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LepreCon 33 Participants M thru P

Come see and visit with all of this years
LepreCon 33 participants!


Marty Massoglia


A fan and purveyor of fine science fiction and fantasy books for the last 17 years, Marty can usually be found at the dealer's table but is also well known for teaching regency, country and ballroom dancing at local conventions.

Ethan Moe



G. David Nordley


G. David Nordley (pen name of Gerald David Nordley) is a retired Air Force major. He is an astronautical engineer with 40 published works of short fiction, an electronic book collection (After the Vikings with Scorpiusdigital.com), and a science column for Speculations magazine. Besides writing, he does some astronautical engineering consulting work, dabbles in real estate, sings in the choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore and is the treasurer of CONTACT, Cultures of the Imagination, an interdisciplinary educational group concerned with issues related to the development of intelligent life from raw planets to cultural contacts. British Interplanetary Society; member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of SFWA.

Janeen O'Kerry


Janeen Deboard is a writer whose nom de plume is Janeen O'Kerry. Her books are all published by Leisure Books (Dorchester Publishing). Her credits include Sister of the Moon and Spirit of the Mist. Look for them in the Romance genre in spite of their time travel/magic elements.

Ray Poulsen

A life long fan of sci-fi (including reading books and watching movies and tv shows), Ray Poulsen is president of the Mars Society of Arizona State University. His current project is a scipt for A Princess of Mars to submit to Paramount Studios.



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