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Voting Board Members

Here are our current voting board members:

Name Term Expiry
Dee Astell 2 years August 2019
Hal C. F. Astell 3 years August 2020
Kevin McAlonan 3 years August 2019
Gary Swaty 2 years August 2018
Paul Tanton 3 years August 2018


Here are our current serving officers:

Name Position(s)
Hal C. F. Astell Vice Chair, Secretary
Michael Fett President, Vice President
Kevin McAlonan Treasurer
Paul Tanton Chair
Vacant Assistant Vice President

Committee Heads

Here are our current co-ordinators and committee heads:

Name Position(s)
Hal C. F. Astell Financial Review, Quartermaster
Website Archiving, Webmaster
Michael Falinski Database
Margaret Grady Bylaws & Policies, Positions, Surveys
Earl C. Hedges, Jr. Fundraising, Social Media
Sharan Hoyle Socials
Vacant Strategic Planning

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