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LepreCon 33 Participants E thru H

Come see and visit with all of this years
LepreCon 33 participants!

Joseph Formichella


Joseph Formichella is co-producer/editor for "Finding the Future: A Science Fiction Conversation", a feature-length documentary shot mostly at Chicon in 2000. Mr. Formichella has been a screenwriter for about 15 years, and has taught screenwriting at Scottsdale Community College since 1998. Joe Formichella was a contributing editor for Computer Buyer Magazine, and has built and networked his own home computer network.


Mark Greenawalt


Mark Greenawalt is an award-winning artist who has evolved to painting on living canvases. From liquid latex swimsuits to airbrushed murals, Greenawalt blurs the boundaries between art and photography as an accomplished body painter. His final images are more than documentation snapshots of what he painted -- more like professionally composed photographs of beautiful models whose surroundings compliment their painted skin. The photograph, after all, is the final product once the bodypainting has long since washed away. Mark's work has been featured in numerous magazines, on television, and at live demonstrations for various art groups. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he now makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona.


Bennie Grezlik

Bennie Grezlik’s novel, THE ARK OF ARIANNA, was released by StoneGarden.net in April of 2007. His newest novel, part of an SF trilogy called THE SEARCH FOR EARTH, will be released By StoneGarden.net in 2008. He has stories in at least four Yard Dog Press anthologies, plus a Sam’s Dot Publishing anthology. He has written several Skip Thruster, Space Detective plays that have aired on KPFT, Houston, and he also writes a Skip Thruster play that is performed for ApolloCon every year. He is currently working on a dinner theater play and a new novel. He lives near Houston with his wife, Judy, and two aliens disguised as cats.


Emily Hogan


Emily Devenport has been a published author for sixteen years, writing under three pseudonyms. She is currently working on a Young Adult Fantasy with her husband, artist/writer Ernest Hogan. Her inspiration come from classical music, SF movies and TV (past and present), comic books, folk tales and mythology, gardening, cooking, and an interest in neurology, criminology, psychology, anthropology, history, and science. Her short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s SF, the full spectrum Anthology, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award. As Emily Devenport, her novels include: Shade, Larissa, Scorpianne, Eggheads, The Kronos Condition, and Godheads. As Maggy Thomas, she wrote the novel Broken Time, which was nominated for the Phillip K. Dick Award. And, as Lee Hogan, she has written the novels Belarus and Enemies.

Ernest Hogan


Ernest Hogan has done cartoons, illustrations, and magazine covers as well as published many short stories and some novels. His interests include finding and studying weird facts, behavior, and entertainment. His reputation as the international underground cult author of CORTEZ ON JUPITER and HIGH AZTECH have caused a frenzy of critical acclaim for Ernest Hogan's latest novel SMOKING MIRROR BLUES. (What? You haven't read it? Get in touch with the folks at Wordcraft of Oregon right away!) His fiction has appeared in AMAZING STORIES, LAST WAVE, NEW PATHWAYS, PULPHOUSE, SEMIOTEXT(E), PENTHOUSE HOT TALK, PROUD FLESH, THE RED DOG JOURNAL, SCIENCE FICTON AGE, ANALOG, and SPIDER. Look for "Pallocrat," a short film based on his story "The Frankenstein Penis" on DVD in HELLCHILD: THE WORLD OF NICK LYON. Most recently, "Burrito Meltdown," his light-hearted romp about Chicano bioterrorism appeared in the anthology ANGEL BODY AND OTHER MAGIC FOR THE SOUL (order that from Wordcraft while you're at it), and soon, in a bookstore near you, "Coyote Goes Hollywood," in which an ancient trickster spirit plugs into the modern media, will be featured in WITPUNK, an anthology from Four Walls Eight Windows.



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