ŠLeprecon, Inc. 2006
Come on in and Chill out with us in the Velavision Suite for a while. Cyber DJ's Moekandu and DeiterK have created an eclectic mix of great downbeat 'chill' music. There will be great conversation, cool treats, glow sticks, and mood lighting so you can just chill out for a while. Our doors open after the masquerade, so come by, drop in, grab a bite, talk, relax and have some fun.
Once again, the ConFusion Crew will host both the Modern Dance, and Chill Party.
Come join us in the Ventana room for LepreCon32's Modern Dance. With over 6000 watts of lights, 1500 watts of crystal-clear sound, and our interactive video system, you can dance and groove to your body's contentment. Get ready to rock with Cyber DJ's Moekandu and DeiterK in a pulse-pounding mix of Techno, New Metal, Breakbeat, House, Alternative Rock, Funk, Rock, Pop, Electronic and 80's music!