ŠLeprecon, Inc. 2006
Daily Programming Schedule
Sunday, May 7
page 4
Begins: Su - 1200
ART 016: ASFA Regional Meeting
Location: Salon (Upper) A
Begins: Su - 1300 (1:00pm)
DEM 046: Universal Costume Pieces
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Presented by Tithe of Souls, a Camarilla Association
Location: Salon (Upper) A
DEM 143: Fabric Painting Applications
FAM 143: Fabric Painting Applications
GAM 204: Changling: The Dreaming Live Action Role Playing
Location: Salon (Upper) B
ART 011: Art Auction
Location: Salon (Upper) D
SCR 074: E-Publishing
Location: Salon (Upper) C
Begins: Su - 1500 (3:00pm)

FLK 222: Filk Jam
Location: Salon (Upper) A
Location: Ventannas
DEM 190: Painting 101
Begins: Su - 1700 (5:00pm)

FAN 013: Convention Evaluation
Location: Salon (Upper) A
Daily Programming Schedule page 3, Saturday 17:00 through Sunday 11:00
Daily Programming Schedule page 1, Thursday & Friday
Daily Programming Schedule page 2, Saturday 08:00 through 16:00
FAN 176: Mass Autographing
Location: Salon (Upper) B
Grab a writing utensil and get your favourite pros' autographs!