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  Monte M. Moore is Artist Guest of Honor
Work of Monte M. Moore
LepreCon 28 is proud to have Monte M. Moore as our Artist Guest of Honor.  Monte's work has appeared in many magazines, comics, books, and collectible card games, including Magic: The Gathering and Harry Potter collectible card games, Dragon Magazine, RetroVision, the Dungeons and Dragons manuals, Chaos Comics, Harris Comics, Gypsy Press Comics, and many more.  His work will be on display in the Art Show throughout the con, and there will be works for sale at his table in the dealer's room.  Monte will also participate in art oriented panels and demos.

  Peter David is Author Guest of Honor

Star Trek: New Frontier novel Restoration, by Peter David Star Trek: New Frontier novel Restoration, by Peter David LepreCon 28 is pleased to announce that Peter David will be our Author Guest of Honor.  Peter is known for many literary works, including best-selling Star Trek and Babylon 5 novels, screenwriter for Babylon 5, Co-creator of Space Cases, and writing for many comics, including Hulk, Aquaman, Super Girl, Spy Boy, The Haunted, and many others.  His most recent original novels are Sir Apropos of Nothing and Star Trek New Frontier: Being Human.  Just released is his novelisation of the Spiderman movie opening May 3rd. Hitting the stores at the very end of May is his updated and revised Knight Life novel. See the Charity Auction for details on advance copies we'll have there courtesy of Ace.; Peter will be participating in panels, readings and autograph sessions at the convention.

  James G. Reade is Local Artist Guest of Honor
Rip Roarin' Comics
LepreCon 28 is pleased to announce that James G. Reade will be our Local Artist Guest of Honor.  James is the founder of RipRoarin' Comics, publisher of Marked by the Beast and Blood and Sunder. His other talents include drawing caricatures, creating airbrushed Tshirts and more. Credits include Doctor What, Torg, Marked by the Beast, Blood and Sunder, The Eternal Soldier, Big Bertha, The Side Hill Muckets, and Troley Man. Check out his RipRoarin' Comics webpage for many samples of his art. James will have his art on display in the Art Show and will be participating in panels and art demos at the convention.

  Jeff and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff are Music Guests
Magic Time: Angel Fire by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff and Marc Zicree
LepreCon 28 is proud to welcome Jeff and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff as our Music Guests of Honor (Sponsored by the Phoenix Filk Circle). Jeff and Maya are popular Music Artists with several CD releases. Maya is also a published author with several novels and short stories including the upcoming Magic Time: Angel Fire with Marc Scott Zicree. Jeff and Maya will have a concert Saturday afternoon and will be participating in the nightly Filk Circle as well as the Stardust County performance on Friday night.