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LepreCon 32  Programming

Artist Guest of Honor Alan M. Clark
Alan is an award winning artist whose illustrations have appeared on the cover and interior to many magazines and books.  He has been awarded multiple Chesley and World Fantasy awards for his work. He obtained his his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree San Francisco Art Institute in 1979.  After a few years designing art exhibits in Nashville, he became a full time illustrator in 1985 and is still going strong after 20 years.   He is also the publisher of IDT Publishing and currently resides in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Melody.  He is also theFounder of The Bovine Smoke Society and Bovine Smoke West and also serves on the board of the World Horror Society.

Author Guest of Honor John Vornholt

After spending 20 years as a freelance writer (writing mostly non-fiction), John Vornholt turned to book publishing in 1989. Drawing upon the good will generated by an earlier non-fiction book he had written for Simon & Schuster, John secured a contract to write Masks, number seven in the Star Trek: The Next Generation book series.  He has dabbled in the Star Trek universe for many years totaling over 20 books, the most recent of which is Star Trek The Next Generation - A Time to Die.  His original work has included The Fabulist, The Troll King, The Troll Queen, and The Troll Treasure as well as a turn under the name of Caroline Goode for the book Cupidity.  Internet Speculative Fiction Database for John Vornholt.

Special Media Guest - Bill Blair (The Alien Actor)
If you've watched Babylon 5 or recent Star Trek, you've more than likely seen Bill.  He's been under makeup for most every alien on both series.  He's done work on Alien Nation, Babylon 5 (60+ episodes), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (35+ episodes), Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise, The Division, and Carnivale.  Before becoming the Alien Actor, he was part of the bands Climax and The Classics IV in the 1970's and his own group, The Expressions, during the 1980's.  In the early 1990's, he ended up in Los Angeles and startinged acting in TV shows with makeup.  He's got lots of stories about his experiences on the sets of all of the shows.  If you've got a favorite alien, he's probably got a picture of him as one.

Local Artist Guest of Honor Gilead
Gilead has been a freelance artist since 1992. He has had a varied career, painting thousands of promotional and seasonal signs and point of sale displays, hundreds of illustrations for role-playing games, and dozens of murals.
"I have been drawing as long as I can remember, but was always told that art was not a 'real job'. So after high school I went to work in the local factory, where I eventually became a manager."
This was followed by a year and a half as a retail manager before finally breaking free and embracing art as a career.
Gilead's background in production lends itself to his art. There can be no "witing for the muse" here, not with deadlines approaching. Gilead views his art as his job and takes it seriously. "If the muse doesn't come to me, I'll go out and find it!"
His familiarity with the retail environment has been a valuavble asset in understanding the needs of his clients, making his signs and displays some of the most effective in the field.

Music Guest of Honor Bill Laubenheimer
Writer of filk songs such as COBOL Programmers Swing, Fortran Programs, and A Norse is a Norse.  He also met his wife Carole on a Caltrain bike car and held their wedding on one..

Special Tribute to Ray Gish
Fandom lost one of our stalwarts last year in Ray Gish.  Ray served as a board member and treasurer for Leprecon, Inc. for many years, chaired LepreCon 14 and LepreCon 24, and has been running the art show for most of the local conventions.  We will be holding special activities remembering Ray at this year's LepreCon.

Sylvana Anderson-Gish

Dr. Arizona

Tabitha A. Bradley

Greg Brown

Cynthia Bullock

Mike Cassidy

Sarah Clemens

Liz Danforth

Emily Devenport / Lee Hogan / Maggy Thomas

Michele Ellington

Bruce Farr

Maryeileen Flanagan

Joseph Formichella

Hugh S Gregory

Bennie Grezlik

Diane Harris

Ernest Hogan

Pamelina H.

Nicole Kurtz

Chris LaMont

Jack Mangan

Loretta McKibben

Edouard B Mesert

Vicki Mieth

Allison Mitchell

Casey Moore

Adam Niswander

Janeen O’Kerry

Diana L. Paxson

Lauren Raine

Cary Riall

Ken St. Andre


Gary L Swaty

Evo Terra

Kit Townsend

Larry Vela

Ronald L. Walker

Doreen Webbert

Jim Webbert

Michelle M. Welch

Randall Whitlock

Dr. David Williams