staff ~ JB Talbott (Auction)

Business Meeting Chair
Committee ~ Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Secretary
Staff ~ Christian McGuire

Business Meeting Videographer
Staff ~ Lisa Hayes

CASFS Liaison
Committee ~ Kevin McAlonan

Committee ~ Mike Willmoth

Charity Auction
Committee ~ Catherine Book
Staff ~ Gus Talbott
Staff ~ JB Talbott
Staff ~ Bill Whitmore
Staff ~ Deb Paper
Staff ~ Cathie Yankovich

Committee ~ Alice Massoglia

Convention Operations (Office)
Committee ~ Mike Willmoth
Staff ~ Tadao Tomomatsu

Dance (Modern)
Committee ~ Ethan Moe

Dance (Regency)
Committee ~ John Hertz

Dark Liaison
Committee ~ Jeff Jennings
Staff ~ Dave Rood

Dealers Room
Committee ~ David Hiatt
Staff ~ Kim Hiatt

Committee ~ Marcia Minsky
Staff ~ Christian McGuire
Staff ~ Tadao Tomomatsu

Fan Tables
Committee ~ Bobbie DuFault
Staff ~ Gerald Gieseke

Fanzine Lounge
Committee ~ John Hertz

Filk Liaison
Committee ~ Gary Swaty
Staff ~ Marguerite Murray
Staff ~ Susan Uttke
Staff ~ Melissa Trible

Committee ~ Len Berger

Committee ~ Ivan Erickson

Green Room
Committee ~ Janet White
Staff ~ Theresa Contos
Staff ~ Liz Hanson

Guest Liaison
Committee ~ Sharan Hoyle

Committee ~ Mike Cassidy

Hotel Liaison
Committee ~ Mike Willmoth

Information Desk
Committee ~ Cathy Mullican

Committee ~ Rick Kolvacik

Committee ~ Sandra Manning
Staff ~ Randall Whitlock
Staff ~ Jim Manning
Staff ~ Sarah Manning

Committee ~ Jane Dennis
Committee ~Scott Dennis

Committee ~ Kathryn Yeager
Staff ~ Jace Foss
Staff ~ Judith Herman

Party Liaison
Committee ~ Shahn Cornell
Staff ~ Nola Yergen-Jennings

Programming (At-Con)
Committee ~ Richard Foss
Staff ~ Paul Tanton
Staff ~ John Hertz (Docent Tours)

Programming (Children's)
Committee ~ Alison Stern

Programming (Pre-Con)
Committee ~ Catherine Book
Staff ~ Charlie Harmon
Staff ~ Ioanna Stern
Staff ~! John Hertz
Staff ~ Maryeileen Flanagan
Staff ~ Michael Contos
Staff ~ Mike Montemayor
Staff ~ Nyki Robertson
Staff ~ Paul Tanton
Staff ~ Rusty Neal
Staff ~ Sam Book
Staff ~ Tadao Tomomatsu
Staff ~ Tara Bryson

Committee ~ Dawn Devine

Committee ~ Lee Whiteside

Committee ~ Lyn Jeppesen
Staff ~ David Jeppesen
Staff ~ Lisa Marie Quillen
Staff ~ Jeff George
Staff ~ David Glenn Anderson
Staff ~ Kris Bauer
Staff ~ Brian Esterson

Committee ~ Nadine Armstrong

Restaurant/Area Guide
Committee ~ Kathryn Yeager
Staff ~ Julie McGalliard

Committee ~`Captain Morgan
Staff ~ Dano R

Site Selection
Committee ~ Edward Green
Staff ~ Nora Rankin

Special Needs Liaison
Committee ~ Sally Woehrle
Staff ~ Terri Rinaldi

Staff Lounge
Committee ~ Jenny Brundage
Staff ~ Regina Reynante

Committee ~ Jeff Richards

Staff ~ Cathy Beckstead
Staff ~ Dierdre Soierse Moen
Staff ~ Susan Gleason

Vice Chair
Committee ~ Lee Whiteside

Committee ~ Mike Griffin

Committee ~ Jean Goddin

Writers Workshop
Committee ~ Nadine Armstrong
Staff ~ Kevin McAlonan

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