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World Fantasy Convention 2004
 World Fantasy Convention 2004 Programming Panels
(updated 10/22/04)

The Programming Participants are listed below

Programming at World Fantasy Convention 2004 will consist of panels featuring our Guests of Honor as well as panels on our theme of Women in Fantasy and Horror.  We shall examine how women have shaped these genres with their unique talents.  We will also have readings and other special panels and presentations throughout the weekend.  

For those trying to decide when to arrive or leave, here is the anticipated schedule for programming in general (a dinner break is scheduled from 5 pm to 8 pm):

Wed: A panel or Meet the GoHs event with the GoHs that are available on Wednesday night.
Thur:  Panels/Readings  3 pm -5 pm and 8 pm - 11 pm.
Fri:  Panels/Readings 10 am -5 pm and 10 pm-12 am, Autograph Reception  8 pm - 10 pm
Sat: Panels/Readings 10 am to 5 pm and 9 pm to 12 am, Artist Reception at 8 pm - 10 pm
 Panels/Readings 10 am to 1 pm, World Fantasy Awards Banquet at 1 pm,World Fantasy Judges panel following the Awards Ceremony around 4 pm.

Programming at the World Fantasy Convention is limited to 2 or 3 tracks (the third being limited to readings or other non-panel events). There will also be light programming in the evenings in addition to the Autograph Reception and Artist Reception.

Suggestions for program topics are welcome as are professionals interested in participation.   World Fantasy Conventions always have more people willing to serve than can be accommodated, so we expect participants to be limited to one event.

Our programming director, Fred Grimm, is hard at work putting together our preliminary schedule of events.  Once we have that ready we'll be in contact with those who have indicated their interest in participation.  Please contact us if you would like to do a reading, be a panel participant, or have a panel suggestion.  

For participating in the Autograph Reception, we are assuming that all professional attendees will be present and name placards will be provided.

World Fantasy Convention 2004 Programming Participants

Alma Alexander
Maria Alexander
Lou Anders
Michael Arnzan
Fiona Avery
Matthew T Baker
Kate Bachus
Betty Ballantine
James Barclay
L.G. Bass
Don Bassingthwaite
Carol Berg
Terry Bisson
Steve Boyett
Marie Brennen
Charles Brown
Edward Bryant
Ginjer Buchanan
Lillian Stewart Carl
Suzy McKee Charnas
Alan M. Clark
Stacey Cochran
David Coe
Paul Cornell
David Corwell
Brett Cox
Leah Cutter
Ellen Datlow
Charles de Lint
Tom Doherty
Stephen R Donaldson
Carole Nelson Douglas
David Drake
Mike Dringenberg
Lisa DuMond
Brian Durfee
Doranna Durgin
Scott Edelmen
Kate Elliott
Elizabeth Engstrom
Jo Fletcher
Eric Flint
Jeffrey Ford
Alan Dean Foster
Andrew Fox
Valerie Frankel
Diana Gabaldon
Mitchell Graham
Greer Gilman
Lisa Goldstein
Cody Goodfellow
Eileen Gunn
Joe Haldeman
Barbara Hambly
Thomas Harlan
Anne Harris
David  G. Hartwell
Chris Haviland
Patrick Nielson Hayden
Nancy Holder
Mark Jeffrey
Tina Jens
Rebekah Jensen
Kij Johnson
Gwyneth Jones
Stephen Jones
Tamara Siler Jones
Graham Joyce
Kay Kenyon
Laurie E. King
Tappan King
Ellen Klages
Mindy L. Klasky
Adam Koslowski
Susan Krinard
Jay Lake
J. Ardian Lee
David Levine
Jane Lindskold
Rosaleen Love
Brian Lumley
David Lunde
Don Maitz
Jeff Mariotte
Louise Marley
W.J. Maryson
Terry McGarry
Dennis McKiernan
Sarah Micklam
Beth Meacham
Mary Ann Mitchell
L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Mare Anne Mohanraj
Thomas Monteleone
Kevin Andrew Murphy
Pati Nagle
 Yvonne Navarro
Vera Nazarian
Ruth Nestvold
Alain Nevant
Adam Niswander
Patrick O’Leary
Jana Oliver
Jana Paniccia
James Van Pelt
Brandon Perron
Holly Phillips
John Picacio
Ray Poulson
Chris Roberson
Jennifer Roberson
Bruce Holland Rogers
Viki Rollins
Fred Saberhagen
Steve Saffel
Darrell Schweitzer
Lucius Shepard
Sharon Shinn
Mandy Slater
Dave Smeds
Sherwood Smith
Dana Stabenow
Michael A. Stackpole
Wim Stolk
Ruth Stuart
Judith Tarr
Karen Taylor
Melanie Tem
Steve Tem
Gordon Van Gelder
Carrie Vaughn
Charles Vess
Bev Vincent
Tim Waggoner
Jo Walton
Cynthia Ward
Michelle Welch
Robert Wexler
F. Paul Wilson
Simon Wood
Janny Wurts
Scott Wyatt
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Doselle Young
Janine Ellen Young
Marc Scott Zicree