Schlock Mercenary
Lee Hogan
Ernest Hogan
LepreCon 34 Guests of Honor

Artist Howard Tayler
Creator of the Schlock Mercenary Web Comic

Authors Emily & Ernest Hogan

Special FX/Makeup Artist David Ayres

Local Artist   Liz Danforth

*JUST ADDED* Special Appearance by Chase Masterson including a screening of her new film Yesterday Was a Lie

See LepreCon 34 News Page for More details

LepreCon 34, Arizona's annual science fiction and fantasy convention, will feature the Largest Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Show in the Southwest with many artists doing demos and workshops, Programming with Panel Discussions & more.
Events and Activities include Dealer’s Room, Hospitality Suite, Charity Auction and more.

May 9-11, 2008
Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort
26000 W. Gila Bend Highway
Casa Grande, Arizona

Chase in Yesterday Was a Lie
Chase as Leeta
Chase in Of Gods and Men

Notices & Updates

May 4th

Preliminary Program Schedule posted.

Chase Masterson Special Appearance Announced


May 2nd

Hotel page Updated A handful of rooms are still available.

Programming - Special Events information added


April 17

Charity Auction Items and Donations added.

Participant List

Hotel Update: Courtyard rooms are full. Rooms are still available in the Tower section at the convention rate.


LepreCon 34 Progress Report Now Available.


LepreCon 34 Additional Information

LepreCon 34 is almost upon us.  It is happening next weekend, May 9-11, 2008 at the Francisco Grande Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. 

Francisco Grande Hotel & Casa Grande
The Francisco Grande Hotel and Resort is almost full. They have a handful of rooms left for Friday and Saturday night and you can still reserve them at the convention rates by calling the hotel's reservation line at 800-237-4238.   If you miss out on the remaining Francisco Grande rooms, there are several other hotels at the west edge of Casa Grande with room rates under $100 a night.

Food options at the hotel include the Legends Restauraunt, the Dukes Bar, and they will also be providing an express food service/concession stand during the day.  During the convention there will be a special LepreCon menu that will be available through Legends or Dukes until 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.  They will be having a special Mother's Day brunch on Sunday in the Legends Restaurant with normal food service and the LepreCon menu available through the bar.  If you'd like to make reservations for the Mother's Day brunch, call Thomas Goodreau and 520-208-0682. 

If you are staying at the hotel, they have asked that we convey to our members that you should use your Do Not Disturb sign if you do not want your room made up early in the morning. Once you are up, you may call down and let the front desk know when they can get into the room to make it up.

Note that Casa Grande has grown a bit since the last time LepreCon was there, they now have a large shopping center, The Promenade, along I-10 which is having special celebrations the same weekend as LepreCon for their opening of Phase II.  Details at .


Registration will be located in the main hotel lobby.  It will be open on Thursday night at 5 pm for pre-registration badge pickup and will open at 11 am on Friday and programming starts at 2:30 pm. At the door membership rates are as follows:  $45 full weekend, $40 Sat/Sun, $15 Friday only, $25 Saturday only, $15 Sunday only.  Kids 7-12 are half price and kids 6 and under are free with an adult membership.

Art Show, Con Suite, Filk & Charity Auction

Our art show will have a variety of art on display from many of your favorite artists as well as some new ones.  Check out the Art Show page for links to the website of some of the artists to get a preview of what we'll have for you to bid on. 

Fixed functions will include Con Suite and Filk Room in spacious suites on the 8th floor of hotel tower.  Anime and Film Festival will be splitting time in their room.  Our Charity Auction is being run as a silent auction with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society in memory of Barry Bard and Ray Gish and in honor of cancer survivor Nicole Snyder (Chair Liz Hanson's daughter).  A list of some of the donated items is on the website and they will be on display in the art show Friday and Saturday with final bidding happening Saturday afternoon.

LepreCon 34 Special Events

We'd like to make sure you are aware of some of the special events we are having at the convention, some of which may require some advance planning.

Balcony Decorating Contest!
In the Francisco Grande tower, everyone has a balcony – so give it a little thought and bring down your supplies (or buy them in town) and dress up your balcony! (Just keep things secure because it’s known to get windy there.) We’ll take photos of the finalists’ efforts on Saturday, and post them in the lobby for you to vote on on Sunday.

Ice Cream Social on Friday Night!
Come partake of chilly sweet goodness in ConSuite on Friday night – with Meet the Pros only a flight of stairs away! (And if you can’t do ice cream, how about a snowcone?)

Regency Dance on Friday Night!
Dress up or not, but come learn to do Regency dancing with Marty & Alice Massoglia on Friday night in the Eagle’s Nest.

Attn Paper Airplane Engineers!
Come create up to three designs and give them a test flight off the 8th floor balcony on Saturday afternoon – competition for accuracy, distance and hang-time.

Treasure Hunt Saturday Afternoon!
Quetzalcoatl and his evil dragon minions are plotting to destroy the world on December 21, 2012! You and your team of up to 3 others are challenged to foil their plot and save humanity. You’ll need to think creatively, solve puzzles, act cooperatively, and have a little luck if you want to save the world and win the prize!

The game will run throughout Saturday afternoon – your team may save the world in under an hour, or you may prefer to puzzle it out on and off throughout the day. The team with the most tokens wins!

National Astronomy Day - Saturday Night Stargazing
Saturday is National Astronomy Day. We are planning on having at least one telescope set up on Saturday night where we hope to take advantage of the lower light pollution in the area. If you would like to bring a telescope to set up, please let us know at

Costumed Modern Dance on Saturday Night!
"If you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliway's — the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!" - Douglas Adams

Come boogie the night away dressed in your finest costume at Milliway's (Eagle's Nest), and join in the festivities as we celebrate the end of the Universe in its grand splendor. Park your Heart of Gold, TARDIS, or Firefly outside and join us for an evening of costumes, music, costumes and fun, oh yeah, and costumes. You don’t have to dress up, but it’s more fun if you do! Even if you can think of something better to do, there won’t be time! Ours is at the end of days!

(Remember, “no covering is NO COSTUME” please keep your outfits PG-13.)

Go Fly a Kite Sunday morning!
Bring a kite and take advantage of the lack of omnipresent electrical and phone wires! Of course, beware kite-eating trees, though. ;) A few inexpensive kites will be available for sale if you’re unable to bring your own.


We hope to see you in Casa Grande next weekend.  We'll be updating information on the website as it becomes finalized, so check it out often.  If you have any questions, send an email to or call 480-945-6890.


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