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Mar 14, 2004. 
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World Fantasy Convention 2004
Oct 28-31, 2004

Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, Arizona

World Fantasy Awards Winners Announced!

Author Guest of Honour Gwyneth Jones
Artist Guest of Honor Janny Wurts
Editor Guest of Honor Ellen Datlow
Publisher Guest of Honor
Betty Ballantine

Toastmistress Jennifer Roberson

Other Guests

Artist Don Maitz
Author/Artist Yvonne Navarro

The World Fantasy Convention 2004 will be held at 
The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, 60 E. Fifth Street, 
in Downtown Tempe, Arizona.

Note: The Tempe Mission Palms is fully booked.  Go to the Hotel page for information on our overflow hotel, the Holiday Inn ASU.

Fall in Arizona is a great time for a convention. 
Average daytime highs in late October are around 85 degrees F. Our location is surrounded by many restaurants, nightclubs and other shopping within easy walking distance. Recreational activities are also available via the nearby Tempe Town Lake. 

We have expanded our website to have more information for you to help plan for the 2004 World Fantasy Convention.  Please note that being a year out from the convention, we are still in the early planning stages for many of the departments.  As more information is finalized and determined, the applicable web pages will be updated with the latest details.  Major updates and Announcements will be noted here on the main page and in the What's New section.

We have a World Fantasy Convention 2004 Discussion Group at Yahoo Groups for use by members of the convention.

World Fantasy 2004 raises $5317 for the Charles L. Grant Emergency Medical Fund!

The World Fantasy Convention 2004 Charity Auction to benefit the Charles L. Grant Emergency Medical Fund raised $3,292 and additional cash donations of $2025 brought the overall total to $5317! Our thanks to everyone who donated to the auction, bought something at the auction, or donated funds.  

World Fantasy 2004 Memory DVD

A Convention DVD of WFC2004 will be mailed to all registered members of our convention once the production is complete.  This DVD will include video and still photography from our event in October 2004 including interviews with the guests of honor and other professionals.

One DVD per registered member will be sent to the address on record. If you suspect we don't have your correct mailing address, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will announce the mailing on this website so that you can verify whether you've received it correctly or not.

If you have an amusing story or anecdote that you would like to share, please contact us so we can add it to the DVD before production is complete.  The WFC2004 Convention DVD will be produced by Velavision in association with Leprecon Inc., sponsor of WFC2004.

Convention Reports

Locus Reports on the WFC 2004 Winners