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LepreCon 33 Guests of Honor

Artist Guest of Honor Jael

Jael is a fascinating artist who does both bookcovers and other fantasy/sf art. Over a professional span of close to 50 years, Jael has created more than 38,000 paintings/images.

Her lush use of color and gorgeous images combine with un-paralleled vision and whimsical perspective. Her originals and limited editions are in consistently high demand, and she receives frequent awards and recognition for her work. Jael is a frequent nominee covering several categories, for the Chesley Awards; the most prestigious award presented world-wide, for Fantasy and Science Fiction Art.

Author Guest of Honor Karen Traviss

Karen Traviss writes both in the Star Wars universe, and original works of SF. Book four of her Wess'har War series Matriarch was published in October 2006. Karen wrote the highly acclaimed Star Wars Republic Commando books Hard Contact and Triple Zero and Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines. This summer, she will follow these with a new Star Wars Republic Commando title True Colors, and a new Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice.

Local Featured Artist Nola Yergen-Jennings

Nola Yergen-Jennings has been designing costumes for 20+ years. She has worked 8 years designing for and teaching at Grand Canyon University's Ethington Theater, designing over 35 theatrical shows. Her design awards include two \AriZoni\ Awards, many Zoni nominations as well as individual awards for specific costumes. Her specialties range from Historical Costuming to Fantasy Costumes. She has studied historical fashions and their construction. Her emphasis is on Elizabethan Costuming although her historical experience extends from ancient Middle Eastern costumes to Victorian and Edwardian Era styles. She also makes shoes, hats, and other accessories that help to complete any costume. She is continuing her education studying for a master's degree at California State University at Long Beach. In addition to her professional credits, Nola is a costuming Laurel in the SCA.

Music Guest of Honor Emma Bull

Emma Bull is known for her writing and her music. She's been part of several musical groups, including The Flash Girls and Cats Laughing. Her latest novel, Territory, is due this summer.

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