LepreCon 29



$35 until 4/30/03
$40 at the door
Kids 7-12 half price,
Six and under Free
with Adult Membership
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LepreCon 29
PO Box 26665 Tempe, AZ 85285

(480) 945-6890
Email: Lep29@LepreCon.org

   Charity Auction

Last year’s Charity Auction raised $1,750 for our charities, Reading is FUNdamental and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  This year our Charity Auction will benefit Reading is FUNdamental and The Maricopa Library.  We’ll be auctioning off books, art, posters, toys and other Science Fiction and Fantasy memorabilia.  Most of these items will be on display Friday and Saturday in the Art Show.  The auction will take place Saturday afternoon.

Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) develops and delivers children’s and family literacy programs that help prepare young children for reading and motivate school-age children to read.  By the end of this year, RIF will have provided new, free books and other essential literacy resources to more than 5 million children and their families.  For more info, check out their web site at www.rif.org.

The Maricopa Library provides a variety of library services to fulfill the needs of local citizens for informational, historical, cultural, educational, and leisure activities. It collects all forms of media, including print, video, audio, and electronic resources. Maricopa Library staff and volunteers recognizes individual needs, free and equal access to all library materials, and adapts to changing patron and technological needs through regular needs assessment. The Library is located off the Maricopa/Casa Grande Highway. It has a public computer available, which includes Internet access along with various CD-ROM resources. The library operates on Pinal County funding, along with donations by local business, farmers, ranchers, and other local citizens.

If you would like to donate something to the charity auction or have any questions about the items listed, please contact our Charity Auction Co-ordinator, Cathy Book.

Charity Auction Items Collected so far:

"Sisters of the Raven" by Barbara Hambly - autographed Advance Reading Copy
"Briar King" by Grey Keyes - Advanced Reading Copy
"The Fifth Sorceress" by Robert Newcomb - autographed Advance Reading Copy
"I, Jedi" by Michael A. Stackpole - autographed Hardcover
"The Onion Girl" by Charles de Lint 1st Edition Hardcover
"Tapping the Dream Tree" by Charles de Lint 1st Edition Hardcover
"The Magic of M.C. Escher" , hardcover, 1st Edition, 2000
"The Skyslanders" by Christopher Zackey, signed, hardcover
Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters & The New Essential Guide to Characters
Dungeon Master II gamebook

Farscape Items donated by SaveFarscape.com
*Aeryn Sun "The Mutation" - Limited edition Farscape Action Figure
*Farscape Season Three Trading Cards Set
*The Best of Farscape Season I DVD Set
*Farscape VHS - Premiere, I, E.T.
*Farscape VHS - Nerve, The Hidden Memory

Items donated by Stalking Moon
* Star Wars Young Jedi Collectible Card Game - Enhanced Menace of Darth Maul Pack - Four Menace of Darth Maul Booster packs plus one Limited Edition Premium Card
* Star Wars Customizable Card Game - Enhanced Jabba's Palace Pack - Four 9-Card Limited Edition Jabba's Palace Expansion Packs plus Three Limited Edition Premium Cards.
* Rumiko Takahashi's Ranama 1/2 Outta Control VHS - You Bet Your Dojo
* Babylon 5 Action Figure - John Sheridan in Earthforce Uniform with Babylon 5 Station
* Marvel Mutant X Comic Book - Two Issuse - "Origin" & "Dangerous Decisions"
* Marvel X-Force Comic Books - Issues 1-4

Actor Kevin Smith (Ares on Hercules & Xena) Autographed Photo

Baseball cap of Tomb Raider, Adventures of Lara Croft III

6" action figure of Ambassador Londo Mollari w/Centauri transport from Babylon 5

Witchblade Poster with Yancy Butler

Star Wars, Return of the Jedi color transfers from the 1980's

Star Trek TNG trading Card - Klingon Opera