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$45 for the weekend.
Kids 7-12 half price,
Six and under Free with Adult Membership
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General Myers’ Campaign Report
Strategic Operations (Tabletop Gaming)
-> SJ Games
Men In Black
Our forces have completed deployment.

The following Divisions are confirmed at this time...
Training Simulators (Console Gaming & More)
Kawaii - Cool Cute Stuff
Otaku - Obessive Compulsive
- Grand Elysium
Campaigns (Live Action Gaming)
Tithe of Souls
Secundus Surrectum
- Pleasure Aplenty
If you have further questions contact General Myers (War) Games Division at the following confidential addresses.
Yours cordially, General Myers Lep 32 (War) Games Division
You have been Invited to attend the first Grand Elysium In the Domain of Phoenix, AZ
Division -
Secundus Surrectum
One Year ago, the City of Phoenix was in the control of some of the most loathsome Anarchs in history. They had made deals with the Sabbat, and attracted the attention of some of the vilest creatures known. As Karma would have it, the red listed entity known as Rabbat passed through spreading her plague, killing mortal and immortal alike. After cautious searching by the agents of the Justicariate, Rabbat was found to have fled, leaving only a dead city in her wake. At Justicarial command, the Domain of Tucson moved to Phoenix.

Like its namesake, the city has risen from the ashes and become a Jewel of the Southwest for the Camarilla. Prince Aldo du Laussane would like to invite the august members of the Camarilla to come and share in his hospitality, and bask in what is quickly becoming a stronghold of the Camarilla.
- Friday/Saturday Night
Division -
We may still share some quarters for some events, be prepared.

I am confident Kawaii will be ready to infiltrate command by Friday 1900 hours (7:00 PM) provided they can properly perform
location. Anime Charades
All individuals interested in the above simulators should report to the
Kawaii & Otaku (All Weekend).
Afterwards soldiers can get in some R&R at the Nippon
Sunday at 1200 hour Kawaii and Otaku will rebuild using
arena . Upon completion estimated at 1500 hours (3:00 PM)
On Saturday 1200 hours Otaku will move in the
we will have our engineers fortify the area using
Katamari Damacy
Division -
Tithe of Souls
(All Weekend)
Tithe of Souls the local Camarilla group will entertain the troops everyday
Vampire the Requiem
, Friday 1900 Hours - ???? (7:00 PM+)
, Saturday 1900 Hours - ???? (7:00 PM+)
, Sunday 1300 Hours - 1800 Hours (1:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
Division -
Men in Black
(All Weekend)
The Men in Black should be reachable at either location the bunkers or the war room as the Convention is observed. These operatives will be measuring your metal in a number of events
Metahuman Simulator - Strange Synergy: Battle Royale
Feudal Kawaii - Kings Blood
Food Fighter - Ninja Burger
Backstabbing Fantasy - Greed Quest
Supernatural Studies - Spooks: The Series
Ken St Andre
speaks (Saturday)
Local general relates his experience and shows practical example to recruits and officers.
Learn from the General
- 1000 Hours (War Room 2003)
Choose a game that St. Andre and the ROTCs (youths) are trained in. The general will show you the ropes.
Challenge the General
General St. Andre is ready for you to take him on in a number of games
…or try to beat him at his own game!