ŠLeprecon, Inc. 2006
Anime is back at LepreCon, and it's better than ever!
Don't be an Otaku, come join us for the return of the anime room at LepreCon32.
We hope you will stop by and visit us in the Anime Room!

$40 thru 4/15/06,
$45 for the weekend
Kids 7-12 half price,
Six and under Free with Adult Membership
Online Registration
Mail in Reg Form
LepreCon 32
PO Box 26665 Tempe, AZ 85285
(480) 945-6890
Email: Lep32@LepreCon.org
The Anime Room will run as close to a 24 hr schedule as our staffing permits!
We have plenty of anime, most in DVD format. Along with our videos, we will also be offering some special events throughout the con including a Dance Dance Revolution contest and an anime Lego competition.
Show up in anime costume and get Pocky!
After 9pm Friday and Saturday night, we'll have more adult-themed anime for those 18 and up. We'll also do some adult fan fic readings, with audience participation. If you look young, please bring ID. If you are young, please bring a parent, or parental permission. We will have permission forms available at the anime room for your convenience.
For further information,
contact Cinder at adventurine@gmail.com.
Wear an anime-inspired costume to the room and you could get rewarded with Pocky from our friendly staff! We'll also have a "graffiti wall" and plenty of drawing supplies, so come on down and make your mark! The best drawings will also be rewarded with Pocky. If you don't know what Pocky is, well, you'll just have to find out now, won't you?
At noon, bring your dancing moves for a Dance Dance Revolution competition. Join us at 3pm
for the Anime Lego competition where teams will build anime-inspired creations for fun and prizes. At 7pm, we'll offer Karaoke, Anime Style where we'll have the music and lyrics from your favorite animes available. Again, as on Friday, after 10pm, we'll go into more mature themes, with another round robin reading at midnight.
We'll start off with a special showing of AMV's (fan-made anime music videos) at 2pm. That evening, at 7pm, join us for Anime Charades. (So kawaii!) After 10pm, we'll shift into more mature themes and at midnight, we will get into more adult themes so if you look young, IDs will be checked. Parental permission forms will be available. Our midnight event will be an audience round robin reading of a humorous adult theme fan fiction story, complete with sound effects.
There's more to it than huge-eyed kids chasing around fantastical monsters and having them battle, or card games to determine the fate of the world. The world of anime encompasses such broad and diverse genres as brooding vampire stories and post apocalyptic dramas that will never see a Saturday morning on American television. To the Japanese, animation is just another form of entertainment, suitable for any age range and topic.

Come, explore the variety, from an animated version of Gremlins, to the cute love story of a boy allergic to girls until a girl comes to prevent him from being the father of 100 children. Meet a boy who is thrown into a spiritual conflict that he'd rather not be a part of, or a girl who is accepted to a school with dark secrets. Go to school with a bunch of misfits that includes an android, or search for pieces of a spell written on the bodies of five elves. Anime has something for everyone.

Late night will include a choice of more mature themed shows and movies whereas early mornings will be aimed more toward younger audiences. Our video room will run 24 hours a day starting Friday noon, please come by the room (Suite 2002) to see the schedule.
Check out the colorful and wacky world of the game called Katamari Damacy at noon, followed by a second showing of AMV's at 2pm.