LepreCon 24 Activities and Events
Ongoing Throughout the Convention
    Dealer's Room
    Art Show
    Filk Suite
    Video Rooms (2) - 2nd Video room sponsored by the United Federation of Phoenix
    Con Suite
    Panels - Full list of panels as of 5/10/98
    Demos, Readings - Full list as of 5/10/98
Special Events 
(More details added as they are passed along)
Friday 7:30 pm Meet the Pros Reception - Patio
Friday 9:00 pm Filk Suite - Bardic Circle
 9:00 pm
Regency Dance - Eagle's nest
9:30 pm
Art Show Walkabout with Artist Guests
11:30 am
The Don & Janny Show
Saturday  morning Paper Airplane contest (time TBA) - Eighth Floor patio
2:00 pm
G. Harry Stine Memorial Rocket Launch
 2:30 pm
Janny Wurts Filk & Bagpipes - Eagle's Nest
Saturday 3:00 pm Filk Concert with Jeff and Maya - Eagle's Nest
4:00 pm
Robot Sumo Wars - Eighth Floor Patio
Saturday  5:00 pm Masquerade in the Park 
Saturday  5:00 pm Science Fiction Jeopardy Presented by UFP
Saturday 6:30 pm Charity Auction to Benefit Casa Grande 2000, a local non-profit organization responsible for helping kids stay off drugs and keep out of trouble.
Saturday 8:00 pm Barry Bard's Coming Attractions (Movie Trailers and promo stuff)
9:00 pm
Filk Suite - Cover Songs followed by Bardic Circle
9:30 pm
Marc Scott Zicree Presentation
Saturday  midnight Adult Masquerade (Adults Only)
Sunday 11:00 am Making of Deep Space Nine with Marc Scott Zicree
Sunday 1:00 pm Art Auction
Sunday 1:30 pm SF Tube Talk 
Sunday  3:00 pm Compliments and Complaints