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LepreCon 33 Participants Q thru T

Come see and visit with all of this years
LepreCon 33 participants!

Amy Schulz


Amy Schulz starting selling her fantasy etched glass in the local convention art shows in 1999. Since then she has branched out to etching on rock and metal as well as on glass. This one-time hobby has become a full-time business bringing her all over Arizona to do numerous art & craft shows and to do commissioned orders. She has been able to do small items such as wedding flutes and steel flasks as well as large items such as car windows and 10 foot tall home windows. Amy loves the fact that she can be a stay-at-home mom while enjoying creating her artwork and running her business.


Annette Sexton-Ruiz


Annette received her Bachelor's of Art from Arizona State University, distinction in Art History, Pre-Columbian and Mexican emphasis. Additional studies were in graphic arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Art Education Master's program from Arizona State University. Annette lived in Mexico City in the late 80's as well as several visits to Puerto Rico and Ireland later. Her exposures to Latin American and Irish cultures as well as a strong Catholic background have been influences in her work. She uses bold, energetic colors, similar to those seen in various ancient art. She is also fascinated with devotional images, religious iconography and ceremonial rituals of different cultures. In sharing with children, Annette tries to introduce other societies importance through learning about their art. They not only learn how to make art but also study art's historical purpose and cultural beliefs associated with it.

Will Shetterly


Will Shetterly got a fondness for doing new things from his parents, whose adventures include running a trading post near Ojibwe lands in northern Ontario and a road-side attraction in Florida (which inspired his novel Dogland). He has been an actor in New York, a small press publisher in Minneapolis, a screenwriter in Los Angeles, and a fiction writer wherever he parks his computer. In 1994, he ran for Governor of Minnesota and finished third in a field of six. He currently lives in southern Arizona with his beloved wife, Emma Bull, and his tolerated cat, Buddha. (They didn't name him. They don't know who Buddha fooled into thinking he was enlightened.) Will writes novels, screenplays, short stories, and comic books. His books include Elsewhere, Nevernever, Chimera, Double Feature, and Dogland. "I'm proudest," he says "of Dogland—your mileage may vary."

Jim Strait


Jim is a member of United Federation of Phoenix and is a former LepreCon webmaster. He has served as the emcee for the UFP's SciFi Jeopardy games for many years.

David Lee Summers


David Lee Summers is author of the novel Vampires of the Scarlet Order and the “Old Star” science fiction trilogy. He’s also the author of numerous science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories and poems that have appeared in such places as Realms of Fantasy and The Santa Clara Review. David also edits the science fiction and fantasy magazine, Tales of the Talisman, serves as a book editor for LBF Books, and a consulting editor for El Paso Community College’s literary magazine, Chrysalis. In addition to his work with the written word, he is also an astronomer who has discovered variable stars and worked in the field of robotic telescopes.


Chris Swanson

Chris Swanson is a long time fan of movies with an emphasis on sci-fi and fantasy. Chris is a promising writer with a number of works yet to be published.


Tony Todaro


T.N. Todaro is a writer, designer and consultant, with a background in art, music, and education. Tony is the author of the ³Lightrider² novels which include True Light and Nexus of Swords, and is developing the "Lightrider Saga" as a motion picture franchise. Tony has also designed hundreds of websites, including the new LASFS.ORG site and the main title design and banner for LOSCON.ORG. When not chained to his computers, he can be found snorkeling in Hawaii.


Kit Townsend

Kit Townsend is a 1987 graduate of Clarion West Writer's Workshop. She was co-founder of a writer's group for semi-professional writers and a founding member of eWorld's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Forum. Costuming is a creative outlet for her, with costumes ranging from no-sew designs to historical to equestrian costumes for mounted parade groups. In RL, she worked for thirteen years as the SF/F/H buyer for an independently owned general bookstore in Tempe, and professionally raises and trains horses for a variety of disciplines.



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