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Voting Board Members

Here are our current voting board members:

Name Term Expiry
Woody Bernardi 3 years August 2023
Mark Boniece 2 years August 2022
Gary Swaty 2 years August 2023
Paul Tanton 3 years August 2023
Vacant 3 years August 2022


Here are our current serving officers:

Name Position(s)
Mark Boniece Vice Chair
Kevin McAlonan Statutory Agent, Treasurer
Paul Tanton Chair
Vacant Secretary

Committee Heads

Here are our current co-ordinators and committee heads:

Name Position(s)
Hal C. F. Astell Webmaster
Woody Bernardi Database
Mark Boniece Quartermaster, Strategic Planning
Paul Tanton Online Platforms, Social Media
Vacant Bylaws & Policies

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