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Daily Programming Schedule
Friday, May 5
Thursday, May 4
Begins: Th - 1900 (7:00pm)
DEM 177: Midi Music
ART 177: Midi Music
Location: Ventanna
Begins: Th - 2030 (8:30pm)
FLM 093: Modal Nodes 20 Years Later
Location: Ventanna
Begins: Th - 2200 (10:00pm)
Location: Ventanna
ART 172: Symbolism and Atmosphere Versus the Frozen Action Scene
FLM 219: The Night of the Living Dead
Location:Salon (Upper) E

Begins: Fr - 1600 (4:00pm)
DEM 110: Family Fingerpainting
FAM 110: Family Fingerpainting
Location: Salon (Upper) A
FLM 086: How to Use a Still Camera
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Begins: Fr - 1430 (2:30pm)
FAN 106: How to Survive One's 1st Convention
Location: Salon (Upper) A
FAN 162: Old ProZines
Location: Salon (Upper) B
Begins: Fr - 1730 (5:30pm)
ART 045: Non-Conventional Commercial Art
Location: Salon (Upper) A
SCI 180: Laying Down the Law
Location: Salon (Upper) B
FLM 087: How to Use a Video Camera
Location: Salon (Upper) C
SOC 163: What's Collectible?
Location: Salon (Upper) D
Begins: Fr - 1800 (6:00pm)

GAM 215: The Grand Elysseum, Part I
Location: 2003
Presented by Seccundus Surrectum, a One World By Night Assocation
Begins: Fr - 1900 (7:00pm)
ART 001: Meet the Pros SCI 001: Meet the Pros
GAM 001: Meet the Pros FLM 001: Meet the Pros
SCR 001: Meet the Pros
Location: Lobby
GAM 027: Vampire: The Requiem Live Action Role Playing
Presented by Tithe of Souls, a Camarilla Association
Location: Salon (Upper) D
Begins: Fr - 2000 (8:00pm)
Location: Salon (Upper) A
DEM 009: Artists' Fingerpainting
ART 009: Artists' Fingerpainting
GAM 153: Everything Old… FLM 153: Everything Old…
SOC 153: Everything Old… SCR 153: Everything Old…
SCI 161: Weapons of the Future
Location: Salon (Upper) B
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Daily Programming Schedule page 2, Saturday 08:00 through 16:00
page 1
Begins: Fr - 2100 (9:00pm)
ART 002: Art Show Walkthrough
Location: Suite (Lower) DE, Art Show
DEM 200: Fabric Painting Techniques
FAM 200: Fabric Painting Techniques
FLM 213: Q&A with Toni Blair
Location: Salon (Upper) A
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Begins: Fr - 2200 (10:00pm)
GAM 024: UFP's Sci Fi Jeopardy
FLM 024: UFP's Sci Fi Jeopardy
Location: Salon (Upper) B
FLM 081: Science Fiction Soundtracks
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Begins: Fr - 2300 (11:00pm)
DEM 159: Flintknapping
Location: Salon (Upper) A
Daily Programming Schedule page 3, Saturday 17:00 through Sunday 11:00
Daily Programming Schedule page 4, Sunday 12:00 through 18:00
FLM 218: M
Location: Salon (Upper) E
Come view this classic public domain motion picture complete with a discussion afterwards.
FLK 220: Silicon Life Forms Circle
Location: 3051
DEM 023: ConFusion's Modern Dance
FAN 023: ConFusion's Modern Dance
Presented by ConFusion Crew
Location: Ventanna
Begins: Fr - 2330 (11:30pm)
FLK 221: Bardic Circle
Location: 3051