LepreCon 27
May 18-20, 2001
Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

Less than One Week to Go!

Artist Guest of Honor: Stephen Hickman

Space Fantasy Stamps1994 Hugo Award Winner for Postal Service Space Fantasy Art Stamps and Winner of 5 Chesley Awards from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA)

Some of Stephen's Artwork

Author Guest of Honor: Michael A. Stackpole

N.Y. Times Best Selling Science Fiction & Fantasy Author of Star Wars Novels I, Jedi, Dark Tide: Onslaught, Dark Tide: Ruin, the X-Wing novel series, many Dark Horse Star Wars comics, plus The Dark Glory War, Talion: Revenant, Shadowrun: Wolf & Raven, & Once a Hero

Visit Stormwolf.com: The Official Michael A. Stackpole Web Site

Local Artist: Robert Ross

Music Guests: Echos Children
(Sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle)

Other confirmed participants include:
Aaron Allston, Elizabeth T. Danforth, Janeen OKerry,
Emily Devenport/Maggy Thomas, Doranna Durgin, Mark Ferrari,
Rachel Hartman, Ernest Hogan, Louise Kleba, Katherine Lawrence,
Lubov, Daryl F. Mallett, Don Markstein,  Dennis L. McKiernan,
Adam Niswander, James Reade, Jennifer Roberson, Ken St. Andre,
Larry Vela, John Vornholt, Dr. David A. Williams, and Cathie Yankovich

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LepreCon 27 will also have Gaming, a Dealer's Room, Con Suite, Art Show, Live Model Room, Video, Anime and more.

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Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort
7601 E Indian Bend Road
Scottsdale, Arizona
(480) 991-2400
Room Rates:  $73 S/D/T/Q + tax,  Suites: $125 S/D/T/Q + tax

$30 through 12/31/2000, $35 through  5/01/2001, and $40 at the door
Children 7-12 half price, 6 and under free*
* with adult membership

LepreCon 27 Registration Form

Questions: email lep27@leprecon.org
Call: (480) 945-6890

Write:  LepreCon 27, PO Box 26665, Tempe, AZ  85285