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$35 till 5/05/2002
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  Filking & Music
We've got lots of Music and Filk activities at LepreCon 28.

Our Music GOH's are: Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff and Jeff Bohnhoff. Their Filk is primarily Rock based with influences from 40's torch singing etc. They will have a Saturday Concert and will attend Filk Circle, autograph their CD's, serve on panels etc. Their CD Retro Rocket Science will be on sale in the dealer's room.

Also as a special event on Friday night we have a presentation of Nancy Freeman's "Stardust County" Filk Operetta. This time it will be done with a all star cast featuring Music GoHs Maya & Jeff Bohnhoff, Forrest Ashley, Jennifer Ashley, Elizabeth Burnham, Pat Connors, Marilyn Miller, Tim Francis, and Tom Tuerff . Costuming will be minimal and stage sets nonexistent. The full production version is a distant dream, but Nancy's "Fantasy Novel in Song" is truly a thing of beauty.

Additionally we have attending Marilyn Miller who was our Filk GOH at LepreCon 26 and enjoyed herself so much she wanted to come back. She sings a large variety of traditional Filk and is constantly finding and singing different songs. You never know what she will come up with.

There will be at least two sources of Filk in the Dealers' Room and lots of books and Fannish Gear.

The Filk Schedule as I have it at the moment is: [all times p.m. and subject to change at this point]

7:00 Meet the Pros (Following times approximate after Meet the Pros) 8:00 Stardust County
9:30 Filk Suite opens
11:00 Filk Circle

2:00 Bohnhoff Concert
9:00 Filk Circle

1:00 Jam in the Filk Suite

That is it at the moment. I expect to have more info later. For any questions about Filk at LepreCon 28, please contact Filk Liaison Gary Swaty