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$35 till 5/05/2002
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  Charity: LepreCon Charity Auction

Last year’s Charity Auction raised $1100 for our charity, Reading is FUNdamental. This year our Charity Auction will benefit both Reading is FUNdamental and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. We’ll be auctioning off books, art, posters, toys and other Science Fiction and Fantasy memorabilia. Most of these items will be on display Friday and Saturday in the Art Show. The auction will take place Saturday afternoon.

RIF Logo Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) develops and delivers children’s and family literacy programs that help prepare young children for reading and motivate school-age children to read. By the end of this year, RIF will have provided new, free books and other essential literacy resources to more than 5 million children and their families. For more info, check out their web site at www.rif.org.

CBLDF Logo The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States. In the past five years, the CBLDF has raised over $200,000 to pay expenses related to defending freedom of speech and expression, and the battle continues. As new waves of conservatism flood the publishing industry and the country, the CBLDF continues to raise the money and awareness needed to fight the censors every step of the way. For more information, check out their web site at www.cbldf.org.

LepreCon 28 would like to thank the following for their donations to the charity auction: Border's Books, Ace Books, DragonGems, Avalon Magical Products, The United Federation of Phoenix, All About Books & Comics, Stalking Moon Comics, Imperial Outpost, Book Gallery, Changing Hands, Catherine Book, Dr. David A. Williams, Lee Whiteside. (with more to come!)

Items going to auction:

Knight Life by Peter David "Knight Life" by Peter David - Advance Reading Copy of new edition being published in June 2002
"Knight Life" by Peter David - Hardback Copy in advance of publication (promised by Ace Books)
"Slippage" by Harlan Ellison, Autographed
"Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon, Autographed
"Owlflight" by Mercedes Lackey, Autographed (British softcover edition)

"Voyage" by Stephen Baxter, an Advanced Reading Copy, softcover
Subspace Explorers by E.E."Doc"Smith, 1st Edition
Prelude to Mars by Arthur C.Clarke, 1st Edition
The Bog by Michael Talbot, 1st Edition
The Kiln People, autographed by David Brin, 1st Edition
Adventures in Time and Space, copyright 1946, an anthology including many of the old masters: Heinlein, DelRey, Bester, Asimov and VanVogt
gift certificates for Book Gallery, Changing Hands Bookstore, Imperial Outpost.
The John W. Campbell Letters, Vol 1, paperback
Ben & Claudia Farscape photo
A hand-made, hand-painted Dragon brooch by DragonGems.

A gorgeous 19" double-strand Amber bead necklace by Avalon Magical Products.

An assortment of movie buttons.

Farscape photo signed by Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) and Ben Browder (John Crichton).

Farscape Zhaan 6" action figure signed by Virginia Hey (Zhaan)

Zhaan autographed action figure Seven paperback books of the Warbot series, all autographed by G. Harry Stine.

Warbots books X-Men DVD

Garth Nix - Lirael - Advance Reading Copy with promo audiotape

Star Wars Episode One video release poster

A special planetary image mosaic print of Jupiter and it's moons created by ASU Planetary Geologist Dr. David A. Williams.

Lord of the Rings roleplaying game by Decipher
full color, silk-screened, T-shirt from Dungeons & Dragons, the movie
"Law of the Wild: Changing Breeds:2" a supplement for playing Gurahl and Mokole
D&D Forgotton Realms "Into the Dragon's Lair" roleplaying game book
Star Trek, TNG 5" figures from 1701 Collector Series: Picard, Yar and Barclay
Star Trek 9" figure of Hikaru Sulu, collector edition
Star Trek, TNG, 5" figures from Holodeck series: Picard as Dixon Hill and Guinan as Gloria
Star Trek, DS9, 5" figure of Odo and Morn
Several 5" figures from Star Trek, TNG
Akira Action Figure - Kaneda's Bike
Akira Action Figure - Tetsuo
Frank Frazetta Figure - Snow Giant I
Frank Frazetta Figure - Frazetta's Sea Witch
Yoshitaka Amano Art Book - Vampire Hunter "D" - Japanese Import
Roughnecks - Starship Troopers Chronicles DVD - The Pluto Campaign
Spy Boy Trade Paperback - The Deadly Gourmet Affair by Peter David
The Incredible Hulk Trade Paperback - Beauty and the Behemoth by Peter David
Aquaman - Time and Tide #1 - by Peter David
Aquaman #1 - By Peter David
Neon Genesis Action Figure - Evangelion
Sailor Moon - Pure Hearts VHS Video
Soulsearchers & Company - Issues 44 & 45 by Peter David
Jedi Knights Trading Card Game - Masters of the Force - Five 11 Card Booster Packs
Babylon 5 CCG - Opposition Factions 60 Card Supplement Deck
Babylon 5 CCG - Psi Corps 60 Card Starter Deck

We will also have a selection of artwork donated by artists who will be showing their work in the Art Room at the convention.

You can also expect to see Star Trek and Star Wars merchandise donated by local vendors.

Keep watching for updates as we obtain more donations. Any fans who would care to donate any personal work or memorabilia for exposure, or know of any donation potential material are encouraged to contact Catherine Book.