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World Fantasy Convention 2004
Guests of Honor
Author Guest of Honour Gwyneth Jones
Gwyneth Jones is a writer and critic of Fantasy and Science Fiction and also writes as Ann Halam, a writer of teenage fiction. She has been awarded two World Fantasy Awards, a BSFA short story award, the Children of the Night Award from the Dracula Society, the 2001 Arthur C. Clarke award for Bold As Love; and is a co-winner of the Tiptree award. She also has cult status as a scriptwriter for the eighties scifi tv cartoon The Telebugs. She lives in Brighton, England with her husband, her son Frank, a Tonkinese cat called Ginger, and two fish called Vincent and Jools. 

Official Home page
Gwyneth's ISFDB Entry

Artist Guest of Honor Janny Wurts
Janny Wurts - Photo: Jeff Faye (c) hollowtreeimages.com Janny's award winning paintings have been showcased in exhibitions of imaginative artwork, among them a commemorative exhibition for NASA's 25th Anniversary; the Art of the Cosmos at Hayden Planetarium in New York; and two exhibits of fantasy art, at both the Delaware Art Museum, and Canton Art Museum.  She has been awarded three Chesley awards by The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) 

She is also the author of eleven novels including The Wars of Light and Shadow series, a collection of short stories, and the internationally best selling Empire trilogy written in collaboration with Raymond E. Feist. Her most recent releases in her Wars of Light and Shadow series, Grand Conspiracy, and Peril's Gate, are the culmination of more than twenty years of carefully evolved ideas. The cover images on the books, both in the US and abroad, are her own paintings, depicting her vision of characters and setting. 

Please note that for any artists attending, Janny has informed us that as Artist Guest of Honor, she will "offer anyone any critique on their portfolio or paintings IF they ask me to, totally
free. Part of the territory."

Janny is married to well-regarded artist and former WFC Artist GoH Don Maitz, who will be a participant at WFC 2004. 

Visit Janny's Official Web Site
Janny's ISFDB Entry

Editor Guest of Honor Ellen Datlow
Ellen Datlow is currently editor of SCI FICTION, the fiction area of SCIFI.COM, the SCIFI Channel's website. She was fiction editor of Omni for over seventeen years, during which time she published everyone from William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Lucius Shepard, and Pat Cadigan to Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Carroll, and Patricia Highsmith. 
She has been co-editor (with Terri Windling) of the six Snow White, Blood Red adult fairy tale anthologies, A Wolf at the Door and Swan Sister - both children's fairy tale anthologies, and The Green Man and the forthcoming The Faery Reel (for Young adults). She has been editing the horror half (with Terri Windling, and now Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant) of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror for sixteen years. She and Terri also co-edited Sirens and other Daemon Lovers, an erotic fantasy anthology. 

Solo, she is the editor of two anthologies on vampirism: Blood is not Enough and A Whisper of Blood, two anthologies on sf and gender: Alien Sex and Off Limits, Little Deaths (sexual horror), Lethal Kisses (revenge and vengeance), Twists of the Tale (cat horror), Vanishing Acts, an anthology on the theme of "endangered species" and The Dark: New Ghost Stories

She has won the World Fantasy Award six times, the Bram Stoker Award once, and the 2002 Hugo Award. In addition, Datlow consults for Tor Books. 

Her website is at: www.datlow.com
Ellen's ISFDB Entry
Publisher Guest of Honor Betty Ballantine
Betty Ballantine and her husband Ian Ballantine began importing mass-market paperbacks from the UK in 1939. They were a team for over 50 years, helping to form Bantam Books in 1945, launching their own firm, Ballantine Books, in 1952 and becoming freelance consulting editors/publishers in the 1970s. Ballantine Books was one of the earliest publishers of original SF books, with authors ranging from Arthur C. Clarke, to Anne McCaffrey, and H.P. Lovecraft. They published the first "authorized" edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, the art book Faeries, and James Gurney's Dinotopia. Ian and Betty Ballantine won two World Fantasy Awards, in 1975 and 1984, and Betty received a special SFWA President’s Award in 2002.  Betty is also an advisor to the Experience Science Fiction Museum in Seattle.
Toastmistress Jennifer Roberson
Since 1984, Jennifer Roberson has published 22 solo novels, among them fourteen bestselling fantasy novels: the 8-volume "Chronicles of the Cheysuli", about a race of shapechangers and a divine prophecy; and the 6-volume "Sword-Dancer"saga the author describes as "Conan the Barbarian Meets Gloria Steinem."

Other novels include three mainstream historicals: LADY OF THE FOREST, an award-winning reinterpretation of the Robin Hood story emphasizing Marian's role in a story of how the legend came to be; a sequel, LADY OF SHERWOOD, continuing the adventures of Robin and Marian; and LADY OF THE GLEN, the documented story of 17th-century Scotland's Massacre of Glencoe, similar in theme to the films "Rob Roy" and "Braveheart" plus an original novelbased on the international hit television series HIGHLANDER; spun off from the movie featuring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery; and THE GOLDEN KEY, the DAW Books fantasy collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Kate Elliott, which was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1997. She has also contributed many short stories to collections, anthologies, and magazines, and has edited the DAW anthology RETURN TO AVALON, a tribute to bestselling author Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the Darkover novels and THE MISTS OF AVALON; and HIGHWAYMEN: ROBBERS AND ROGUES. For Roc, she edited OUT OF AVALON, featuring Arthurian stories by such New York Times bestselling authors as Marion Zimmer Bradley, Eric Van Lustbader, and Diana Gabaldon. Roberson's novels and anthologies have been translated and published in Japan, Germany, France, Russia, China, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

Upcoming projects include the first three volumes in a new fantasy universe, titled KARAVANS, from DAW Books. It's a vast history combining a cast of humans, demons, devils, gods, demi-gods, and a magical, dangerous land called Alisanos that appears and disappears at random, taking with it everything--and everyone--in its path. No one going in ever returns--if he returns--fully human. The first volume will probably appear in late '03. There will also be three new Cheysuli novels as Roberson returns to the world that established her career. These will be set in the existing timeline, featuring stories about Finn and Carillon in exile; how the ethnic cleansing was first undertaken; and more adventures of Corin and Keely in their new realms.

Jennifer has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Northern Arizona University, with an extended major in British history. She spent her final semester in England at the University of London, which enabled her to do indepth research at such sites as the museums, great homes, and cathedrals of England; Scotland's Edinburgh, Loch Ness, and Glencoe and the castles and countryside of Wales. In 1985 she returned for more research and visited Dublin, Ireland, as well. Prior to becoming a full-time writer in 1985, Jennifer was employed as an investigative reporter for a morning daily, and as an advertising copywriter for a major marketing company.

Jennifer Roberson was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but has lived in Arizona since 1957, which almost makes her a native. She grew up in Phoenix, but relocated to Northern Arizona in 1999, where she lives on rural acreage in the shadow of the pine-decked San Francisco Peaks. Her primary hobby is the breeding and exhibition of Cardigan Welsh Corgis (the Corgi with the tail!) in the conformation and agility rings. Her menagerie currently numbers 11 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 Anglo-Arab gelding, but the total is subject to change at any minute.