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   Program Participants

Program Participants Scheduled for LepreCon 30 include:

Artist Guest of Honor Donato Giancola

Author Guest of Honor
David Drake

Special Artist Guest of Honor  John Eaves

Local Artist Guest of Honor Sylvana Anderson-Gish

Music Guest Mara Brener

See our LepreCon 30 Guests Page
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Barry Bard

" " Normally ebullient and enthusiastic, Barry Bard is silent about his accomplishments and contribution to fandom in Arizona and around the world. He brings us an overflowing freebee table and movie previews and much more. If (who are we kidding when) you stop by his dealer's table he always seems to have just what you are looking for. We hope he knows just how much he is appreciated by AZ fandom!


Frances Burns

" " Frances Burns has been active in costuming for over 15 years. It is rumored that she popped into this world naked, clutching a portable sewing machine and proceeded to design her own diapers. Frances has been altering and fitting patterns for family and friends since grade school, perfecting the art of clothing making for real-world bodies. Her neighborhood seamstress - who was trained in French Quebec in Couture sewing - mentored her, giving Frances an eye for detail construction, fit, and quality that is rare in fan costuming. She approaches the design and production of costumes as actual clothing - not props to be used once or twice.


Mike Cassidy

" " Mike has been attending conventions since the first one he attended at the Del Webb tower in the middle of Phoenix in 1976. He is a former Marine ( OORAH !!!) who rebuilds carburetors blindfolded, builds computers with out using instruction manuals and makes scale models with such excruciating detail that most people cry out "You MUST be CRAZY!". Mike currently spends most of his days maintaining and repairing equipment that tests little pieces of silicon impregnated with various kinds of metal oxides for a major multinational company. He has been seen recently at the Velavision corporate office at "The Big Building Plaza" in Dyptheria, AZ in high level talks with the Velavision board of directors.


Liz  Danforth


Since starting out around 1978, I have freelanced art, editing, writing, and scenario design to some 100 different game and publishing companies, notably Wizards of the Coast, Bantam Books, TSR, AEG, Mage Knight, FASA, ICE, GDW, Interplay, EA, DAW, and more than I've even kept track of. In 1996 I was inducted into the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design's Hall of Fame.

Outside the publishing industry, I've done such work that comes my way and interests me. The Arizona Science Center and Phoenix Public Library had me do some small pieces for their Satellite Science program. I enjoy creating Cardigan and other dog art. Southwestern themes appeal because I'm a desert rat (raised and resident in Arizona) and those images tie back nicely to my anthropology background. Celtic designs attracted me decades(!) before they became trendy.

Michele Ellington

First, a brief introduction.  We moved a lot when I was growing up, but I ended up here in west Texas and here I will likely stay.  When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a giraffe.  After my dad broke the bad news that this wasn't in the cards for me, I moved on to wanting to be a musketeer or a superhero.  Again, not in the cards.  I segued from adventure classics and comics to science fiction, and from there to fantasy and horror.  I have always been a doodler, but have only become serious about art over the past few years. In my day job I work for local government, stretching tax dollars to improve the lives of low income folks.  I share my home with two Great Danes (Merlin and Topaz), a former street cat (Gypsy), a couple of former farm cats (Harlequin and Jasmine), and a desert tortoise that dug under the fence and appears equally likely to stay.

Robert Farrell

Dr. Robert E. Farrell recently retired as Associate Professor Emeritus from Penn State University. During his fifteen years there, he was a professor of engineering. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Farrell was in industry designing capital machinery for the plastics industry.

For most of his life, Dr. Farrell has been interested in UFOlogy. Ten years ago, he began doing serious research for his newly released book, Alien Log. He believes good science fiction is soundly based on good science. To that extent, Dr. Farrell is trying to follow the style of Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, and many others) and Arthur C. Clarke in his Odyssey series. In addition to this first novel, he has written numerous technical papers and articles for the plastics industry and three science fiction short stories that are included in an anthology, Sonoran Mirage, published by the Writer’s Round Table of Phoenix.

Since retiring from Penn State University, Dr. Farrell and his wife live in Peoria, Arizona where he is now working on other short stories and novels, including a sequel to Alien Log.

Joseph Formichella

" " Joseph Formichella is co-Director/Producer/Editor for "Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation", a feature-length documentary shot mostly at Chicon in 2000. The film is slated for release this summer, we will have a preview at this year’s Leprecon. In addition to FINDING THE FUTURE, a feature-length documentary, Joseph Formichella has also written and produced an ultra-low budget feature called WHISPERS, which was shot last spring and is currently in post production. It's a sort of Blair Witch Project meets MTV's Real World. Mr. Formichella has been a screenwriter for about 15 years, and has taught screenwriting at Scottsdale Community College since 1998. Joe Formichella was a contributing editor for Computer Buyer Magazine, and has built and networked his own home computer network.

Susan Gleason

Dr. Arizona received her doctorate in Archaeology from UCR in 2001.  Her business, Phoenix Obsidian Designs, provides educational teaching materials related to aspects of primitive technology as well as assisting in museum display development.  She has also pursued award winning artistic endeavors into traditional flintknapping - the art of producing stone tools such as arrowheads.  This art has been shown at a multitude of science fiction conventions and has been recognized by her being Artist GOH at LaLaCon this year.  Susan has also been involved in working conventions for more than ten years and currently chairs an annual Craft Fair at the LASFS.  She will be Science GOH next February at Radcon in Washington State.

Mark Greenawalt


Mark Greenawalt is an award-winning artist who has evolved to painting on living canvases. From liquid latex swimsuits to airbrushed murals, Greenawalt blurs the boundaries between art and photography as an accomplished body painter. His final images are more than documentation snapshots of what he painted -- more like professionally composed photographs of beautiful models whose surroundings compliment their painted skin. The photograph, after all, is the final product once the bodypainting has long since washed away. Mark's work has been featured in numerous magazines, on television, and at live demonstrations for various art groups. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he now makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Byur Gullwing


Byur Gullwing is the lifecast sculptor at images in Depth. He was born in San Francisco, but is almost a native of Arizona since he moved here at the age of six months. Gullwing attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  While working in the field of aerospace engineering, he studied sculpture at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

Inspired by a photograph of the lifecast of Whoopi Goldberg that was done by Willa Shallit, he turned from sculpture to lifecasting in 1996.

Special Presentation by Byur Gullwing and Mark Greenawalt

THE ARTFORM OF LIFECASTING - This is a live step-by-step presentation of the process of creating a mold of a nude model and then creating an incredibly detailed plasterer casted "clone" of her figure.  Accomplished lifecaster Byur Gullwing (www.lifecastaz.com) will walk attendees through each phase of a project as he creates a lifecast of model Kayla Rei (www.gotkayla.com).  Body artist Mark Greenawalt  will also be on hand to do a live demonstration of "bodypainting" a completed lifecast.  Several completed lifecasts will be on display and a drawing will be held for a  beginner's lifecasting kit from www.life-casting.com.  Must be 18 years or older to attend with proper ID.

Hugh S. Gregory

Professionally an avid Spaceflight Historian based in Vancouver Canada, he has worked as an Engineers' Surveyor, an Industrial Paramedic/E.M.T. (Industrial Ambulance Officer) and managed his own Occupational Health and Safety Program consulting service. He lectures occasionally in local schools on spaceflight history and astronomy. Hugh owns and operates the H.R. McMillan Planetarium's affiliated space and astronomy educational BBS "SpaceBase(tm)." Hugh has produced (and sells) videos on "Voyager 2 at Neptune", "The Gas Planets", "SSTO - The DC-X", "Soviet Space Disasters" and "The Flight Of Buran - The Russian Shuttle Story". His slide/video shows have been appearing at Conventions across North America and also overseas for over 12 years now. On weekends he's a private pilot, amateur astronomer (Member RASC), cricket umpire, and enjoys hiking in the Rockies with his wife Anne.

Bennie Grezlik

" " Currently seeking a publisher for his completed Search For Earth trilogy, Bennie Grezlik's credits include The Anthropic Cosmologist (short story-GateWay SF Magazine, 2002), The Wigglers ("More Stories That Won't Make Your Parents Hurl" anthology, Yard Dog Press, 2003), Slouching Towards Bethlehem (short story-Black Petals Magazine, 2002) and 22 years as a technical writer/trainer in the electric power industry. He has been secretary of the Houston Writer's League, as well as taught classes on the operation, maintenance and repair of power control equipment all over North America and as far afield as China. When not writing or teaching, Bennie tinkers with electronic projects such as treasure detectors.

Lori Herrin

" " Lori Herrin started Larping only 7 years ago but it has not stopped her from getting as involved as possible. For three years she was a narrator for the valleys Rage Against the Darkness, an ongoing independent Werewolf LARP that lasted a record braking 5 years. 7th Sea was her most recent project but both of them have more events coming. . .


Emily Hogan

" " Emily Hogan has been a published author for sixteen years, writing under three pseudonyms. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award. She enjoys studying many different fields including history, neurology, psychology and mythology. As Emily Devenport, her novels include: Shade, Larissa, Scorpianne, Eggheads, The Kronos Condition and Godheads. As Maggy Thomas, she wrote the novel Broken Time, which was nominated for the Phillip K. dick Award. And, as Lee Hogan, she has written the novels Belarus and Enemies.

Ernest Hogan

" " The reputation as the international underground cult author of CORTEZ ON JUPITER and HIGH AZTECH have caused a frenzy of critical acclaim for Ernest Hogan*s latest novel SMOKING MIRROR BLUES. (What? You haven*t read it yet? Get in touch with the folks at Wordcraft of Oregon < ">wordcraft@oregontrail.net > right away!) His fiction has appeared in AMAZING STORIES, LAST WAVE, NEW PATHWAYS, PULPHOUSE, SEMIOTEXT(E), PENTHOUSE HOT TALK, PROUD FLESH, THE RED DOG JOURNAL, SCIENCE FICTON AGE, ANALOG, and SPIDER. Look for "Pallocrat," a short film based on his story "The Frankenstein Penis" on DVD in HELLCHILD: THE WORLD OF NICK LYON. Most recently, "Burrito Meltdown," his light-hearted romp about Chicano bioterrorism appeared in the anthology ANGEL BODY AND OTHER MAGIC FOR THE SOUL (order that from Wordcraft while you*re at it), and soon, in a bookstore near you, "Coyote Goes Hollywood," in which an ancient trickster spirit plugs into the modern media, will be featured in WITPUNK, an anthology from Four Walls Eight Windows.


Paula Suzanne Lary

" " Paula Suzanne Lary does stained glass, photography, and costumes. She is secretary of the Southwest Costumer's Guild, and an avid belly dancer.

Alice Massoglia

" " A 17 year veteran on the SF&F book selling front, Alice has also worked at Staff or Committee level for approximately a dozen regional or larger SF Conventions, and about the same number of local SF Conventions. She is a part of the group putting on Regency Dance events both locally and at other conventions and is a member of one of the Baker Street Irregulars. Although living in Los Angeles, Alice considers herself to be part of Arizona fandom.

Benjamin Massoglia

" " Part of the Massoglia book-selling clan, Ben has been part of Phoenix fandom from an early age. His current interests include collectible card games, computer games, RPG's, LARP's, as well as science fiction and fantasy literature.

Marty Massoglia


" " A fan and purveyor of fine science fiction and fantasy books for the last 17 years, Marty can usually be found at the dealer's table but is also well known for teaching regency, country and ballroom dancing at local conventions.

Kitty McDonald-Neal


Kitty McDonald-Neal is an integral part of this convention’s programming team. Kitty is known to fandom mostly for her involvement in convention programming, and also for her decade-long VtM chronicle. Her other interests include genealogy, cooking, camping, hiking, gaming and some costuming. Kitty is webmaster for Velavision.com; RipRoarinComics.com and azGamers.INFO, among others. She lives in Tempe with husband Rusty and has 2 grown kids, and two grandchildren.


Michael R. Mennenga (men-en-gay)

The Dragon Page

Michael R. Mennenga (men-en-gay) began writing in the late 1980s. He spent several years submitting manuscripts, talking with publishers, agents and learning the ins and outs of the ever-changing publishing industry. Even though he remained unpublished, he had become a proficient writer and by the end of 1995 he had written 2 young adult books, 1 novel, and had 9 other works in various stages of production. In 1996 he turned his attention to writing for the Internet. In 1998 he joined a developing writing community and was soon asked to become part of the staff. Working with members, creating interesting assignments, and developing writing lessons he became a valuable part of the community. After only one year as a staff member he was asked to become its executive editor - overseeing all operations of the growing community. During this time the site received recognition from Writer's Digest and Forbes Publishing before the release of his first book - Zac and the Valley of the Dragons - (published on Xlibris Press) forced his resignation as editor in 1999. His next book - Mistress of the Dragon - (Published AmErica House) was released in 2001. His next book, The Valley of the Dragons: Dragon's Fire and Wizard's Flame - (Published on Bedside Books) was released in 2002, and then re-released as Dragon's Fire, Wizard's Flame - (Published by Dragon Moon Press) in 2003.

Michael and his wife Lorrie are now residents of Phoenix Arizona. He is a member of The Arizona Authors Association, Toastmasters Inernational and is a Book Crazy Author. He is working full-time as an author and as host of his own Internet Radio Talk Show called "The Dragon Page" (www.dragonpage.com). Along with his co-host Evo Terra, they broadcast worldwide on Internet radio stations, and in syndication on many AM & FM stations throughout the US and Canada. The show features interviews with Sci-fi / Fantasy authors, publishers, and artists - and they discuss many other related Sci-fi topics, news, and events.

Henry Melton


Henry Melton has discovered the joys of the SF Juvenile form (he's not really sure what YA means) and is busily cranking out all the novels he wished were available when he was in high school.  You can see his publications at HenryMelton.com as well as read several of his short stories there.

Robert D. Miles

Robert Miles is a television and motion picture writer and producer with thirty years experience. He has written and published numerous articles, and non-fiction stories. An avid adventurer, Robert designed and built four sailing vessels, cruised to Hawaii, Baja Mexico, and Honduras. Safespace is a manifestation of his personal extraterrestrial experience.

D.L. Mullan

" " A native of the Southwest, D.L. Mullan fondly remembers writing stories and poetry from an early age as well as drawing unique abstractions. Later combining these two art forms with technology, D.L. is the web engineer, graphic designer, and webmaster of several professional and personal websites spanning many years. Currently, D.L. exhibits her artistic endeavors in Charity Auctions and Art Shows while speaking on panels of various subjects. D.L. holds an A.A., A.G.S. and B.A. cum laude.


Adam Niswander

Adam Niswander is a science fiction (SF), fantasy, horror, young adult, and mystery & thriller writer from Phoenix Arizona. He is the author of: the Shaman Cycle novels - The Charm, The Serpent Slayers, and The Hound Hunters - (Published by Integra Press ; Frank Wagner, Publisher,) as well as The Sand Dwellers, (Published by Fedogan and Bremer, Philip Rahman, Publisher) and The Repository, (Published by Meisha Merlin Publishing, Stephen Pagel, Publisher.) Other hats he has worn include those of book dealer (Adam’s Bookstore on ABE.com), former president (14 terms) of The Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society (CASFS), CASFS Board, frequent guest at science fiction conventions and member of both SFWA and HWA.

G. David Nordley

" " G. David Nordley (pen name of Gerald David Nordley) is a retired Air Force major. He is an astronautical engineer with 40 published works of short fiction, an electronic book collection (After the Vikings with Scorpiusdigital.com), and a science column for Speculations magazine.  Besides writing, he does some astronautical engineering consulting work, dabbles in real estate, sings in the choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore and is the treasurer of CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination, an interdisciplinary educational group concerned with issues related to the development of intelligent life from raw planets to cultural contacts. British Interplanetary Society; member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of SFWA. 

Janeen O'Kerry


Seven fantasy romance novels published by Dorchester Publishing/Leisure Books, with two more to come.  She also run a professional critique service at http://www.okerry.net/critique.html

Mary Linda Rapelye

Ever since this beauty was five years old she knew she wanted to act. It's the story of this adventurous pioneer girl who in a Frontier Pageant, at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City jumped off the stage, and into her Daddy's arms in front of a crowd of 10,000 people. When she was young her grandfather was a lawyer for MGM, and her mother had been offered a screen test. Her grandfather did not allow it. But when Mary Linda was bitten by the acting bug her family was quite supportive. Through prep school she won trophies for Drama, was in the glee club, and was elected president of the theatrical society. After getting a BA in theatre arts at the University of Kansas she moved on to do a theatrical tour all through Europe. She came back, and her picture was in a local talent agency's book in Kansas City her home town... Which was also where In Cold Blood (1967) was being shot. Richard Brooks saw her picture and said that this is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was cast as the role of Susan Kidwell. Richard Brooks, the director for this movie, did 40 takes for each scene he did, so originally Mary Linda was in more scenes than you can count. After this she was on a roll. She was a series regular in the ER of its day, "Medical Center", played Gregory Peck's daughter, in the Sci Fi film, Marooned (1969), had a guest-starring role on "Ironside", and played the Infamous role of Irina, Pavel Chekhov’s beautiful, tricky, space hippie girlfriend in the Star Trek episode, "The way to Eden".

After a 7 year absence from film and TV, Mary Linda was back in the 1979 mini series, "Blind Ambition" (1979) (mini) playing Sen. Baker's wife. She was in CA filming that, when she met up with some ABC talent scouts. After meeting up with them, they wanted to give her the screen test for the role of Faith Kipling on the soap "One Life to Live" (1968). She nailed it, and was given the role. She left, to go to "As the World Turns" (1956) and played the beautiful Maggie Crawford for 5 years. Now living in Maine, Mary Linda continues to accept acting roles filming most recently a role in the new remake of the Manchurian Candidate.

Cary Riall

" " Cary Riall is a long-time program participant and master of ceremonies. When not at Cons (which if you think of it, is most of the time), he is an avid scuba diver, traveler, and devote of all things medieval (particularly if they're sharp or flung). He pays for these hobbies as an instructor of advanced software development processes.

James Reade


James Reade is the founder of RipRoarin' Comics, publisher of Marked by the Beast and Blood and Sunder. His other talents include drawing caricatures, creating airbrushed Tshirts and more. Credits include Doctor What, Torg, Marked by the Beast, Blood and Sunder, The Eternal Soldier, Big Bertha, The Side Hill Muckets, and Troley Man. Check out his RipRoarin' Comics webpage for many samples of his art.

Robert Ross
Robert Ross has been drawing for most of his life, and since displaying at a convention for the first time in 1994, his artwork has been a fixture at most of the local conventions.  He has amassed a lovely collection of ribbons from those conventions. He started doing computer art in the late 90’s and has won over 20 awards for his work in that medium, including the international InDepth Arts 'Tomorrow's Masters' competition in which he placed 8th place. He also held first place at the online Renderosity forum (over several thousand other entries) for many months.

Michael A. Stackpole

N.Y. Times Best Selling Science Fiction & Fantasy Author of Star Wars Novels I, Jedi, Dark Tide: Onslaught, Dark Tide: Ruin, the X-Wing novel series, many Dark Horse Star Wars comics, plus The Dark Glory War, Talion: Revenant, Shadowrun: Wolf & Raven, & Once a Hero, Fortress Draconis, Ghost War (Mechwarrior Dark Age #1) & When Dragons Rage.

He started his career writing role playing games for Flying Buffalo games and in 1997 wrote the Warriors trilogy for the FASA Battletech novel line, giving him his break into the world of novel writing.   Since then, he’s written many novels in the BattleTech universe, the Star Wars universe (including the popular line of Rogue Squadron novels) plus several fantasy novels including the current DragonCrown War fantasy series.

Evo Terra

The Dragon Page

" " Evo Terra, musician and herbalist, has been involved in writing and audio production since 1987. His love of music started as a child, playing guitar and percussion then centering on the bass guitar in his mid-twenties. Recently, he spent time as a semi-professional bass guitarist, touring with a ska punk band (Spaz Kitty). He left the band to focus on his radio work and to concentrate on his own original compositions.
Evo has been studying herbs since his 1997 arrival in Arizona. Fascinated by the natural world from a young age, he discovered an affinity for native plant species and how indigenous cultures made use of these plants. Chance readings went on to professional and formalized training. Evo has studied with some of the region's finest herbalists, including Mimi Kamp, Peter Bigfoot and his mentor, Joanne Sanchez. He has recently founded A Simpler Way, dedicated to herbal education, wildcrafting and holistic health care.

In his limited freetime, Evo enjoys the natural wonders of Arizona with his wife of many years, and their son. As a personal suggestion, Evo strongly encourages each of you to read the book Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn.

Larry Vela


Larry Vela is a custom painter first known for his work on motorcycles, planes, trucks, then people, and anything that doesn't run away. His keen interest in movie production and all of the arts that are connected with it - such as creation of costumes and props, filming, directing, editing and animation, have led Larry and his associates to form The Velavision Video Group, who produce LepreCon's at-con video newsreels. Larry's notable flat art works include Illusion, Casseiopia, Roadwarrior, and Athena.

Ronald Walker

Ron Walker Productions is an award winning sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Ron Walker.  Established in 1974, Ron Walker Productions provides production services, from as simple as sound recordings, to full and complete film and video production, from script to final distribution format. It has provided such complete services for such clients as Ramada Inns, Club Med, and Interlink/Visa to name a few.
Producing the full gamut from commercials, through industrials, to entertainment, Ron Walker Productions has won awards from such prestigious organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, an Emmy, several Addys, and was a Cleo finalist.
Ron Walker Productions not only continues to produce custom films and videos for specialized objectives, he also has taught the nuts and bolts of film making at Scottsdale Community College and now teaches at Arizona State University.

Michelle M. Welch

Her first novel, Confidence Game, was published in October 2003. The project grew out of almost fifteen years of work, and it is the fifth novel manuscript she wrote.  The Bright and the Dark is forthcoming from Bantam Spectra in  August 2004. Prior to writing novels, she wrote short stories in a magical-realism style.  She also has a background in music and has played various instruments with several musical groups. 

Lee Whiteside


Lee Whiteside is our local SFTV guru with the long running SF Tube Talk column in ConNotations, The Magrathea/SFTV Web Page (www.sftv.org) and associated mailing lists. Chair of LepreCon 28, Lee is a software Engineer/Lan Administrator in his spare time.


Randall Whitlock


Randall Whitlock - is a registered geologist with background in Meteorites, AZ geology, and environmental assessments. He also operates "MoiRandall's," a custom costume and desktop clothing pattern publishing business (the "Randwulf's" line of historical/fantasy sewing patterns) and edits the "Costume Closet" column in CONNOTATIONS and CACTUS NEEDLES, the newsletter of the Southwest Costumers Guild. Currently president of the Southwest Costumers Guild, fandom knows him for the costumes he builds for convention masquerades and occasional service as Masquerade director. Randy claims to suffer from chronic Paronomasia--the compulsion to make the worst pun possible at the worst possible time.


David Williams


Dr. David A. Williams, Ph.D., is currently serving as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University, Tempe. He has served as a Visiting Assistant Professor at ASU, teaching Geology 101 and a graduate seminar in Planetary Volcanology during the 2001-2002 academic year. David is currently performing research in volcanology and planetary geology, with a focus on remote sensing and computer modeling studies. His research has included computer modeling of seismic wave propagation through planetary interiors, visible and near-infrared spectroscopy of lunar mare soils, and computer modeling of the thermal, fluid dynamic and geochemical evolution of low-viscosity lava flows in a variety of planetary environments. He is currently an affiliate member of the Solid-State Imaging Team of NASA's Galileo Mission to Jupiter, and has been involved in mission planning, image processing, and data analysis of the Jovian satellites Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. He is also involved in education/public outreach activities including giving talks to school and civic groups and developing Galileo-related educational exercises and slide sets. David received his Bachelor of Science in Astronomy & Astrophysics (with minors in Mathematics and Geology) from Indiana University in 1989, and his Master of Science in Geology from Arizona State University in 1992. He received his Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Alabama in August 1998. He was a three-time Graduate Council Research Fellow and received the award for Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Student from the University of Alabama Graduate School in 1998. His dissertation research focused on computer modeling of the emplacement of high-temperature, low-viscosity komatiite lava flows in the Earth's Precambrian, and included field study of komatiite lava channels and flows in Canada, Western Australia, and South Africa. He has published many papers in scientific journals on subjects related to volcanology and planetary geology. David is a former president of the United Federation of Phoenix, the second longest continuously running Star Trek and general science fiction fan club in the country. He is an avid fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, and several other sci-fi TV shows and movies.


Mike Willmoth

" " Mike is an integral part of the programming team for this covention. He enjoys helping organize and run conventions. He will be chairing the World Horror 2004 and World Fantasy 2004 Conventions. His hobbies include amateur astronomy and ham radio operation. Punster extraordinaire, he can cripple at 20 paces.