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   LepreCon 30 Guests

Artist Guest of Honor: Donato Giancola
Art by Donato Donato is a Chesley Award-winning artist (‘96, ‘98, ‘01, ‘02), who’s works have graced the covers of an untold number of books, including The Voyage, Queen of Demons, Servant of the Dragon, Dogs of War, Mistress of the Catacombs, and Goddess of the Ice Realm by other GoH David Drake. Donato has done a lot of Lord of the Rings themed art, and many Magic cards for WotC. He has also done some commercial packaging work, about which Donato says, “In a fun departure, I created all the art for the most recent release of the Stratego board game (it’s redone every decade), one of my favorite childhood games. I used my family as models for the game pieces, and if you buy the game, you can see my two brothers, father, father-in-law, some friends and cousins as well as myself (I’m the Colonel) decked out in authentic Napoleonic era uniforms.”

Donato's ISFDB Listing of his cover art

Author Guest of Honor: David Drake
Art by Donato David Drake sold his first story (a really bad Lovecraftian pastiche) to August Derleth of Arkham House in 1966 while I was an undergraduate. He continued to sell stories in law school, the army, and while working as an attorney. In 1979 his first book, the military SF collection Hammer's Slammers, and his first novel, The Dragon Lord (a swords and sorcery piece) were published.
Far Side of the Stars
In total he's written or co-written over 50 books; edited or co-edited about thirty; done plot outlines for another twenty-odd, the books themselves being written by other authors.

He's best known for his military SF, but that's never been more than about a quarter of his output. While all his work has been in the fantasy/SF genre, within these bounds he's written about everything except for romance--humor, thriller, epic fantasy, S&S, military SF, space opera, historical (both fantasy and SF).

David's ISFDB Listing

Special Artist Guest: John Eaves
(Sponsored by the United Federation of Phoenix)
John Eaves Production designer John Eaves has had a major impact on the look of the Star Trek universe since 1994. He has been responsible for creating many of the props and ships for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine  and the Star Trek: The Next Generation films, including the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E and Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix. Eaves was hired to work on Star Trek Generations, where he was responsible for designing the Enterprise NCC-1701-B Enterprise E from which James T. Kirk would meet his (first) demise.

John is currently the Senior Illustrator for Star Trek: Enterprise. Take a look at some of John's Production Art at StarTrek.com .

  Local Artist Guest of Honor
Sylvana Anderson-Gish

Echo Small She is a sculptress who does not limit herself to just clay... she also expresses her artistic abilities in music, photography, textiles, clothing design, basketry, painting and many more such mediums; some for which she has won national awards. As a spiritualist, Sylvana feels that “...art is the spirit made visible.”  Hybrid Grey

USS Arizona Memorial at Glendale Public Library

Music Guest: Mara Brener
(sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle)
In 1984 the Breners attended their first science fiction convention, LACon II in Anaheim, where they chanced upon the word ‘filksinging’ on the schedule. They spent most of the rest of the con in that room, discovering they had been filking long before they knew was it was. At the same time, Mara was also, via cassette, making her debut on KPFK Radio’s occasional “Smut Unlimited” program, with a six-hour hit song that you will only hear if you catch the midnight bawdy songs circle.